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It was a bribe.com.ua_21.10.2016_Y0VM1xILQnAzLYou with it once faced, and maybe you yourself— lucky old fuck, and a lot of friends, twist Asses in front of you, hoping to throw the bait. But most likely, you were the guy who said, «I’m Sorry, but we did not come out, I need a more Mature man, more reliable.» What lies behind these words?

In the company of men we often communicate with people of different ages and can not understand, than a man of forty favorably twenty years. «I want stability», they say, but all of these words seem absurd against the backdrop of numerous stories about the divorce proceedings and endless scandals. But whining about the fact that friends want older men — not a good idea. Gentlemen don’t do that, although, of course, it’s a shame that when you’re in full bloom and can work at the limit — the girls aren’t staring at you, and when the heart begins to tingle and stormy night can turn into a hospital visit — you become more profitable prey.

We asked the girls to share with us their personal opinion on the matter. You know that helpful because many of the characteristics adult men available for you today just need to stop being a juvenile idiot. On the other hand, we cannot agree with some opinions, but published them so that you understand how women’s minds.

Olga, 20 years: «Stability and success»

The fact that men from a certain age (27-30 years), behave differently. They have priorities and true values, and not those which change ten times a day. Such men always seem strong, serious, stable, who know what they want from life. That’s what they attract. Besides, at this age it is already possible to draw any conclusions about what people have achieved, and what his real prospects, including in the financial sense.

Stable and successful person always arouses sympathy — he can protect, secure, he is older and more experienced. I think it is in the qualities that, according to an unwritten law, can’t have a guy who just came out of the walls of the school.

From the editor manygoodtips.com: recently, We advised the guy to challenge the search of the «ideal women,» saying that the ideal is a myth that is unattainable. The influence of age on the character of a person is also a myth. Not always 30-year-old man will know exactly what to do tomorrow and where to find the money to live on.Regina, 21 year: «about sex»

I had a few relationships with guys my age, but, in the end, I settled on a man who is much older than me. And it’s not about the money. The thing about sex. My husband has some beautiful body, he’s not having sex for 8 hours a day. It rarely is, but that’s the beauty.

Young guys are too picky about this area of life they want to experiment, try new things and treat girls as an object of his sexual desire. With an adult otherwise. He already has great sexual experience and in the groin he’s not scratched, as 18-year-old boys. We often talk, he more calmly responding that I’m not always ready to have sex with him. The sex was better in the psychological sense is more sensitive, or something.

Polina, 24 years: «it’s easier»

I see a big difference between a young and Mature guy. Fall in love with a man who younger than you or same age with you — a more expensive. He always not sure about his feelings, so there are scandals on the theme of jealousy on my part. The young guy there to change me more than adults. An adult is not so careless about your time. He won’t chase the girls when he already has a girl who is old enough to be his daughter (don’t see anything immoral). He more appreciates the attention I give him. It’s easier.Vika, 20 years: «In relations over the past 200 years, nothing has changed»

I have no boyfriend, although many of me trying to get on it. Some even like me, but then flirt, it is not come. In relations over the past 200 years, nothing has changed. If you were born in the family of a shoemaker and engineer, and your father riding around town on a used Lada, I am with you on the way. With a simple guy-a hard worker to live beyond their status as it might sound. Parents don’t approve my choice, and I understand that used to those things the way that student support will not be able.

I need a man who earns good money and is firmly standing on his feet, so this is exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, financial security and age, as a rule, closely connected with each other. Don’t understand guys who are freaking out about it — save money. A beautiful life — it’s expensive, so more work.

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