Why does everybody want to return 2007

manygoodtips.com_7.09.2016_SvZSmSxGAx7WoSubculture — the unfortunate victims of an ephemeral fashion, customs, time, and desire something new. They will sooner or later appear, attract attention, acquire a sickly layer of musical bands, whose singers dress up and sing in a characteristic manner, then reaches a peak and then go out of fashion, after which the «faithful followers» disappeared allocates their armor and run to wash off hair dye. How many of these subcultures were, what would be, would such a desire to break the nose, as firmly entrenched in the culture of emo. Massive emo came in the form of youngsters 13-16 years old, they first without asking asked for the image of anime-cosplayers, then this image came up with a subculture with without permission borrowed the name, and finally drove it under the name of the group that this popular subculture. And then the stereotypical black and pink hysteria, otrashenie bangs amocor, which, in fact, appeared in the ‘ 80s, and the crowd of emo teenagers who do not know what to do with it, uskoci, the status of Pedro martyrs and thought (probably songs) that all emo cut wrists. In fact, the essence of the directions perfectly in four lines explained Osip Mandelstam:We are waiting for death, as a fairy-tale wolf

But I’m afraid I’ll die before all

One who has a disturbing red mouth

The eye drops bangs.Then emo has sunk into Oblivion, if they had never existed. The hatred for him that United skinheads and Caucasians, ordinary citizens and masters of sports, has changed into nostalgia and condescending parental tone. Some still believe they have poisoned the middle of zero, but hell, it was the mid-noughties and that was enough very good fat and thought it was time to not love him. The era of the joy of discovery.

The phrase «give me back my 2007» appeared in the same public year in 2010, where former emo-kidy began to unite together to mourn about the old days. Although among them were children of ‘ 99 or 2000 years of birth. For many, it causes irritation, as it talks about the fact that «the USSR was better», although Dibrov promised for such words to be cut checkered. Clearly, any time of grace, which was well and happily in which childhood and youth so perceived. So, it is necessary to understand what it is.


After all, the common man, which men were United only the use of «blazer» and the IR port in the mythic 2007, remained a fragment of the heart. All who in 2007 was more than 13 years, there is something to remember. Not only because of the intoxicating youth, although then the grass really was greener. Just all the new and familiar today in that time only broke into the fashion. It seemed that the bad will never happen, it seemed that all the bad things behind. 2007 was not so anxious as the more colorful the 90s and even the beginning of the Millennium, he was prosperous, for which he and like regular folk.Almost 10 years have passed, and the cries of «give me back my 2007» began to have a real pleas for a kind of Russian «Summer of love of ’67», the era of nanowaste experiments. Perhaps it was singing Pink Floyd.

Life and money

If we talk about the economy, in 2007 (beginning of 2008) is the pre-crisis peak: the money is there, and the prices are low. From the fertile southern regions of the bread «brick» was worth 5 rubles, and public transportation. 70 rubles could go to a movie without any age limit completely on its own look at Gerard Buttler in his underwear and a cloak («300»), the last good movie about «spider-Man» with Tobey Maguire, and «alpha Dog», which is incredibly fashionable and has gained cruising speed Justin Timberlake watched the killing of the deceased a few months ago Anton Elchina.

It was a time when uzhratsya in a hundred was easy, because the symbol of the era — «Grape day», he asked for 50 rubles, «aika» only became fashionable. What’s there to eat, too, was not difficult, the Caesar salad did not cost 300 rubles, for the money you could eat sturgeon, and 1000 rubles are not even alone, and in company with someone.

The average salary was even lower than now, but you can buy more. For 30,000 rubles can quite well live without worrying about survival. Products and the communal cost is cheap. Petrol – about 13-15 rubles. The dollar was worth 23-24 ruble, Euro 33.

Russian tourists at that time already not awkward shifting from foot to foot in Turkish sand, and felt himself the rightful owner. Moreover, in addition to Egypt and Turkey, enjoy the stability of Russian tourists encroached on the countries, where the guests needed to gather more, the more that accumulate, the Russian tourist could, without fear of being included in the sanctions list. The sanctions did not particularly think, although the word is also consistently played on the TV, but was used against Iran. And everything seemed so far away.For business «fat zero» was a fairy tale. Relative tale, because even then it was difficult. But things like slot machines, the former an integral part of the urban surroundings, bringing a guaranteed income. The owners grew rich by leaps and bounds.

Those who business is not owned, sat in their offices, worked as a laborer in factories and it is not clear what was in the offices, without the fear of cuts and tomorrow. Although at that time already there are those who are being office plankton and became a corporate ethics are tired so that they last the money got high-speed Internet and proudly called himself a stranger and not everyone understood the label «freelancer». Yes, it is then many went on a free field with a free schedule of visits to the toilet and social networks.

And add to that much lower price on the property, when in Moscow it was possible to buy an apartment for 3 0000000 rubles, and add to that the lack of stupid laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol until 23:00 and no fear for the future and you’ll realize how fun the carnival was 2007.

Fashion and cultural Affairs

Poradi.s.ua_7.09.2016_2q52m5b0r1viuIt would seem that it was less than 10 years ago, but no mods were not all dressed as best they could, and most importantly — the way he wanted. The street had the same clipped, like SS officers, the bearded hipsters are the same shoes and clothing in different shades, then the contingent was much more colorful. Jeans on the streets were of different widths, ranging from wide bags, which according to legend went to the rappers, and finishing hosiery of the type oscache, especially in the proletarian areas and could beat. By the way, at that time, somehow always beat someone, and not just whiny black-and-pink-haired subculture, although many people beat their kicks, apparently, treating the process like hunting.

