Why man can not shirk responsibility

manygoodtips.com_6.08.2015_lLgWRdePpX2m1We often talked about the fact that a man owe nothing to anyone. Other times we wrote about those things knowledge of which is necessary for every man. But in General, the people of the modern world adhere to the idea that everyone has the right to exercise reasonable share of selfishness toward others and toward yourself. This is useful. Besides, it’ll save you nerves and will strengthen your health.

But there is one thing from the old world. Since that time, when you clearly have no idea what to do and what not. What is bad and what is good. This world was devoid of all ambiguity, jerks were not in the focus of public attention, and was on the margins of existence. And maybe such a world never existed, or it was too long ago, long before you changed the first diapers, but we all like to think that the man was just a man – know his job, performs it well and always pay the bills.

No, we’re not saying it was better before. People in the past were faced with terrible problems that we are difficult to understand. For this reason, people acted much tougher, much straightforward than now. He didn’t have time to do bodybuilding, he would do thought it was pointless nonsense. But there’s still one thing he understood, like no other. And we’re telling you about responsibility.

Most people do not actually want freedom because it implies responsibility, and responsibility the majority of people are scared.

Sigmund Freud And about this word a lot, in our opinion, just forgot. Why did this happen? Yes, there is nothing to wonder. Of the word worthless. After all, how valuable can be the word «love» if people confess their love to everyone you meet, even without knowing each other. The word «man» has now also become a collection of some strange stamps. Well, who is this man? Probably the one who nail the house will kill, loves beer and football watching. And so in all.

And still keep one line that is so-that is fundamental to the male half of humanity. Responsibility is what turns you from a boy into a man. Not the first sex, not a drug Orgy at fifteen, not buying a home and a family, and it is the quality that tells others: «this guy can work. He wouldn’t let me down». As stated in a graphic novel, the title and authorship of which remember, alas, could not: «Maybe life is pointless-but the work which has been undertaken, it is necessary to do well.»

Only a real man ready to answer for what he did.

Stephen king isSuch a line should be the cornerstone for your relationship with the outside world. So, if you don’t want to do something, don’t. And it will be true and correct, except for the moments when it is connected with the promise that with hard word you gave yesterday. And there could even crash on the wall – the word must be kept.

To be responsible is, of course, not only to fulfill the promise, but to be ready to answer for their actions. So we really disgusted by people who do not pay alimony to their abandoned families, or who are turned out in any way, just to shift the burden of their own mistakes on the shoulders of another. And worst of all, thought about it each of us. There is always a way that is easier the primary and to some extent correct. And each of us uses it, to a greater or lesser extent. But that path never brings. The result – Yes, happiness – no. And because the devious dark paths no one will ever admire, nobody will be surprised with your progress, if these successes are built on the bones of other people.

Nobody can shift their responsibility to others. Sooner or later, the responsibility reverts to the person who is obliged to carry her.

Oscar Wilde Yes, and whether any real success if you can’t keep a human face? Who you will operate, who will work for you and who is going to live with you? If you don’t fulfill their promises, unless there are people to fulfill my promises to you? Your actions, like the one toy from my childhood, yo-yo, always coming back to you. So be very careful.

Your life decisions are not responded three times failed, you need to be able to assess their capabilities, to be able to say the word «no» when necessary. It is not necessary to make promises out of pity or out of love. Better not to give than to sum up a loved one, because in this case you just become a YAP that’s no good. This just kept people who seem reliable. They just don’t take on too much and clearly understand what you can do, and what not. In the end, to him proper respect. Think about it, how much of your life was the people who failed you? You may be asked them only one favor, but it was so important that now with these people, do not justify your trust, you do not communicate. So, a person could be a good reason, but even one mistake can play an important role and radically change the idea of the man. It’s like turning up drunk to his home, along the way falling in front of the Concierge – all, it is the only time will cause dirty looks and whispering.

So remember: not only strength and condition of the painted man, but also a sense of responsibility.

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