Why is everything so difficult a stretch is?


Hello, my dear manygoodtips.com. And again, I’m a 21 year old kid with low self-esteem and all alone. And again I disturb your whining and make your shoulder wet… Is in the fifth month, as I walked out of my country (Latvia) in search of himself and achieve what you always wanted. Working hard at a hotel in England in a wealthy family. Roughly speaking, I am a servant/waiter at the castle. Do that, get here and so on. What you won’t do for a nice apartment and a BMW X5. Days go by — Finance increase. But something was missing. Every day I catch a view of people who arrived in their Maserati. Branded clothing, beautiful girl, big purse and secured future. God, how many times I was in their place… And here I am. «You tea or coffee?» «You want toast?», I say with a fake smile and loathing. After all, the life so close and so inaccessible to me. After all, I’m just a simple guy. I don’t even know what I wanted to do with my life. But don’t give up until I find. And in the meantime, I will earn extra money for own apartment and a cool car (which still contain necessary). After all, the father who died, not giving me a car. And the mother, which is all in debt, not to buy the apartment. Someone at my age is lucky. I will demolish everything in its path for the sake of their three cherished objectives:

— toned body;

— nice apartment;

— nice car.

But why is it so hard a stretch is it? I may not be on the right track? Maybe I’m just jealous all?

The answer

Hi, dear Latvian friend, or says Igor Mamenko from the stage, «Jurmalina»: «Sveiki!». And with self-esteem and loneliness have to do something. Maybe at least they’ll make you think according to the way of life — that is, «grown-up». Because your claim, to put it mildly, is a natural kindergarten. Probably no harm if we say no you are in this castle by force was not sent. The Baltic States, and residents of other countries, in England, not forcibly pull, you are occupied Albion Ireland, and interfere with indigenous peoples (including descendants of Pakistani immigrants) to work.

Let’s do one spravochku on the text — you went to England «in search of yourself and achieving what you always wanted.» So you’ve written, not us. And it seems that you are searching for, and write about their work like you in this castle not the servant, and the prisoner, for which the family refused to pay the ransom. And now you work for his 50 years of hard labor. It seems that everyone knows what the wait staff, so the question arises: what did you expect? If you have a problem with successful people, then will probably be reasonable to work in any diner in Southampton port serving sour ale, rice with chicken, and the local contingent of the years saving up for a car. You will be among the port workers and people like you, immigrants, not coddled players and the descendants of the aristocrats? Most likely. But bear in mind, the salary also will be less, and your dream you will walk a very long time.

Here’s a tip for the future: do not show off! Observe the professionalism! Otherwise, in every his work you find disgusting cons, which will not allow to work normally. Interclass hatred was rife, and someone just very hard to observe the fattening of Panama. So what are you looking at? It is unlikely you whole life dream to work in the service personnel. Moreover, as far as we know, in this area quite difficult to save up for the good of your dreams. If you know the language well, then maybe it’s time to try to try myself in another field? — Do not take advise, because I do not live in England. But I can counsel with their countrymen who came to conquer London and Manchester, including with the Russians. Who knows, maybe you will become the transcontinental horn arranged by the immigrants as a simple Kiev guy Eugene Hutz, formed a new band Gogol Bordello, and maybe come back Home and find yourself there.

But first and foremost you need to get rid of the complex unfair obizhenku. Enough to envy, or not going in, just bile will acquire. And look for yourself on, because we don’t see you Barrymore in 20 years. You know, you will never understand the horror of venereal smear from the urethra until you feel it for yourself. Wild feeling pain and shame. And here. Judging by your dreams, in 5 months in a foreign land you have not sniffed. Because the target of your childhood, unformed, ethereal, like everyone else, deprived of individuality. You need to try and try, to feel and to live, to understand what you want. Only in this way, test for the test you will form goals, and enhance self-esteem. Maybe your self esteem will take the relationship because when you love, you’re much easier to fight for something. When you are someone’s responsibility, your goals also change and become more specific. But let’s not exclude the fact that such a responsibility only you will mix all the cards and will ruin the life.

So you were absolutely right. All because you’re jealous and hung up on the chosen path. Work, find yourself and everything will be fine. By the way, toned body it is possible to form, being a Butler and not visiting the gym. In the home. You just have read carefully, we have answered almost all the existing issues.

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