Why everyone should at least once to work on unloved work

«manygoodtips.com crazy!» — you say you are. — «Many times advised to do what you love, and suddenly so happy!» Nothing amazing, man, really this advice is directly relevant to the Council about your favorite business. You’ll see that one of my favorite work, and the other absolutely not?

Sometimes in life it so happens that my favorite work is in the end unloved. We often imagine something that does not exist in nature, come up with something scary and idealize certain aspects of his life. It so happens that we, gritting his teeth, continue to convince yourself that this work suits us that these things we like and everything goes on as usual. Somewhere deep down we realize that «favorite thing» that we’re doing with such passion, really hated us, and we are doing it by inertia, in the absence of a choice because we don’t know what we all need in life.

A long time ago I got a job that you thought was my dream job. Then for me the job of my dreams was everything to do with computer or video games. I was in seventh heaven, but quickly realized that things are not as rosy as I thought. The work was tedious, the bosses customized, sometimes the work was very little, and sometimes three days had to pass monthly volume. After working there for about a year and a half, I quit because I was sick and because I in recent months, often messed up. Basically, I still want to work in the field of game design, but certainly not in such a position.

Many people don’t know what «favorite work». One work from the other for such people differ only in one feature: how to pay money. Does it give pleasure, pleasant staff, close to home, good transport… For these people, none or all of these concepts, or several of them. Work for them that makes money, what you need to endure to obtain the coveted money. They are not going to change jobs, if the team is bad, between an interesting job and one where they pay more, they choose the latter. And then genuinely surprised: how could you walk away from this job, THERE’s ALSO GIVE MORE MONEY!

Once I am in my city, I talked to one guy who opened a shop of Board games, toys, card games, miniatures and other things for my heart pieces. It was relatively long, because the man who opened this shop one of the first, when rastolkli not indulged in people including young children from all the harsh programmers a small, silly ladies. Somehow, I had this guy named Alex talking about why he decided to open such an interesting place. Alexei told me you were working on a good position in the Bank. The paper is not shifted, held a position above an ordinary clerk and had very good money, however, he always had to stay after work and work almost seven days a week. At one point, the dude is awfully tired, and he decided to change the scope of activities. But what to do with myself now? Alex decided to buy in Moscow a huge number of Board games and do business for their implementation. Now he has a small shop in the city centre, the range has expanded to Warhammer 40k, Magic: The gathering and various miniatures. Most likely, his income is worth it.

So why everyone needs to work for the hated work?

1. So you will understand that this work is not suitable for you

Sometimes people have no idea what they want in this life. This is a great way to reduce the number of areas in which you do not like to work. The key is to understand what you don’t like: the staff, the salary or the process of execution of the work. Important in fact that last point: performance. In fact, there are people who are in a rush to push the paper and put a stamp on them. I’m serious!

2. So you’ll understand other people

Because there are different spheres of social life that do not always intersect with yours. Therefore, it is useful to work in the service sector and in the store. On the one hand, it’s great to see the store that usually remains outside of your field of view, and on the other, you will better understand the people who every day provide us with food, wash floors, and decorate the Windows. You have a better chance to see the various types of human character, to meet some of them, to talk on different topics and have a better idea of the lives of others.

3. So you’ll understand that the money often does not matter

Seriously, if you plow at work seven days a week, to stay after working day for a few hours, but earn a little more, you can realize that money is not always important. Always need to be able to do them, come home and not think about work. How important it is to eat right, watch a movie in the evening with family or go to the gym — all this can be removed when working on the unloved work, which brings you steady money. Pretty quickly you realize that working with a bad team and do boring, monotonous operations is bad for the psyche. You will literally feel the Cup of wrath is filled with vile crappy liquid, but it’s helpful, man, really helpful. Because then you will have the opportunity to tell people about what you in my life really appreciated the joys and sorrows of different kinds of activities and tried to find his calling.

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