Why is cool to be bald

why is cool to be bald

Now guys, I’ll tell you about what awaits many of us. If you recently looked in the mirror and spotted in the reflection of an emerging bald spot, do not rush to be frightened and look for a phone the nearest clinic for hair transplantation. To be bald — at its own discretion or at the whim of your genes is cool, it is a trend, and has been for decades. There are, of course, people who do not agree with this, but Giordano Bruno too, at first did not believe that the earth revolves around the Sun and not Vice versa. Do not believe even the brightest minds! So you’re not in a rush to go on about these skeptics. Better listen to me. To be bald is cool because…

1. It saves money

why is cool to be bald

Bald guys don’t spend is intended for video games and beer money, to buy shampoo, conditioner and other girly things. Of course, they can spend two hundred rubles a month, to combine his bald head, but that’s another matter. You can still pay the money pot-bellied, bearded tatarovich to decorate their baldness, that too is another story.

2. You forget that the hair may not lay

why is cool to be bald

Dudes with bald skull looks good as soon as you lift your head from the pillow. You’ll never be shaggy after sleep, you won’t have to dry your hair before leaving the house — you’re just perfect with his shiny bald head.

3. Life is short

You start to hold in the shower twice as less time. The time you used to spend on your hair, it will be possible to concentrate on other, more important things. For example, to watch football.

4. Recent studies have shown that bald men are more virile

In July last year the study was conducted, which confirmed this fact. People were shown photos of 60 men with different levels of hairiness and asked which category they include: courage, strength, dominance and leadership potential. Bald bro kicked ass!

5. Women don’t care about your bald head, and someone kind of like her

why is cool to be bald

If this is true, then how do you explain that Stanley Tucci was twice elected as the sexiest living actors on the survey of the magazine «Glamour» in 2012 and 2013? And then People magazine managed to include it in the list of the sexiest men in 2002? After all, without a single hair on his head!

6. No one doubts that you are tough

why is cool to be bald

why is cool to be bald

Unless you’re a cancer ward, your appearance screams, «I am the toughest motherfucker!» And do not argue. Better look at the pictures.

7. No one doubts your confidence

why is cool to be bald

Any saw you in the bald way immediately realizes that you mean business. No one thinks that immediately on shaggy, they always have questions. No one certainly thinks about it a notorious namby-pamby, peresushivaya his hair.

Be warned

If you will put your freshly shaved head sweater, puts on her horn-rimmed glasses, and a butt to squeeze into skinny, polushina crappy and unknown indie band, you have nothing to help. You know what you will become.

But you’re a normal guy, we trust you. The blades are sharp, are inexpensive. If every day you see that the bathtub drain is too much hair, just deal with it. Grab the razor and go!

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