Why is it sometimes harmful to facilitate a fate


If you go to a worthy goal or meaning to shorten the path: it is also important. There is no substitute of hard work. Einstein, I remember, said, «Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work». To become a defector, it is necessary to run. To become a writer, to write. To be happy in a relationship, it is necessary to work on this.

There is always a way to be more efficient and wise to waste their strength. To build something worthwhile, you have to spend the effort: then they will be repaid with interest. Of course, there are different success stories when people quickly jumped from rags to riches, but usually, success takes years of work.

The best way to do something is to do something. Just what you need. Sometimes attempts to make your life easier, only complicate it, if not spoil the whole thing. What not to do? What actions will bring you only the imaginary relief?

1. Choose the easiest way

One day you’ll look back at your life and realize that all the valuables demanded from you efforts. The way it should be, because of the complexity of preparing ordinary people for extraordinary success.

Any fight tempers the personality, giving her the experience or the lesson. A great trip in any case will be difficult, and if there will be no adventure, no journey, but a waste of time, which is anything you will not teach.

Remember, the arrow goes forward only after you pull the string, pulling the arrow back. Everything in life is exactly the same. If life pulls you back, if you are experiencing difficulties, it means it’s preparing to launch you in a positive direction. Keep trying, don’t stop aim!

2. To put up with what we have

The decision to accept mediocrity — that’s a dream killer. If you accept anything, you never know what you’re really made of. You have plenty of time to become who you want to be. In spite of all the difficulties you meet, never stop fighting. Don’t choose the easy way out and don’t settle for less than what you’re capable of.

Look, I don’t mean that we should over and over again to try to do something that you can not. Sometimes you have to look at the situation from the outside and create something new. Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see clearly: the great seen from a distance. Is that to be stronger means to grow up on their old habits, attitudes, lifestyle and to find something completely different that will move you forward: sometimes so much that in the morning you wildly jump out of bed. This is the essence: we won’t put up with anything.

3. Always wait until you turn up the chance

If you do this from time to time, that’s fine, but when you live constantly, relying on chance, it does not go unnoticed. Having a plan, even the most primitive, is much better than not having any plan.

Don’t paint yourself into a corner, in a condition where you’re not going to understand what to do next — you’ll feel lost, simply because they do not know where to go. Find out what you need. When you understand this, the mind will immediately begin to build a strategy on how to achieve the desired goal.

One day your life will pass before your eyes — make sure it was fun to watch. Work on that will bring in your life’s important moments.

4. Go with the crowd

Allen Ginsberg once said: «Follow the moon light, don’t hide the madness.» In other words, in this crazy world that’s trying to make you look like all the others, find the courage to be yourself.

Never let someone else’s expectations to dictate how to live. Your desires should be yours alone, enough to prove something to himself and the world — the life pass.

We all live to find your way, and we’ll never be happy if we live someone else’s rules, submitting to someone else’s desires. Therefore, stop be ashamed of their feelings. You have the right to feel any emotion and go on any trail if you like. Don’t compare yourself with others, let their success not upset you. Listen to your intuition, never give up and stop trying to expect from others that they will understand, especially if people of absolutely other warehouse.

5. Constantly delay things

Be honest with yourself. You rarely do what they say. It’s time to rise up and change their lives. You know what you wanted to do in the past month, year, etc.? Pick something from this list and start doing it right now. Roll up your sleeves, challenge yourself and popota on what you want to achieve. Get out of your comfortable cocoon and join in the action. You’ll feel uncomfortable — be drawn over time. If already involved, then you would be altogether cool.

Not words, but actions. Would Wake up every morning motivated and you go to sleep, you are having fun. Be disciplined today and do everything you need, without abandoning it in favor of convenience and laziness. Postponed until tomorrow what you don’t want to do ever.

6. Ignoring people instead of forgiving

Forget those who hurt you, it’s a gift for them. To forgive those who hurt you is also a gift for you. Always forgive not because people deserve forgiveness, but because you need to be calm. In addition, when you forgive others at the same time you forgive yourself — and this is the only benefit.

7. Don’t show feelings to the dear people

It hurts to love someone and get nothing in return, but more painful to love someone and never talking about their feelings. There is nothing sadder than to keep words of love and not to commit actions that show this love.

People who are present in your life as a self-evident phenomenon, tomorrow will be the one you need. Make time for those who matter to you. Pay attention to them. Stay close.

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