Why is it important to choose a niche in business

Successful business is both science and art, and a fair share of luck. You never know what will go perfectly, and that will lie dormant on your shoulders. But we often suggest you finally start to work for themselves. But this should be done cautiously and with knowledge of the subject. And I will pick some loans for the opening, and then going to pay the debts of three lives in a row.

Today we want to speak on the topic «nichevoki» and why do you need to pay attention in the first place.

The essence

In society there is always a certain need, which most do not realize. And your task is not only to learn about her, but to satisfy this need was one of the first.

If you make a shop where you sell a product that there are thousands of other shops in the city, success you can not see. You can, of course, to dump, to reduce the price and to be the bad guy, but it is thankless, and the development of such a strategy will bring.

When your product or service is no different from goods and services other guys, you have no competitive advantage. You just copy in the world of business and uniqueness in your product no. For this reason, if you think start new business project, you need to focus not just on a specific market segment, but a specific part of this segment, where in the best case, there is no serious competition.

Should not be distracted by everything. Leave this issue to the giant corporations that can afford it and have earned the trust of the buyer.


Let’s say that you’re not the heir of the African kings, and you have a couple billion in order to loud and ambitious to enter into any industry. Than in this case, a good narrow niche? They do not require a very large investment. Necessary to determine what else there is in Russia or in your city, and which in the future may be required.


Nichebot is always close contact with the audience, though few in number, but will come to you and not to someone else. This is a significant advantage. Good long-term relationships provide much more than a trivial reduction in prices and system of discounts. And «Word of mouth» in the case of a niche business works just fine.


Product in the niche segment is much more expensive. Budding entrepreneurs are often afraid to work with «elite» areas, preferring to be guided by the mistaken belief: «Who will buy it for such money?» But this opened up new directions in Russian business, for example, beer bars, which sell only high-quality and expensive beer, draught. Most people still pay more for quality, and rightly so.


The opportunity to take a leadership position in a particular market segment. As it happened, for example, dudes with «Yorkme», which produced cosmetics for dogs of a certain breed – Yorkshire Terrier. There is a remarkable example: the bars «Bite» from BioFoodLab. Yes, now you can find them in many retail chains broke through after a fairly niche subject with a healthy, organic, ecological food.

The uniqueness

Open you Burger, for example. Do you really think she has big chances to hit the jackpot when the city has dozens McDuck and Burgerking? Yes, your burgers can be tastier and healthier (as some say), but for people they like before will be burgers. In this regard you need to be more creative. For example, to open Fish&Chips, if you have access to fresh fish, or a restaurant which is not beaten along and across the kitchen. All this will give good results faster than if you’re going to blindly copy the experience of successful entrepreneurs.

Every story of success, as a rule, individual.

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