Why indie is shit

indieAdmit it, dude, the word «indie» for some vague value? A long time ago it appeared to indicate underground movies and music that is not produced on a major label — and now, indie has grown into an entire culture. And still the meaning remains somehow elusive. So you can even go to the inexhaustible source of knowledge, Wikipedia (in our case — English):

«The most common definition of this word is to be independent from the mainstream. This word is most often associated with the subculture and treat her with music, fashion, behavior, and ideas. Indie culture is a way of life, following the social trends that should, in theory, to distinguish an individual out of the mainstream. One of the General ideas of the indie culture — nonconformity».

In General (that follows from this article), you can understand the irony of indie culture, which implies the uniqueness and independence, turned into a certain uniform, in fact, it is easy to see from the first sight and to identify «indie». Hipsters want to be different from their environment, but in fact they represent a lot of people that dress alike, watch the same movies, listening to the same «underground» music and throw the same phrases, revealing some kind of bourgeoisie, which they have very vague idea.

But this is the top layer, it’s a very simple way to expose Chepstow. I’d like to go to the other side and show that indie is shit even on a deeper level.

Indie identity based on the idea of independence from the cultural mainstream. When viewed from this perspective, the hipsters contradict themselves: they buy clothes, CDs, furniture, books, food, concert tickets and a movie that is not popular with a wider audience. They just choose other brands, which are not very popular with guys, different music (well, buying the disk is not simple and pleasant to Coldplay, but an unknown Blood Red Shoes; not some Acer, Apple — of course it is a Corporation, but they’re so cool). What is the key point in buying anything? Right, waste of money. Consumption. Hipsters Express their independence from the mainstream, making most mainstream things, it’s the easiest way to separate yourself from the majority is to consume the same but in a different wrapper and naive to believe that it’s any of your identificeret. Identity based on consumption — that’s all your indie culture.

Ten years ago it was fashionable to label was written for all to see. Nike and Gap are proudly fashioned their logo, and did not hesitate. And today, in the fashion of another trend: now everybody wanna look unique or even vintage (although this vintage may cost some fifteen hundred). However, the motivation of the people remains the same: people still want to Express themselves through the clothes they buy. No matter you buy something from big corporations or choose nonsense like Fair Trade, organic coffee, leather belts handmade — the meaning remains the same: you define yourself through what you consume. You’re driven by the desire to consume something before it becomes popular among the masses. A new variant of Griboedov: «Oh, my God, what will Princess Maria Alexeyevna?» We were all the same conformists, as were a hundred, two hundred years ago.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong to give preference to certain types of clothing or music; it’s a common practice than interested in something to consume (can’t live without it). You can love anything, but do not have to define yourself through the things you buy and use. An old truth, but buying the thing, you don’t change. Even if you bought something terribly exclusive, you did not special — you’re the same dude, only with the exclusive thing. If you just buy all the cool stuff that you like, you’ll be a regular hipster, but in fact will not change. So the identity becomes something like a coat that can be removed and dress — I agree, dude, this is not good.

Try to go the other way and learn to define themselves through the products that you buy. To determine yourself in other, much more intelligent ways: values, ethics — Yes, you and he’s a smart guy and understand that. Let your actions speak louder than your clothes. How to be truly independent from the mainstream?

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