Why Electra bike is the best purchase at any time of the year

Do not think us crazy. Buying a bike in winter is not a spontaneous idea, dictated by madness. There are many reasons that you should voice you to understand how our rational advice. So, we realize that in winter, especially not to drive (although that’s not entirely true — you can ride in the winter, tested on personal experience). Below we will try to allay your fears about buying a bike in the snow time of year.

A good bike is incredibly cool gift which 100% will appeal to everyone, no matter a boy, girl or child. It’s like a dream come true that will definitely be remembered for a lifetime. And in the case of Electra — it’s a surprise not one of those «well, next time will give you a kit to repair this big», but really thoughtful gift. Thanks to their free super services, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, storage and shipping.

On the practical side, to give the bike in the winter is complete madness, and you’re sure about this thought. After all the snow on it especially not to drive! But we have serious objections on this score. If you’re afraid to fall in the snow, then bear in mind that the drop is difficult, when you ride correctly — return without sharp movements and a good feel of the road. Besides the wheels of many models Electra had a good hold even on slippery surfaces. In fact, any difficulties riding is just an excuse to check yourself for strength. More fun to ride in the winter than in the summer. And that nice, much more spacious, no crowds of pedestrians who will be out of wheels.

So you understand that buying a Bicycle can be not only in the warm season. Now let us examine what kind of bike you should choose.

What bike to buy

The issue is complicated. First, you must understand who you’re giving the bike. Secondly, you should know why a person might need a bike. Thirdly, you need to understand your financial capabilities. These three factors will help choose the best option bike. Personally, we chose 5 models of Electra, which is perfect for conquering the urban jungle. About them good reviews and they cool collected. But will discuss each model in more detail.

Cruiser Straight 8

Let’s start with the classics, but not dull and glazed, and one that smacks of us being rude. Look at the pictures — this monster’s name is Cruiser Straight 8 or «eight». The design is inspired by the iconic American motorcycles 50-60-ies. But not only the look of the bike inspiring the hearts of men. This bike is technically perfect. Owners have reported excellent convenience due to the concern of the engineers on ergonomics of the bike. A super-comfortable fit and optimum power when pedaling, a wide wheel and the feeling that you’re king of the road.

Lux Cruiser Fat Tire

It’s a nice «tolstoty» is one of the hottest Cycling trends. Don’t be surprised the tires — they are and should be the same farbic. But the usual configuration, which is a modification of the mountain bike, it is distinguished by the fact that it is primarily a hell of a comfortable cruiser with landing in which you do not face fatigue and stress in the back or in the neck, not in your hands. If you try to ride on it, you will feel like floating on a cloud. Lux Cruiser Fat Tire is comfort in men’s understanding, so he was not ashamed to give to yourself or friends.

Townie Original

Another man’s bike, which is ideal for those who want to have a comfortable means of transportation around the city every day. What can you get from Townie Original? The perfect city bike for a good price. Practicality, convenience, and good speed for a good man.

Cruiser Lux

Don’t want to miss women. Besides, if you didn’t get a bike, who can give, not your best friend? So listen carefully. Your friend needs a bike to: a) keep yourself in shape; b) quick access to University and work; C) to enjoy the journey. All these advantages deserve to have the scales tipped in the direction of buying a bike.

If we talk about the classic version, you’d better buy Cruiser Lux. This comfortable bike which has a great selection of bright colors (are sure to find the favorite color of a friend).

Gypsy Cruiser

A very feminine bike, but without the extra vanilla. Just a good cruiser with a good dose of romance (responsible for her vivid floral ornament, a wicker basket and ribbons). Details make this bike unique in its kind. It is noticeably out of the entire lineup, but in the technical sense is not inferior to his countrymen. On Gypsy Cruiser you can ride in any form (in fact, as on other bikes), even in shoes, even sneakers. Don’t know about you, but the opportunity to drive a bike in dress is highly valued among our friends.

If we talk about Electra bikes in General, they are very popular not only domestic, but foreign. For example, iconic photographer Terry Richardson has his own bike Electra, and Zooey Deschanel (well, a good actress, seriously) too.

Electra bikes are widely regarded as the most comfortable in the world. And this is not populism, they are Flat Foot technology patented by the company Electra. They this technology terribly proud of, and not in vain. Thanks to him, the cyclist may use the full power of the bike without spending extra effort and never losing the feeling of comfort. Legs bend at the knees at the optimal angle, which radically changes the position of the body and enables better control of the drive. If you ride this bike for long hours, then you will not feel fatigue and any inconvenience.

But buying a bike should, not because he enjoyed some celebrity. It is better to operate by reason, and reason tells us that now there is a new campaignwhich will help you great save. Also, buying a bike, you can completely free to use super services from Electra (by the way, in terms of service Electra is the leader among all of the bike companies and not only), which will free you from any worries related to the bike.

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