Why fat makes fat? Why it must be avoided

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It would seem, all is simple! But today we are going to feed you science and other nishtyak. But not fat, because fat is evil. Recently science has proven that dietary fats lead to clogged arteries, heart failure and high cholesterol. If your body mass index exceeds the norm, then you get into the risk group, dude. So be afraid.

Of course, olive oil, salmon and coregrid will not make you fat (although they are fat), but the Burger — very even. After all, the hamburger is fried chicken, oily sauce with mayonnaise (>45% fat), fat cottage cheese — all fat! Why such a high percentage of fat. The logical question, why fat makes fat (because food is digested, crushed), today we’ll reply.

1. In fat is the least thermic effect

What is thermic effect? Is the number of calories that the body uses to process food. The highest percentage of calories expended, not surprisingly, protein. This is as much as 20 percent! Details about protein diets and protein here. In carbohydrates 10 percent of all the calories spent on digestion. And fat? 5 percent! A measly five percent each! That is, if you eat 100 g of fat, 95 goes directly into your body. Of course, the thermic effect of food is not the most important indicator, but if you add up the other items, it becomes very sad.

2. Fat is not satiating

Talking about this and nutritionists, and a chemistry Professor, and leading athletes. Dr. Relin Reimer conducted a series of studies with rats, which led him to the following conclusions. The highest percent saturation in protein. Among the other macronutrients are allocated and carbohydrates, which occupy an honorable second place. And third the fats that almost does not saturate. Rats eat it in large quantities.

3. Fat is very high calorie

Simple math plus lessons from the school of biology. Proteins and carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram, and fats have 9. If you translate it into more understandable concepts, a pound of spinach have the same number of calories as a tablespoon of butter. So that will saturate you faster? Correctly, the spinach, because it is banal more.

4. Fat makes everything taste better

An experiment. Take a piece of bread, make toast. Eat. Good? Tolerable. Now drip a little butter. Delicious? Much. According to the theories of the ethologists, fat tastes better to us because from ancient times were an ideal source of energy and heat. Because now we don’t need the diet, he merely postponed. The body, accustomed to conditions that were thousands of years ago, not long enough to give people «Stop eating fat», so we can’t eat bread, potatoes and pancakes without oil. Not tasty though.

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