Why is the money not the best motivation

manygoodtips.com_7.08.2015_VmggxpIhms2imAlmost every guy, choosing a specialty, thinks first of all of his earnings. Parents add fuel to the fire, when they begin to impose their vision of the selection work, choice of University and career choices. Edition manygoodtips.com always stood on the fact that the man himself has to decide what to do and what not. But still we live in the real world, and the more we earn, the easier it will be to live, right? How to balance their true desires with the reality? And why the job you are only in it for the money won’t bring you no money, no joy?

1. Incorrect information

When you graduate, we have little information about what is profitable and what is not. You think the lawyers make decent money, but doctors, on the contrary, disaster. Do you think that your degree will help you to get a decent job and ensures that the salary is above average – you graduate, and not some shit, so choosing a profession based their own mistakes. And of course, the main thing for you – the level of wages. But in fact you will never be able to adequately assess, entering the University. The market is changing very quickly.

There is no such profession which is protected from excess. This, of course, does not mean that it is not necessary to analyze the market totally. But it needs to come from more static things. For example, check out the specialization of the region in which you want to work with. For example, there are regions of the country, sharpened by the agricultural component, there are those who are more ugorayu on tourism. Knowing the specialization of the region, you will be able to identify prospective areas. But all this has no meaning if you don’t see yourself in them. And as mentioned earlier, all very strongly changes.

In General, the conclusion is this: if you go to College to «cash» the profession, then with high probability, fail with the calculations. In the end, you’re whining: «Why I came here, Oh, gods, why?!» Therefore it is better to determine what you like, and about the money forget it.

2. Motivation gold

Money lead the world in motion, it is. But money can create the ideal arrangement? History knows many examples of what can’t. The Punic wars – those fought between Rome and Carthage – proof. Carthage during the periods of their power had no serious army, which would consist of the Carthaginians. They used mercenaries to fight for them. The mercenary army was much more than Rome, especially in moments of the first Punic war. However, the Romans were guided by other considerations in which no place for money. As a result, Carthage does not exist, and Rome still stands in its place.

Sounds silly, but there are things more serious than money, usually they are somewhere in the areas close to «high». People much more productive will work if will consider that its work is important not only for individual firms but for the whole of humanity. For this reason, many scientists and work, as it seems, because their salaries – full penny. For this reason, hundreds of non-profit organizations working to make the world a little better.

It turns out, much better to motivate yourself not the fact that next month you will be able to afford meat, and that will help even more people. And believe me, then work will be fun, and the money will come. This motivator can be passed on to any profession, and it will force you to do their job well.

3. A successful business

Any successful business begins not with the estimates of income which are not. Don’t need to do that. Entrepreneur – to some extent a man of art. Universal are very few people, and if the entrepreneur wants to earn with dignity, and not work in the negative, then he should just adore their job. The fact that he is engaged in that is interesting to him personally, should be fun.

One of our beloved characters of our time, Richard Branson, a long way to establish a conglomerate of companies Virgin. First, He worked on youth journal: he wrote lyrics, he wrote them a couple with a friend. And he did, mostly thanks to the ingenuity and entrepreneurial talents. Then Richard established a recording Studio, and since then his work has expanded. But she was always first and foremost for the soul.

People should always look at their prospects a little wider than they really are. If you’re a musician and well versed in music, but can’t earn because of objective reasons, why don’t you do tutoring? Or try to open their own place for rehearsals, and maybe even a music store? All of this considerable growth, and this choice is much better than to make you hate a job where they pay more». Yes, it is more difficult, but at least you despise yourself you’re not.

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