Why getting older isn’t so bad

manygoodtips.com_6.06.2014_tYhHC2niEnr7rMany (even young) people tend to be nostalgic for a bygone childhood and adolescence, and to lament his hard fate «adult» person. If you think that growing up is not brought into your life anything good, we are ready to convince you otherwise.

1. Your mind grows with the body

Perhaps now it’s harder for you than it was five years ago, running under the scorching summer sun, however, admit it, you became smarter. The question is not even that you had time to read a lot of books over the past years, just life has taught you since then. As a child you hurriedly grabbed everything new, I remember a lot of information. Over time, you probably became less to learn, but you have finally had the time and opportunity to reflect on the lessons. Need a certain maturity of mind in order to gleaned from the mass of information- information about the world around you — to make your own, unique perspective on things and events.

2. You start to see people for who they are

It is sad to realize that someone you considered a friend on the basis of common reasons for fun during University days, — may be good company for parties, but not a true friend. On the other hand, now is easier for you to separate the wheat from the chaff and understand who really is a friend and someone to drink sometimes, but no more.

3. You cease to care what others think

As a teenager you wanted to look cool and hang out with the cool kids from school, now you care about not only how you look, but how you’re really cool (smart, strong, brave — looking, what exactly do you mean by «slope»). The next stage — you generally cease to worry about how you look in the eyes of others. If you haven’t up to this level, then you have work to do and has room to grow.

4. You less afraid of changes

Experience tells you that the changes that are happening to you (regardless of whether you wanted them or not), is more good than bad. Judge for yourself, where would you be if not a series of accidents that have impacted on your life? Perhaps, you are forever stuck at one stage of personality development if the universe would periodically fail to give you a couple of «magic ass».

5. You start to care about the body

As a youth you wanted to sneeze on the recommendation of the Ministry of health about Smoking and alcoholophilia. But over the years, you come to the understanding that your comfortable existence is a living mind must be more or less efficient body. You simply will not be able to do what you like, if you’re forced to spend most of your time patching holes in their health.

6. You finally understand what makes you happy

Through numerous trials and errors you finally figured out that no luxury wages are not able to get you to do what you don’t like what you’re attracted to realization of creative projects that perfect vacation for you — Hiking in the mountains and so on. As an adult, you finally decided with a number of such moments and to live became easier and more enjoyable.

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