Why it does not Shine on a second date?

Every bro at least once in my life had to go on a first date. This is the moment when two young people nervous, sweating, worried and strongly want to make upon each other impression. This is the moment when the fate of the two of you and a second date. Second date — a real relaxation in comparison with the first, is that what makes sense to strive for, because it’s all clear and everything is much easier. How to understand that this girl is not suitable for you and don’t deserve a second date? Quite simple! manygoodtips.com as always, will help you.

1. She is much missed

So, dude, girls are late, no one is arguing that. Most girls are late not only because they have bad time management, but because they want us to like you, primping at the mirror, trying on different outfits and doing something with your hair. If she was late more than forty minutes to consider: does she that is the Queen, which is always to be late unlike mere mortals? This is the most common cause. The second reason: she doesn’t care, she probably didn’t want to go, but then quickly got together and came dressed like a hit. I want to eat at someone else’s expense.


2. She looked indecisive

You know, when the girl shrinks in the chair, occasionally mumbles something, looks at time and keeps the bag on your lap so that it becomes clear how quickly it starts from the place after hours. The girl thirty minutes to choose what she would drink, she’s asking you trivial questions, and you answers in monosyllables. Usually a first date starts to go well immediately or in about ten minutes. If not, then we must shut up shop, because there is nothing to catch.

3. She says «thank you»

«Thank you» — the word that usually all covered in blood. Of course, no one, when he says thank you, doesn’t think that he wants you to be saved by God. It’s just a standard reaction to a nice gesture. If the girl never says thank you, that means:

  • She uncultured.
  • She’s not grateful.

Why is it you need, friend? I’m certainly not a prude and not even a misogynist, but never hear from the lips of a girl a simple word «thank you» for a first date weird.

4. She never asks about your life

A date is an attempt to look at another and be seen. Everyone is interested in another person: what he likes, where he works, who are the parents that likes that likes. You get to see you this man or not, whether with him to build something or need to look any further. If the girl is not interested in your life, it is obvious that she’s not interested for real.

5. She didn’t have any passion and interest to you

You know, when the two go on a date of personal sympathy, always appear flirt, passion and some special atmosphere. Intimate. The girl strongly makes eyes, mysteriously smiling, joking, laughing, something speaks passionately, and in her eyes there is a special interest. It’s safe to say that when you made an impression on her, in her eyes shines a counter that shows that she loved you, you got her, and she falls for you, if not already in love.

If a girl during a first date cold to you, even when she smiles, she flirts, rarely joking, and the fiery spark in her eyes there — then second date it is not shining.

6. She picks the phone while Dating

She writes, checking mail, paying much more attention to his gadget than you. It is difficult to hold the phone in your purse? In some ways it is disrespectful to you. Or girl so low appreciates your interest in his person, or her really bored with you. In any case, you are not on the road, man.

7. She was not attractive

You know perfectly well that in normal times it is beautiful, well-groomed and she smells delicious. But now she came, the feeling that a workout or morning run. Red, disheveled, no makeup on, in some strange robe, hair sticking out in different directions and does not smell festive. As I wrote above, the girls are late for dates when you want to like us. She frizz hair, pick the clothes for a long time (and even before asking her friends what to wear), makeup, shave their legs and other strategically important places and still do some terrible female mojo. And here we are absolutely not prepared to date a girl who came obviously for the sake of appearance. In very rare cases it happens that happened to Abraham, the girl are unable to go home to put on makeup and freshen up, but it happens very rarely, in addition, such a girl will usually warn you, smiles, blushes and scared apologizes for his appearance. A girl can only forgive and see what will happen next.

8. She’s on another wave

Are you talking about the fact that you ate a steak, and she tells you she was recently at a rally against abortion. You tell her a funny story from my student days, and she nods and begins to drive his theme of my student life. She absolutely does not listen to you because she likes to hear his own voice. There is such a strange type of harmful people, who are absolutely indifferent to the public, they are important «to take the microphone and start talking. They love to hear your voice. Unfortunately, they did not build, and among girls are usually more talkative than men, a lot of them.

9. She was extremely serious

Baron Munchausen from notable Soviet film was absolutely right when he said that all the nonsense is done with a serious face. If a girl is very serious while Dating, don’t laugh, smiles and behaves like paper, it is obvious that she is one of those terrible bores who believe that upon reaching a certain age need to deal with jokes and fun, be a serious girl» and have a serious relationship with a serious guy, serious to give birth to children and to close the circle of seriousness. You’re forty? You really too serious? You have no chance to have a normal girlfriend, and that’s why you so desperately cling to every girl? Next!

10. Bad breath

I often remember a date with one pretty girl, who worked as a teacher. Everything in it was good: nice, helpful, pleasant appearance. But she has an unbearable smell from the mouth. I even do not know the reason why this is so. To be with her face to face was very unpleasant. And it’s hard to understand why: like the teeth, the gums, the tongue plaque no. But that smell… She even understands how it smells?

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