Why having a cat is not such a bad idea?


The dog is the best friend and companion to men. Loyal Dog never betray, but that’s why you have cats we always pop some prejudice. They say that they are harmful, wrong, wayward, and generally make them mostly women. Which is bullshit, man! It is not necessary to limit the list of their favorite animals and animals in the home alone dogs. Cat beautiful animal for men. Why? Today we will tell you why cats are cool and why you should not be ashamed of their love for the shaggy-haired mustachioed creatures. Cats can teach you.

1. Cats can teach you patience


And this is pretty prepares you for life with a girl, my friend! There is a stereotype that men have more problems with patience, to be honest, the way it is. Dogs are easier: they are always ready to play, eat, jump, fight over a stick, all to love and to go somewhere. This is absolutely charming features, I did not detract from ofigennoe dogs. The cat — an animal on my own. She will play when she wants, she will escape from your hands when she will want affection. Taking care of the cat and the merit of her love — a process that requires patience.

When this animal appears first on your living space one hundred percent that she will not be happy. This place is the cat is not familiar, it’s smells, strange sounds that frighten them. This territory is unfamiliar to the people who go and pulling her own hands. So the cat learned to love a new place, you need patience. She seriously may be a few days to sit under the bed and you won’t even notice as the food disappears, and the tray is filled. Give her some space and time to adjust.

The cat wants attention all the time, often when she wants affection, she comes and she needs. In this chelovekopotok cats are greater than dogs that are very friendly to the owners mostly ready to caress and games always. Dogs are cool, but the process of when you deserve the trust of the cats is a real hunt.

2. Teach cats curiosity


Curiosity may kill the cat, but the people it will help. When you come home, you ask yourself: «Where’s the cat?» And then find it in unexpected places. But me personally, the cat always greets, apparently also out of curiosity. Well, if she likes me. Cats are parkour geniuses can reach those corners of your house that you never knew existed. Of course, often they have to shoot from somewhere, but this is not so important. If the house is a box, it is sure to climb the cat. Find a cat in an unexpected place is always a little joy. In General, his ability to have fun with anything cats can cheer you up. In addition, to observe how the cat is doing his cat things, walks with a businesslike view of the hut here and there — a pleasure. Dogs are fairly predictable. They have a way home, the path to the place of sleep, the desire to play, jump around you to do something else randomly. That can come to mind a cat cannot even understand: one moment she’s sitting on the bed, then goes to eat, and then suddenly you feel someone pulling your mouse itself. Look, and your system unit sits a cat. And how did it get there?

3. Cats can be thankful

To earn the love and loyalty of a dog is quite simple. Dogs perceive family and you be in which who shows the character who is the most big and strong, and the chief before we have to grovel and try to please. The cat is unclear. For it is not the main, because the cat — an eerie individualist. The cat has those who she likes, and she is extremely grateful. You can realize that the cat does not love you, she tries to annoy you: it bites, then protests, then only using you for food. But if you get respect from cats, you’ll get a faithful creature that will be pretty to bring you artificial arms, to come to comfort you and without a second thought to meet you from work. The grateful cat — it’s almost like a real human friend.

4. Many great people have cats


A dog is no surprise, but many prominent people had cats, which they were very attached. First of all, it is Ernest Hemingway who had a home with multiple cats with a few extra spikes on the feet. These cats frighten quickly climbed on trees and other surfaces and, said to have been excellent hunters. The descendants of these animals with genetic defects are still living in the house of the writer. And all because of a «founder family» of Snow.

Winston Churchill was an ardent fan of cats. His cat Jock slept with them, ate with him at one time and even attended the meetings of the Cabinet of Ministers. When Jock was late for meals, Churchill was so worried that he even sent servants to find his cat.


Albert Einstein and mark TWAIN also loved cats. Have TWAIN had 11 cats. The writer wrote that can’t resist a purring cat. Brodsky loved cats so much that nice people who came to his home, asked: «Not to Wake you, kitty?»

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