Why measure heart rate during exercise

manygoodtips.com_20.07.2016_DoRBz67Rq8SonYou probably often encounter on the run the people with the fashionable gadgets in hand, which show heart rate, distance and other indicators of stress on the body. You think that it is a regular show-off and spend money on unnecessary trinkets is silly. Most importantly, well and train regularly and the results will come. Now we will dispel your doubts and you’ll know what to know your heart rate during a workout is very important if you want to control your sports results.

Why to measure pulse

The pulse is a measure of your body. The speedometer of your abilities. If you’re going to drive the car with constant high Rev counter and squeeze most of it in cornering on bad road, then sooner or later something will break. The same with your body. You need to understand where to accelerate and where to slow down, otherwise the load may not what to help to achieve good results in sport, but rather to hurt your body. For this and need to know the indicators your resting heart rate, maximum heart rate for training, and the ranges of your cardio zone.

Each person has his own record maximum and optimal loads. It consists of several parameters: pressure, temperature, pulse and so on.

If pressure and temperature measuring pretty hard during exercise, the heart rate, things are much easier. You can always the old way to measure 10 seconds and multiply the number of beats by 6, so you get to measure your heart rate, and understand which zone you are in.

But we did in the nineties now is irrelevant, because there are many modern gadgets that can show all the metrics in real time and let you without stopping to look at them.

By the way, about the modes and heart rate zones. There are several areas, also called training areas, they differ in the number of beats of pulse moments, which are aimed at specific results, knowing that, you can’t hurt yourself, and make your workouts much more effective.

Paradis.com.ua_20.07.2016_HMHYopK8ZIJcoFirst, you need to calculate your maximum heart rate. There are several special formulas and even calculators but they all give minimum error in comparison with the conventional and the simplest formula for calculating MOE. It’s very simple. Take the number 220 and subtract from it your age, if you certainly for more than 18 years. Otherwise, you need to consult with a specialist.


Once you know your maximum heart rate, you need to define the purpose of their training, and that is why you train and why you do need to get off the couch and improve your body.

Goals can be multiple. And in order to understand what loads you need to train, just need an indicator of your heart rate, namely the MOE, which we have already calculated above. Remember it and always keep it in mind.

We now turn to the choice of target your workout. The main ones are five areas that are aimed at different end result:

manygoodtips.com_20.07.2016_TPraTKjtQCZxF55 – 65 % (your figure from the MOE) is training the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. This is the first training zone. It is often used to warm up before the main occupations. But some of this training is ideally suited for the maintenance of tone of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The difference in this area is that such exercise should always be longer more intensive sessions, otherwise result from such an exercise is not achieved.

manygoodtips.com_20.07.2016_UztHtuam2KseO65 – 75 % is the zone, fat burning or simply exercise, aimed at weight loss. This zone is optimal for ordinary people with ordinary health. She already puts your body into the zone a good workout, but still far from maximum loads. If you decided to bring your body up after a long hibernation, it is the best area for you.

manygoodtips.com_20.07.2016_WEYv9ig1FKlg375 – 80 % area increase stamina of the body or so-called «middle zone». If you decided to prepare for some competitions, the «average» zone heart rate is exactly what we need. Professional athletes often start my workout with this zone, but it is not necessary to think about it, because in professional sports completely different rules. For most people this area is acceptable and the maximum on which you can work for a long time.

manygoodtips.com_20.07.2016_pZ4h4j8A6ivG380 – 90 % is the area of high loads and focus on building muscle and pumping stamina in full measure of the word. It usually get people who are engaged in fitness to maintain his health and body at a high level. In this area are engaged in professional athletes on a regular basis. However, if you’ve decided that «middle» area is not for you, you can try yourself at 80 – 90 % of maximum heart rate, but the main thing here is not to overdo it with the time approaches, as even professional athletes spend in this area a small amount of time for one approach.

Work.com.ua_20.07.2016_Cej39KHAJYQAA90 – 95 % — and the last, the final area of the workout that is exercise (above that zone already in the area of congestion, which will only hurt your body) is the zone of maximum loads.

