Why it’s good to be lonely

how to be alone

As you understand, it will be about lack of relationships with women. But who am I kidding, first, after the breakup, we’re all depressed and don’t think to be alone is good. It is natural. But then the sadness passes (at least should), and all returns to normal. Each of us at least once in your life, at least not for long was alone, but not all understand that this is no curse — rather, quite the contrary.

For starters, bed

The first few days following a divorce is a pain: you feel close to a familiar warm body, and it’s unbearable. You do not physically have the presence of a person nearby — as if you yourself are amputated leg or arm. Something like phantom pain, you realize that there’s, but on his side of the bed does not infringe. And then one day (it was) I went ahead and stretched out in the direction where was she. And then it dawned on me: now in my possession the whole bed! Right next to me was untouched and cool sheets, and they were always close. Now you can extend, Baratti hands and feet — and yet there is an extra pillow! The realization that now all this huge bed of yours — it is something like a triumphant release. From this moment you cease to be thrown, you start to enjoy their society. Fun from the bed without the former is a symbol of your release from it. Now sleep diagonally — and be good.

Now you’re to no should report

And it’s nice. You can hang out with friends at least until five in the morning. You can turn off the phone for the weekend. You can play flat football. You can sit in the toilet all you want. You can stay on the job until there is at least the only person in the whole house. You can walk anywhere you want. You can watch any movie you like, not coordinating them with a friend — and can even walk on them in the movie. Can you eat something that was «bad for the figure». You can spend with your friends all the time and not stuff my head with unnecessary information about when is the birthday of some of her girlfriends and why can’t you in this day to go to these stupid guests. You can flirt with the waitress. And to go to a strip club.

To be lonely is a gift

And it’s true. It is necessary to understand and appreciate the time alone with you, before we again fall in love with someone. When no one is around before you open almost limitless possibilities. Now every day can result in really unpredictable anywhere, in any company, at any time — and there will be nobody for you to blame for it. No obligation. There is nothing in common.

However, one drawback.


On this account there cannot be two opinions. The resurrection created for couples. They are ideal for a variety of classes together. On Monday we’re all good and ready to work, and Sunday is filled with post-coital laziness, languor and somehow smells of home baking. Sunday is like a reward for couples that live together, who all week have tried, peacefully coexisting side by side with each other. This is the day when all walk around the house in my underwear, eat Breakfast after lunch and a shower together. On Sunday alone bro, you’re not getting any sex. In fact, I don’t even know what else also fits well into the palette of Sunday entertainment. So, you can watch so many movies, so many things to clean and wash, so much to roll on the bike, in every way trying to ignore the bold question: «What the fuck you’re having sex?»

It’s the one day a week to be alone when sad. Like what you are missing. Even if you know that relationship you don’t need, still I think it would be a great opportunity to have a relationship only on Sundays and during Sunday.

There you have it. But six — in any case better than one. Six days a week, you feel good. It is necessary to rejoice.

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