Why everyone needs one day to be a rogue

manygoodtips.com_7.03.2014_dFE9T2m5IcAX3In our super-successful and rich world too ashamed to own at least one drawback: on any you will be vilified, and the public. Bold to be ashamed, to be ashamed of infantile, lazy to be ashamed of, but worst of all in our days to be poor. The poor are a disgrace to all and Sundry, saying, you are to blame, not earned, go earn faster, or you can get a killer whale, will not be space tourist, walk around barefoot for the kids and all. But it’s all superficial. In fact, the poverty and arrogance, not a Vice, especially if it lasts a short time and then is replaced by more favorable economic situation. In other words, in the life of every man is bound to be a period of poverty. Arguments in the Studio!

You learn how to manage a budget

The most obvious reason is it would be ridiculous to not name call at all. Rogue learn to cope with their cash flow from their own mistakes, and eventually they attain in this art excellence. With the vital experience they gain important knowledge: how to distribute two pennies so that you can pay the rent, buy food, shoes and to defer at least a thousand miserable rainy day. They know exactly what you can save, and what is possible, and even moguet to sacrifice the purchase of strategically important new stuff in order to fix my tooth because I know if the shirt will not have it for another month, nothing will change, however, if during this period of time not to heal the pesky hole in the tooth, it threatens local Apocalypse in the oral cavity.

You’ll be able to distinguish a need from a whim

What is missing in modern dudes, so it’s important knowledge on the nature of things — the need is different from whim and why it is important they are not confused. To tell? There is an unfortunate phenomenon as substitution of values. For example, in fact you need not so much: shelter, food, clothing — the bare minimum. And you have the society and the recognition that sometimes achieved the status of things — for example, iPhones, sneakers of a certain brand, the party in certain places. When you’re poor, Willy-nilly, to separate the wheat from the chaff and refuse from the shoes of six thousand in order to the money well for two weeks there, because, honestly, who needs these vypendritsya sneakers?

You’ll understand how to enjoy the little things

And will actively be doing this. To please rogue, don’t need much. A small increase in salary? Champagne for everyone! Found a place that sells something quality for unbelievably low price? The mood is such, as if dug up the treasure chest. Found five hundred rubles? Fanfare! Bought a cake? Yes, it’s just a holiday for you! The guy with the money in such nonsense certainly will not be happy: think, cake. He, of cake not seen?

You become incredibly resourceful and handy

The household ingenuity, as a rule, reveal two types of people: the lazy and those who have no money. Lazy in a hurry in every way to facilitate and accelerate the workflow, and rogue is forced to get out and look for budget options for everything. Nothing will teach you how to sew clothing, tape shoes, repair the stove and kettle as a lack of money: new-still can not buy. I guess it’s rogue, not environmentalists with a burning heart figured out how to give things a second life, and taught the world to make cars and computers by using plastic bottle and the yellow capsule from the «kinder surprise».

You will be the person who knows the place

Because you won’t have any other choice. You prosnesh about all the cheap markets and the best sellers because going to constantly look for where it is cheaper and tastier. Do you know about seasonal sales charts and will tell about them to their friends. You’ll be aware where and when there is the best ratio «price-quality»: for example, when a stall bring tomatoes or fish. Why? Because you’re interested in how to make the most of their «wood», that’s why!

You will attract girls

Obvious, right? I agree. Nevertheless, the way it is. The link is this: being unable to take her to the Opera or a five star restaurant, you will be to charm her unconventional romantic ways. What? Long walks, wild flowers, picnics, Yes, even serenading with a guitar under her window — we even created a list of budget ideas for Dating just for people like you. She will think that you are a incurable romantic, you’re always trying to think of something special to make her happy, although in fact the standard methods you have no money. Then he will enter into the taste and you will enjoy this pastoral aesthetics.

You work best of all

Because you will have a great motivation: hunger is not my aunt. It you not cook soup, tea will not zakipyatit — but will stand over you with a whip, driving and proglyadyvaya that you have missed. That makes sense. Who does not work, still not eating, and who are working, who sooner or later will smear a piece of bread with butter, and then eggs top lay at least three eggs, but red.

After many years you will have the moral right to preach

Now you do not appreciate, but then… it will be at least funny. When I imagine myself a grandfather, I just see a cranky old man who knows everything better than others, everyone is correcting everyone says how he should live, and immensely loves the phrase, «I was your age…» If you’re a young man visited rogue, you will have many ways to finish that sentence.

You’re going to tell you how I was interrupted from bread on kvass, as misery, and then took control of the situation and confident gait went to his dreams and became what are you going to be at the time. If you will certainly on to something good. In my plans is not included, so fantasize on this topic, I with delight.

But seriously, poverty is the school of life. To temper, you need to go through many trials and test what you’re really made of. Even if life would be quiet and smooth, sometimes it is still worthwhile to haunt — even deliberately — to have the opportunity to Express and experience yourself. Nischebrodstvo — another test of strength, the quest, life difficulty, which if desired can be turned into a game, and then you’ll be complaining and begin enthusiastically to pass the levels. We’ve done it before. Here’s the advice of seasoned rogue of life , like buying gifts, and even how to make cocktails without any cost.

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