Why first contact will not be the same as shown in movies

manygoodtips.com_20.05.2016_wpzKW0ZP21usHHome planet we have already studied, inhabit and successfully threw feces and toxic waste. The view of humanity is now focused on new worlds that are far beyond the Solar system. We are inspired by the flights of the astronauts, the Space X company approval of the scientists that soon will begin the era of space colonization. A single planet, we will not stop here, for sure. However, plagued the minds of one important question that is asked not just people in the foil hats, but serious researchers of the cosmos: what will be the first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization? What he probably will believe almost anything, even invented a special formula. Thanks to Hollywood movies we have established a certain perception of aliens, we stuffed his head with lies and forgot about the simple rational thinking. Today we have used it to tell you about first contact.

1. Aliens are not like us

Two important questions in the Universe: «Is there life?» and «If it is, then is it possible to fuck her?»

People love star Trek, but what will be disappointing if the authors of the series right, and extraterrestrials are like people, only with more blunt hairstyles. However, you can not worry, it is unlikely the aliens will be like little people.

Just remember more or less intelligent beings on Earth. They say the most intelligent animal after us is dolphins, dogs and octopuses. That is, beings that are totally unlike us. And it is, imagine home planet. What about intelligent beings from outer space? They, we believe, are not sexy by human standards.Why? Because what we consider sexual, is a product of successive evolution specifically our species. I don’t think you get excited when you see a female Hippo, which was down at the river.

2. We probably will not be able to communicate with them

manygoodtips.com_20.05.2016_fU6VCjgjyQV3vWhen contact with aliens is happening on the big screen, the filmmakers come up with a story. Suffice it to recall the films «Men in black». There’s communication takes place over endless cups of coffee, all understand each other. By the standards of Hollywood, people always have the ability to translate alien speech. But if you look sober, that communication with aliens is a much bigger problem. We will not be able to access understanding of the alien language that has nothing to do with the human. We and our ancient languages, deciphering with difficulty.

But the beings with Yuggoth may have a completely different physiology, different from ours. This will complicate the interpretation. Even today, human beings are the only creatures that are able to understand the instructions IKEA, but octopuses and dolphins show signs of communication, they have their own language. Nevertheless, our science is still far from being able to teach us happily chattering with Dolphin, to discuss his ex-girlfriends, bumping beer mugs.

3. Alien technology is likely to be incomprehensible to us

Assuming that the aliens are on our planet tomorrow and declare war on us, the chances of humanity close to one percent. They have starships, which helped them to get to us from the depths of outer darkness, and we have. We have iPads and rusty rocket of the Soviet era. In any case, the aliens are infinitely distant from us in terms of technology. Will we be like snails, who are waging war against us: crunchy, slippery and fun ineffective.

Think about it this way: life on Earth has existed for about 3.8 billion years. That is life in the Universe (not on our planet could exist a much longer time. While human civilization is only a few thousand years, but modern technology only a few centuries. The point is that if there are intelligent civilizations in the Universe, they are likely to be much more ancient than us. They can be several million years ahead.Imagine that you want to describe the atomic bomb to the person who lives in the 18th century. He’ll take you for a madman, don’t believe a single word, and not understand anything. It is unlikely we will be able to understand the technology visitors from another galaxy that had its industrial revolution a couple of million years ago.

4. First contact with robots, not living organisms

manygoodtips.com_20.05.2016_foHi8GU4t3i9BIn the movies the space researchers are always people. Remember «interstellar» or the film «the Martian». This, of course, gives romance, but not true. If the expedition is so dangerous, even the people prefer to send robots. NASA went on them for a long time. Even a manned flight to Mars can be called more an adventure, not a scientific study. All this is clear as day. To control the vehicle remotely is always safer. The issue of space also is not urgent, you can save on toilet, food, oxygen, and porn magazines.

Thus, if we consider the last decade of our space research, it becomes clear that the first contact with extraterrestrial intelligence will not resemble the landing of the Rover. It is unlikely that we will send a living organism. Michael Dyer, a computer science Professor at the University of California, says up to 99.9 percent that we are faced with an artificial organism, a robot, but not exactly living representative of an alien race.In fact, it is likely that we will face with the work of long extinct civilizations. They can work in offline mode, not knowing that their masters were extinct.

5. Don’t worry about space sickness

And they don’t have to worry about the flu. All because of the disease spread, usually on one particular form. Viruses adapt to it and do not climb anywhere further. For this reason, people do not suffer the diseases that afflict, for example, elm. We do not give the fevers that cover cattle. If you have the flu, it is better not to go cuddle with my girlfriend, but you can have the whole day to spit his cat in the face and nothing will happen, except that he hates its owner.

Sometimes the disease mutates in such a way that starts to jump between species, with terrible consequences, for example, avian or swine flu, but it is fairly rare, and, as a rule, subject to such joy is only between species that are close to each other on the evolutionary ladder. In other words, sneeze crab people of the Andromeda will not be able to bring you down.

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