Why in the world is becoming more and more mentally ill people

Why in the world is becoming more and more mentally ill people

Welcome to the modern world in which everything from politicians to ordinary inhabitants suffer from mental disorders.

Statistics disappointing: among us, full of abnormal people, left shizofrennik, to the right is a psychopath. A government that supposedly cares about your welfare, full of potential customers of the hospital. Kashchenko, and children prefer to play Bonnie and Clyde.

Babylen Tatarsky, the protagonist is immortal «Generation P», has suggested that the mythical brings chaos Pateley dog named consonant with «game Over» already awakened, and this is the most «fucked up». And crazy — consequence of time. He may be right, but the growth of abnormal there are several logical explanations that begin to operate in overlapping mode.

It all starts with education

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2016_xseKanDndTjYSIt is estimated that approximately 70-80 per cent of newborns are already suffering minor deviations. They are so minor that is easily treated with a healthy psychological climate in the family. But if the child was born to a stray family of a former slut and a bully, who themselves do not represent themselves, and constantly make trouble, only interrupted by the child, then society will get one hundred percent psycho. Besides the use of crap during pregnancy contributes to the birth of genius and a benchmark of adequacy. It turns out that undertreated mob spawns sick children, and then collects the money for treatment.

And then in addition another factor — phobia. Most of them burrow into the immature child’s psyche, compounding or congenital problems, or periodically worsened by themselves.And given the sad fact that in Russia there is no normal school psychologists, seek qualified help to anyone. Social workers who have studied old books, are unlikely to be able to provide expert assistance. Moreover, in the popular mind psych is something shameful, like a confession to the madness. But it’s much better than to apply for several years before a psychiatrist.

The fact that Russian psychiatry has absorbed all the punitive nature of the Soviet school. But injections of haloperidol is not particularly helpful. Here and superimposed one on another. Stupid education of parents, a beating and a bad example to stimulate the emergence of crippled people. When families rape children, beat them or do not pay them attention, the company receives regular maniac, schizophrenic, or two students, a fun shoot at police «Bobik». So we must start with education and laws governing the family. Because the heart is not in place from the law, effectively legalizing the beating.

Medicine helped

It would seem that progress in medicine was to cure mankind from «eternal plague». But instead he provoked the increase of madmen from generation to generation. The fact that a few decades ago, people with serious psychiatric illnesses have not had the opportunity to start a family and have children. Well, how to trust the child’s person, which are constantly worsening? Today psycho injected modern drugs that keep the patient’s mind in check, so that part and say that the guy that something is wrong. Normal, adequate man.

It would seem, what in it such? Let the crazies create a family, find happiness, because they are normal! Everything is great, except for the fact that such serious illnesses as schizophrenia, are transmitted only by inheritance. And some forms of the disease is so pathetic, no drugs not to disguise.

Brave new world

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2016_wN9JgJWfLuvk5Say, when the Soviet Union denounced Stalin’s personality cult, for many it was a shock and a cause for suicide. Following such a blow for real «Sovieticus» was the post-Communist trauma of the restructuring. Very quickly the world began to change, and the TV people for decades dictated ideology about «the best country in the world», suddenly started to say that they were wrong, and here it is, the long-awaited freedom.

Changed the consciousness of entire generations, the system of relations between the citizens of the once United country acquired a new, ugly shades. Many have not adapted to life, left on the margins of society. And then, in addition to freedom, new ideologies (or rather complete lack thereof) were added famine, banditry, war in the country, complete devastation in the economy and the crowds of unemployed. Former engineers and intellectuals, have not learned to live in a world where the strong eats the weak guts, began to go crazy.

The population came new problems: poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, alcoholism. After many years, these problems have not disappeared. When bahnul default, people flew from the Windows, and such an ephemeral thing as confidence in the future disappeared from the consciousness away. «Fat zero» has reduced the atmosphere of the filament, but soon came the next global crisis and the aggravation of international relations and cultivated image of the enemy. Plus getting on my nerves terrorism and fear not to walk home in one piece.

By the way, the issue is relevant not only for our country. On the other side of the ocean of terrorism, afraid of fire. But even more worried about the crisis, and able to destroy the American dream. Stuffed with reservations about the future of the Third world, the viewer begins to live her expectation.

People are afraid to fly because planes fall; to walk in the evening, because they can Rob, rape and kill. I’m afraid to Wake up in the morning and to know that their life has collapsed due to the bankruptcy of the country. The terrorist attacks in the subway give birth to army of claustrophobic, constant crash are forced to panic even the most stalwart. There are people who are scared to travel on public transport, because they can Rob, and bus — to get into an accident.Society lives in a state of nervousness, and the media only provoke fear. The crowd are unsettled in life students who can’t find work in their specialty only Supplement the ranks of people with a nervous breakdown. People are frustrated despair, as the businessman who took the Bank two months ago and recorded a video message to the President.

It would seem that the instability has always been, then what an army of crazies so rapidly increased in recent years? But the fact is that in today’s developed countries in the last few decades I have lived, all around well-being, and drowned in hedonism and affluence, the citizens were mentally not prepared for the difficulties, in contrast to the same post-war generation.

Not in time with the rhythm of life

From the we remind squirrel in a wheel, who do not have time to keep up with the modern pace of life. Over the past 15 years, the world has made so many discoveries, how many have not occurred over the centuries. A person has to work hard to be aware of all the events. And when a fragile mind is trying to master vast reservoirs of information, it is likely that the brain will not sustain loads, and the roof will move down permanently.

Other kills work. In order to achieve something, you have to vpahivat day and night, depleting the physical and moral resources. Just not always for honest work pays off, and miserable office worms fall into a deep depression.

Others do not have time to keep up with all the innovations and to find a decent job, which would not have required knowledge and skills appropriate to the day today. And not live in their era and remain of sound mind — an impossible task.

Moreover, the modern people has a strong moral instability and higher sensitivity to failures. Even the men behave like Turgenev young ladies. People get tired, like a squirrel in a wheel, it is difficult. And then it finishes off personal failure, for example, problems finding girls. In the end, upset, overloaded brain goes down and we have a patient with a nervous breakdown. How little is needed to go crazy.

Culture as a challenge

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2016_JSYNGI5nzd0FEAs we would not want to deny this, but the culture is not conducive to improving the condition of life. The current culture is mainly provokes the consumer to endless fun. Things that would not show strict censorship 40 years, now considered as a finding and originality. Culture defines and determines the pattern of behavior, provoking the viewer to things he does not understand. And if the mind was imprinted at birth, then simply disastrous consequences. Perhaps if the parents were explained that in a particular situation is normal and what is not, the consequences would have been different. But alas, this is not happening.

Culture broadcasts a norm of behavior, which the viewer reads incorrectly. After some «Fight club» is going to blow up the house, and not try to stop being slaves to the system. This is not a problem of the film is the problem of the viewer.

But a lot depends on the information itself. For example, the damnedest people loved the Comedy show a very ugly scene and claim that this is reality. The promotion of alcoholism, degradants, permissiveness and total dirty trick — it feeds us modernity. And rich colors only add to the vices of charm. To fuck other men’s wives, drinking vodka from the bottle and behaving provocatively is not what you need.

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