Just say that it is better not to go to ordinary people like you and I, because there is a high probability of injury or harm to your health. Remember the example with the car in the beginning of the article. So, if you’re not ready for such loads, it is quite possible that you will damage some «spare parts». However, this zone excludes no one, and it involved enough people, but they are prior to this adequate training.


Than to measure the pulse

Now that you know why you need to constantly monitor the heart rate, you need to deal with gadgets that are best suited for this. We consulted with a friend a fitness trainer, who explained to us what are fitness trackers.

It was a bribe.field.ua_20.07.2016_qKoN3n2Ov9W0RThere are several basic types of gadgets that measure heart rate:

— chest strap sensor;

— without a chest strap.

Just specify that advanced sports watch with chest strap sensor is used mainly by professional athletes. They stitched many meters of the indicators of the body. Such as GPS tracking, measuring cadence (the frequency of steps while running) and so on. This, of course, great, but for ordinary people and even the ordinary athletes, if I may say so, the use of fitness trackers with chest sensors very uncomfortable occupation, especially as modern technology has gone so far that the fitness tracker without chest strap only shows a small error in contrast to his older brother with a chest sensor. She is approximately 3%, which is not critical in this situation. So we will focus on measuring heart rate in real time without chest strap.

Since our expert is a fan of MIO company, we decided to consider this line of fitness trackers from the most expensive to the most affordable heart rate monitor to understand the entire market and not to make the wrong choice. We found a few owners of these gadgets in their official group, and we were even lucky enough to meet a friend at the gym with one of these models.


— As expected, we’ll start with the most expensive model in the lineup — the Mio ALPHA 2. She was our expert who helped us with the article, which is not surprising, as it’s the most functional and suitable for even professional athletes. The coolest feature, as noted by the owner is a custom alarm sound to move from one heart rate zone to another. That is, simply put, you will be able to configure all your zones heart rate and once your heart rate to rise or fall to the area in which you would not want to be, the heart rate monitor will immediately notify you, and you will be able in real time to speed up or slow down your workout to get exactly the result to which you aspire. It is really very convenient and practical during training.


A little cheaper you can buy MIO Fuse heart rate monitor. It, honestly, we noticed during a visit to the gym, after work, on the one hand familiar and without hesitation, asked about what helps her this gadget. Eugene, the owner of the MIO Fuse drew this gadget is functional, which is not much different from more expensive models and the most important is the design, because your heart rate is continuously displayed on the main display and you can easily monitor it during Sunny days and during intense training.


Third in our ranking model MIO Velo and there is nothing you can do, we were not able to quickly track down the owner of this fitness tracker. But we have completely studied reviews of the Velo and I can confidently say that its functionality is close to the most expensive models in the range, namely the Mio ALPHA 2, which features a customizable heart rate zone. The only difference is the design and lack of display, something that is very negative for some people.


— The fourth price the MIO Link heart rate monitor and honestly to find the owner of this gadget was the hardest, don’t know why, but sending a few dozen messages in social networks, we still found the owner. His comment was terse, but the main selection criterion of this gadget was that it does not have a screen as previous models and is much more convenient in some everyday situations, i.e. it need not be removed if afraid to break the screen. Given that its functionality is almost identical to the more expensive counterparts, its convenience in daily life turned out to be the major advantage.


And a bonus will tell you about the model that will go on sale in the future, but on the website it is already possible to pre-order. We learned about it again, from our expert, and it turns out that this model is awaited by many users. This MIO Slice. Why is it so waiting for? We just explained. First, is the design, it needs to be thinner, more comfortable and lighter than their predecessors. The second is that it can be to receive notifications about messages and calls, which is very convenient during a workout to get your smartphone every time. And in the third, and most interesting, this gadget will be able to grade its owner, based on various indications. I agree, it would be awesome to get a perfect score for the workout and know that you did a great job.


manygoodtips.com_21.07.2016_yMI5inoNw3WgOIn the process of finding experts for an article, we contacted representatives of MIO in Russia ,and, explaining what we decided to understand all the intricacies of the heart rate monitors of this company, they’ve done a great comparison chart of models and a 15% discount on promo code manygoodtips.com for this line, especially for readers manygoodtips.com in the online store Madrobots.

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