Why is it necessary to keep track of your beer bottle?

Why is it necessary to keep track of your beer bottle?


Another shock content from the manygoodtips.com the real story and stuff. Rather harsh Australian fisherman (look at his tattoo on his hands, a real pirate) John MacDonald, 60 years old, was doing what was fishing on the Brisbane river. Suddenly his beer bottle fell into the water, our hero was not taken aback, quickly pulled her out of the water and continued drinking as if nothing had happened. It seemed to him that the taste is minimally changed, and he did not attach any importance. After a few hours, John realized that his stomach was so well taken. But the dude decided to be patient and in two weeks was taken to hospital with unusual symptoms. Belly guy made some kind of strange alien mass. John had several surgeries to correct this strange tumor that grew from his body.

After some time the tumor grew back to John, and he will have to do another operation. Man in complete shock, the doctors don’t understand, and the waters of the Brisbane river, looks like stained something alien.

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