Why it sucks to be 30-year-old

When life gives you lemons, stock up on tequila, that was something to use them — about the way we reach thirty.

It is considered that thirty is such a presenile age when people are supposed to have a family, children, a stable job and finally quit enjoyable entertainment riotous youth. So, Yes not so. Thirty is a very pleasant age, especially when you know that twenty years don’t hang out 24 hours a day, not hanging out endlessly in the strip clubs, don’t drink until loss of consciousness and don’t travel all year around the world. Me for 20, but I’m not doing anything!

I wish I was 30 years old. Seriously. At least, it would have been without all these things.

1. You live at home with my parents (still)


This applies not to all (and to me), but often many guys who have well over 20, living with parents. A graduate from the Univer… not going anywhere: live, walk to work — do the same as adults, but do not abandon the social role of the child. And your life takes place — in the sliders 50. Closer to thirty, you at the very least will move to a private booth, and this problem will disappear by itself.

2. You can’t eat pizza every day


So you can eat, if push comes to shove, you’re already starting to think about the health and a figure that did not interest you before. People over 30 such food attracts much less, because they’re used to the worries about those health and shape and the thought of unhealthy, but tasty food rarely crosses their mind.

3. You just learn to be poor

In a world of many poor people, and while you’re young, you’re one of them. Before you were supported by the parents, but how can you have grown up and began to provide himself. When you’re 20, you really have to decide whether you’re going today in normal, but will not go to basketball or eat some bichpaket and save a couple of hundred rubles to watch this promising match. The choice is yours. Thirty years of you (I hope) cease to be poor for the same, get a promotion or even start your business — and then migrating to another country, where you are waiting for quite other measurements salaries. Although some people remain poor. I’m sorry.

4. You still don’t know what they want from life

Does anyone know? I’m not. But for some reason people are waiting for 20 years you’ve decided. 30 you already know what you’re going to do and where to go, and if not, all of you still will get attached.

5. You realize you still have a bit to learn

All this confusion with the bachelor and master programs is driving me crazy. I am a normal human specialist, graduated from the five courses, and I’m life happy, until I learned that, it turns out, I’d appreciate it less than some silly masters. Why? I’m done. Please. Is it really necessary to go back to school for another two years, though for the money? My mother already do not care deeply about these troubles, because she (the technician) worked all his life, has enormous experience and can feel at ease to retire. Although 30 retired not out — but the experience is everything.

6. It turns out that you’re dumber than I thought


It so happened that at uni you are surrounded by a certain contingent, against which, you looked pretty good. A great life has a lot of decent people who are much cooler than you. To thirty you too will become cooler, but before you minds, and we — alas.

7. You can’t drink like before


Previously, you could drink a lot and without a hangover. Now you can drink a lot, but the hangover will be. Although in the previous numbers still will not go — although you would not mind. Thirty years of interest in the drink gradually extinguished and the question of the amount of alcohol consumed ceases to excite, but now it’s just some kind of flour.

8. People hate you


People will hate you — that’s a fact. Someone younger, that will envy, who are older — to treat you like shit. They will roll your eyes and throw in your direction look of disappointment. 30 and you do no not going to suffer from this.

9. You can’t be silly in social networks, and the desire is still there


This is my favorite thing! Stupid mate label with idiotic faces, the mate label of not related to me pictures, stupid tags — now it can see the boss. Earlier social networks you incredibly entertained, and now you have to be incredibly careful not to compromise himself. When you’re over 30, you at all desire will not be able to compromise, because a sense of humor will change, and you’ll probably move to the Classmates as your mother — and there are very different people.

10. You need to look for a job


It’s never easy, but at the age of 20 especially difficult. Why? This is my favorite song. Everyone wants a young man with a solid experience, but where a young person get a solid experience if no one takes without experience? That’s all, the circle is closed, and you’re left in the centre of it, and you can’t get out. When you’re over 30, you already have enough experience and you tear with my hands. I guarantee it. Unless you worked in the industry, which is ordered to live long.

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