Why don’t you like the sport and how to solve this problem

Say you don’t like to play sports? It’s not yours? As we’ll explain why. This is all about your terrible approach to the very concept of «sport». Just a disgrace! Here are the most typical mistakes and ways of their solution. If you listen, then after a month you and the treadmill will not just pull.

Don’t try to jog if you can’t walk

Many believe that the secret to a great sports figure is that from the very first day to begin to mock his own body. No matter what your physical shape: maybe you’re bold and beautiful, obscenely trishaw — all you need to do gradually. As they say, don’t try to run a hundred yards, if you throw out the lighter while Jogging. From what you obkakivayutsya surge on each training, the end result will not be beautiful.

Start with all possible loads: morning Jogging and push-UPS, buy your bike — in a word, accustom your heart muscle increasing loads. Of course, she was used to things for a long life together with you, but not to such mockeries. The new regime for the body is always stressful, even if it aims to benefit. The body has to get used to the new loads, otherwise it faces the opposite consequences. For a reason they say «keep it coming». Patience, my friend, and then there will be a guarantee that you will not undermine their health, and Vice versa — it will improve.

To recap. Don’t kill yourself on your first workout or the first week of workouts, or in the first month of training. To enter sporting life easily and without bullying, and then you will start to get pleasure from the sport.

Don’t mix and choose coach

Training — it’s not you evening of wine tasting: do not try to mix different types and different directions. Because it threatens a heart attack. No need to interfere with the rocking of the cross-fitom, athletics, karate and figure skating. It is very good that you’re interested in overclocking, but achieved it only to normal training.

Want to find your perfect workout, the perfect mode — start to deal with the coach. He will be your guide in the world of sport, will take you by the scruff and make it work where it is most needed, and the time to pull up what you don’t need. It is proved that the effectiveness of training under the guidance of much higher performances, especially in several disciplines at once. You don’t Badyuk and not Seagal, so pick one.

A normal person without a plan is not starting

A famous athlete Steven Curley told that for a long time could not achieve the desired result, because all of his training resembled the chaotic throwing of the projectile to the projectile. It gave him relief, but he wanted a hefty suit of armor with muscles.

That all changed when he made a workout plan. Process flooded, reliefs became steeper. First, if all goes according to plan, it is much easier to train yourself to discipline, second, the exercising plan, it is easier to track your progress. «This is the best motivation to feel and see that you have achieved something every time you have,» says Curley. Their achievements also need to be committed to then narcissists to meet their needs, looking at the timeline of their own achievements.

Never too late to start

Turn to our 46-year-old readers and to all who are older. It’s never too late to start exercise, ever. Read about one powerful man, started going to the gym at the age of 70 years, and I understand, dear friend, whatever your gastritis, your no puffy face, no beer gut, no crumbling under the weight of excess weight on joints will not mind if you suddenly start to follow him.

Don’t forget to consult with your doctor regarding what you can and what will cause the hernia to come out. And remember, a Mature man that way of life also need to change. In any case, semi-finished diet change certainly is.

To combat the Blues shake your routine

Imagine this situation: you’re 50, you have a 95% probability of blockage of blood vessels in your heart, two stents, and your disease of the coronary arteries giving you a choice of two ways: either to die happily, or to train. What will you choose? We thought so.

This story is absolutely real, so let’s not name names, it’s completely useless. Our hero was sent to a rehabilitation group, where he had at low speeds sluggish pace to wander on the treadmill and feel at ease. Was so bored that tired ache from impotence, after consultation with the doctor he got permission to use the pool (at least some diversity). And when the vessels had matured, he moved on to strength training. Too much stress was not, but 6 pounds he dropped.

It is a perfect demonstration that even in a disgusting physical condition, you need to add variety to a workout. Bored at the gym — do something else. Our «champion», for example, in 63 years of throwing the javelin. And definitely: for him, the sport is the meaning of life. And even now, it makes everything so workouts become more interesting and varied: 3 running sessions a week, 2 power, and Hiking every morning. People don’t realize that the muscles — the battery of the body that give us extra energy.

Find what you really like

Who told you that we should only go to the gym? We? Lying, and brazenly, if you say so. Because we always have a variety. Each person has their own preferences, which sometimes break through the veil of fashion. It is now fashionable to go to the gym. This case is great, but not necessary. Need to play sports, different sports. Maybe you should do martial arts? And body pump and you’ll be healthier, and to beat and hurt to learn. Or go for synchronized swimming: a fun, sporty and close to the girls? Seize the moment, while the men have not forbidden them to do.

The world’s a lot of sports. Wanted in childhood to become a musketeer, go to fencing, I love technology — go to the motorsports. It all depends on you and your decisions.

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