Why girls using sex toys


Perhaps you’ve wondered why girls are so fond of vibrators and other sex toys. This is not surprising because we live in a world where sex has long ceased to be the sole method of procreation. And yet, despite the openness of the female to different kinds of sexual experimentation, additional tools to enhance your erotic experiences may cause confusion or a healthy curiosity on your part. But we all know why such things may be interested in your friend, and will gladly share that information with you. Especially for such difficult cases, we have acquired a number of goods in foreign online store Dealsmachineas in local shops the price tag is obscenely high, and sent them to our readers for a test drive. Their answers will help you understand why girls use sex toys with you and without you.

1. Girls also masturbate

Imagine, not all girls — shy prude, covered with blush-on just thinking about sex. Many of them are quite aware of their sexuality and know how to pleasure yourself. Fingering the girl’s eyes is not a way to pass the time while you’re — an essential element of her erotic experiences is, by far, a healthy demand in the sensations and by the way, is a direct manifestation of her sexuality. Girls masturbate because I love myself and start from this «loneliness.»

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Dibe — electric vibrator

Price: 31.99$

Anastasia, 29 years old

I tried the vibrator Dibe and, in principle, was pleased with the result. Can’t say that he knows something supernatural, but as something new — very even. I have tried sex toys before, and with her husband once experimented, but for myself vibrator is a wonderful thing. What I liked about this thing is that it is very powerful and easy to use, stimulates all the necessary points, if you know what I mean.

2. Sex soup able what you may not know

Of course, you know that the female body is a veritable Rubik’s cube that you need to turn in all possible ways, use different moves and combinations to achieve the only important result. And Yes, girls also want this, some don’t even shy about it to speak directly. The same thing can attract your friend to use any sex toys, after all, the purpose of many of them is not as obvious as you think.


Dibe DB-002 —women’s rabbit vibrator

Price: 14.99$

Anna, 21 years

In the matter of vibrators I am a beginner, I only know that they are different, they can take into the shower with him that a lot of my friends use them. When I read the instructions to Dibe DB-002, I was a little surprised that the vibrator can be used for different purposes and for different locations. He is quite funny design and very non-standard size, it can be used not only for Masturbation but also for massage of nipples. In my opinion, an interesting acquisition.

3. Simultaneous stimulation

There is nothing better for your friend than to use all points at the same time. But, average sexual intercourse can boast of such a savvy, and here on the arena there are various sex devices that give girls what they want. Of course, nobody says that vibrators that stimulate vital points at the same time, are designed to replace the inept husband, because in fact, if you know where that is located, to impress a friend is not difficult. But since you’re so interested, why do girls use such devices, simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and vagina — is quite a good reason.


Dibe GOX-95 — double vibrator

Price: 20.49$

Ekaterina, 24 years

Toy Dibe GOX-95 I was very surprised, interesting design in the form of a butterfly — it’s just brilliant. Experience in the use of sex toys, I have a small, not particularly interested in this, so was not able to immediately determine the verdict. This vibrator simultaneously stimulates the clitoris and the vagina, and this is probably the coolest in it. Design, of course, adds to the mood, immediately felt a «girl.» Attached is a separate remote control, so you can use it very easily hands free. I liked it, I think, with these things and whether it is worth to try vibrators.

4. Because sin not take advantage of them

A variety of sex toys and vibrators are today is amazing. The coolest ones are modelled on features of the male and female body and designed to beautify sexual experience not only for her, and you, as a partner. Sex devices are of high quality, striking design and, of course, affordability. So why not try them, you ask?


Dibe Gox-53 — vibrator-ring.

Price: 7.60$

Natalia, 27 years

I really liked Dibe Gox-53, I tried various vibrators, some of them told of a friend, but this one I decided to use along with the guy. Long time to persuade, but the result pleased us. It has a cock ring, anal beads and a special area that touches the clitoris. Super combo! We liked the thought such a thing. Now I just realized that sex toys are worth it.

5. You can use them with a partner


Of course, sex toys make women’s lives varied, but this does not mean that sexual intercourse with a partner will be less interesting for her. Ask your friend if she wants to try with you some of this wonder, and for sure most girls will not give up. Many sex toys, as we have said, is modeled in order to give pleasure not only to her but also to you, so this option can be tested together.

And, considering that the girls there are so many good reasons to be interested in sex devices to please her friend, even easier. Ask her about how she likes to relax, or surprise her with something special, than you are still each other’s only hinted.

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