Why is it important to have an opinion

manygoodtips.com_14.08.2015_KSZwbqPD3RUt5We live in an era when it is easier to follow the crowd than to try to form their own opinions and have the courage to Express. If something is popular or accepted, it gets twice as worse and more inconvenient to go against this phenomenon. But how often have we seen in history that the common use and popularity are not the best allies of the truth? It happened and happens all the time. We don’t want to appear stupid or vulnerable to criticism from the public or even loved ones. We are afraid to say something that may shock many, even though we are well aware that the thought is true and sincere. Why people watch television, therefore, continues to live a full life propaganda in any country of the world.

But if you continue in the same spirit and begin to openly Express their may be an unpopular view, you’ll never be a strong and independent person. You can never become a man of action, embodies the ideas into life. There are many people who want to take advantage of you when they see that you can’t stand up for their ideas.

You will become more interesting if you stop to plug his mouth. No one likes indecisive and shy people. Actually, even more: they may like, but otherwise use it and do not give any prospects. Unfortunately, to live in your microcosm is not possible for the modern world. A lack of confidence is a signal to predators that perceive it as a lack of maturity and inexperience. You need to be clear about their views and awareness in those areas they’re talking about. It doesn’t have to be bravado sofa warrior, it should be the opinion of the experts and smart people.

You will reduce the voltage that necessarily will be between you and the person who does not understand your views. Innuendo can be a cause of distrust, anxiety and stress. Both on your part and on the part of the interlocutor. Simply put, we will have more trust in the opponent, which is well know than the man on the street, which didn’t hear a thing until the moment before he knocked on the door.

An important step to form your own opinions is learning. Education – this is not a static procedure, they need to deal with life. This will give you more confidence. It’s hard to argue with that opinion, which is based on facts, statistics, personal experience, is much stronger than opinion taken from a TV whose only justification is based on nothing. Don’t hold your stupidity, you better learn and become wiser.

When you have detailed the concept of attitude, and your perspective will be justified and acquitted, you’ll have ample opportunity to influence others. You can help them to do the same, because it is a step forward, not otherwise. Others will be inspired by your strong personality, smart people will appreciate you for boldness and courage. It all sounds nice and even a little pathetic, but trust me, it often works. Thus goes the growth of the individual. Everything else, you’ll learn to influence others.

When you think: «I would like to say…» – but don’t say there is a very sad image in the brain. Desire hammered like blood clots. And it is also bad for your health. There is a sour feeling of regret, of incompleteness. You look back and see many missed opportunities. If you want to get rid of regrets, to tell the others about what I think. Don’t be afraid to do that. If your friends, girlfriends or colleagues will not be able to take you with them along the way. And conflicts can grow in any soil. The main thing is to remain human.

Will you be taken seriously depends entirely on you. But your solutions will not appear out of nowhere. For this you need to trust yourself and to be able to Express concern to other people. Let’s say your boss offered to solve the problem of production in a certain way. He’s your boss, and he should listen to, right? What if you know a better solution? If you don’t take the initiative and tell us about your method, you will make things worse, not only themselves, but also to the enterprise. Therefore, many successful companies welcome the initiative from below is the key to success.

The truth of life – the world is ruled by brave. They can be anyone: good guys, adventurers, criminals and villains, but they all do things that others can’t. When you choose to Express it, you automatically distinguish yourself from other computer. You do realize this that is a skill that not everyone? Most obediently does what others tell them. You have to show heroism to get out of this circle.

Should not be afraid. Although there may be problems and misunderstanding, and in States where there is censorship, there may be criminal liability. But what is the meaning of human life, if he is blindly to obey, and to destroy all signs of his «I»? Why would he even then live? The answer for you.

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