Why is it important to open the door in front of a lady?


Dude, we almost stopped to give the ladies a place in public transport and to open the door for them. Often we do this to girls. It can be relatives, friends, favorite girls and our senior friends. To us it seems the norm. In front of family members-women, girls-friends, acquaintances, family and acquaintances we can open the door, but not always. Why do we so rarely give in place and open the door to a completely strange girls? Because they are unfamiliar. We don’t need them, we don’t put eyes on them, we just don’t know them! Why try for them? Unfortunately, opening doors to girls — a dying act of respect and reverence. What a pity!

On the one hand, a literal interpretation of the opening doors before the girl suggests that we help the weaker sex, or (as we prefer) show them respect and reverence. Another side of the issue: we offer the girl’s willingness to learn, open for him the door to success. This, if anything, not my words, don’t think I’m crazy, this is a fairly common mystical-superstitious interpretation of the gesture. You can implement it as a gesture of bait good luck, maybe we will get the happiness or success?

Why do we not open doors for girls? Now ask yourself this question. It is unlikely that we in Russia are confident that this chauvinistic act of feminism we don’t catch on, alas! Most often we interpret this gesture as old-fashioned, dying. But more often as a desire popontovatsya before female. There is another «interpretation» — it is to grovel before the female, more of them, they let us run. Alas, man, despite the larger number of girls in comparison with our sex, girls significantly easier to find a mate, so that we have them run. Alas!

But let’s assume that someone gets offended for szowinistyczne this gesture open doors. The girl is quite able to open the door itself, right? But this is a relatively good way to show her that you want to make her feel better and respect her. Well, I like sort of vintage and old-fashioned in views. In short, some solid pros. Only REALLY drunk the feminist would react to the opening of the door in front of him as something bad. Because it shows her that she impresses people who want to Express their respect. And it’s nice.

Don’t think it’s the desire to show off in front of the girl. The desire to show off to the girl to tell her what is not actually praising themselves and blatantly lie in the eye. Why is it we do not feel ashamed, but doors open — thank you.

Remember that the little things are very important in our life. If you like, for example, the colleague may be related to you in the office is friendly. By the way, a few open doors before you gave me the future a few delicious chocolates and a piece of cake. People like to pay the debts nice. Pretty quickly you’ll be a hero among the female population of your office. Maybe someday you’ll hear: «Oh, gallant!» Word of mouth and philanthropists in skirts, pay attention, decide. But this materialistic view.

I assure you, such a small little thing to remember unfamiliar or a familiar girl for the whole day. Suppose that spoiled her mood, for example, a car threw mud on the street. With a probability of 99 percent of the time won’t be so bad, because she will definitely remember your act of goodwill. Some open with a smile before the girl door will lift her mood for the whole day! Opening doors improves society!

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