People in any rastamanskie suits with hoods are not surprising. People had money, so everyone wanted to show off, but in its own way. It turned out, to put it mildly, not always. The female half of the population worked much better.

After all, in 2007 there was a clear division between subculture with its own mores and customs. Not as clear as in the 90s, but in appearance it was possible to determine what you will do now is going to cry to death or beat. Although there have been skateboarders and BMX sulphur, from which it is unclear what to expect. It was full of people who were skateboarding, and they did it almost from mid-90s, but the ones that got together and did it in an adult, instilled fears better than parkour enthusiasts, which was then like dogs nerezanyh. Somehow, in 2007, in spite of their skinny jeans and sneakers, and shaggy heads, many have the erroneous Association with emo.


Those who couldn’t handle serious skateboard purchased, fingerskate — small Board with interchangeable wheels, but not for legs, and fingers. It was not the only strange pastime, was SOx — a cloth ball, stuffed full of God knows what. The purpose was to fill the ball as many times as possible. Unfortunately, the fun did not survive, and lasted perhaps until 2009. Although in the dark cells still lie dirty rag balls

and miniature skateboards.In 2007, the era of long queues pukey in the clubs, which took place including the smallest. Daily where passed a concert, after which people went to the nearest timber for a large pack of «leis», which cost about 40 rubles, and another drink of the year — sickening swill stable as the dye taste — Blazer. In essence, the drink is much more canonical than cheap «Aika» and all «Marty Rhea». Although someone more like powder half-baked «Ochakov» of the flask. Although why it was needed, if you could easily buy a 5 litre fool «Bagira» the whole company, and would be enough for the crackers, which the red price of 7 rubles.

And what a music stage suggested to treat the biased ear of youth? A large number of Russian music that flooded out of the garages and rehearsal of points as bees from a hive filled with smoke. Hysterical groups with the prefix «cor» and all in the spirit of the time, with philosophical lyrics about sadness, death, and unrequited love: «Stigmata», «Thin red thread», «Amatory», «SLOT», «Jane Air», «Lumen». Someone was there earlier, some later, but his anguished songs they got into the spirit of the time, noting a strange feature prosperous year for all wanted to show off and tired of wealth, to think of themselves suffering. So teenagers sitting in the yards, hysterically howling that they will not live to retirement like Sid and Nancy.

The alternative was from all the cracks, Stigmata burned September, giving rise to a resurrected and new force in our day meme. Already 5 years all smoke Sep, oblivious to the weeping killers. What a strange, but moronic time, but it is perfectly.

manygoodtips.com_7.09.2016_kxsDsaGpNxpSgNow, the concerts of these groups as a separate event, and in the good time and their performances were regular and constant as trips to school. How can you not start to listen? And then home to listen to Slipknot, kOyaN, Fall Out Boy, Asking Alexandria, and Lonely day of the Armenian folk group band. In the worst case, the people listened to Tokio Hotel.

Of course, there were people who went the other way. At that time as the burst and poured from the cornucopia of the Russian rappers. Basta, Centr, Guf is gaining popularity, although even in those good times had, what is called sound everywhere.

There were many people who literally listened to everything. There were those who after watching «the Lord of the rings» Goblin translation was fond of classic rock, and there were those who grieved over the death of Pavarotti.

But most of the way or otherwise listening to the absolute hit of Mika «Relax», he heard the peculiar singing of the Barbados protege of Jay-Z, Rihanna, whose hit «Umbrella» literally tore to pieces, followed from Timberlake and associate the word «Timberland» with the name of the rapper, not the shoes. Most people even know how does Gwen Stefani that doesn’t make her a good singer.

And then in the brain and the players of young people… by the Way, the players. When bought separately, once the music was listened to via smart phones… Oh Well, back to the young people who started to listen to all sorts of meat. Franz Ferdinand and an absolute hit of the year with the wonderful Klaxons album Myths of the Near Future. Importantly, in a series of all-songstress not to forget the main sufferer of 2007, the singer with the strange name Maxim. What a slag…

Automotive question

Now, if you’re 18, and you have «six» in the garage, then a condescending smile. Then the mother in 18 «six» in the garage, having a car was quite solid. You got status, you are looked upon as a celestial, and your bucket of bolts contemptuously called not «shit», and respectful… But also «shit». Although at that time, motorists younger University age were not uncommon, only I wasn’t looking at the car brand and its presence in principle, and the domestic auto industry was respected though, because it’s got wheels. Even among gaining the fashion of the scale were those who exploited domestic cars.

About this time began to be a movement of street racing, tuning, and then it became fashionable to tint the windshield and not be afraid to get a penalty. You could be fined 50 rubles for not wearing a seat belt, the penalty for journey on red light – 100 g

On mopeds and motorcycles you can drive without any rights, no one stopped.

Cell phones before they became smartphones

This was the era of variety, markedly different from each other in form and content phones. About the touch screen and the iPhone, of course, then I knew a few. Instead, they had a PDA with a stylus. Facilities were not so many, but the stylus is attached charm and seemed magical device than at the level of a magic wand.


All had conventional push-button phones, most popular among which was used by Nokia, which then release a new phone almost every two weeks; Sony Ericsson did a very stylish and comfortable devices; Samsung who are constantly experimenting with the design of the phones. This was the era of the firmware, when Siemens was given to your strange man that he taught him how to play a video. It was expensive, and easier to make than to buy a new one.Often they had to buy with it, but no one is particularly embarrassed. A large number of models are rarely delayed one button beast in the hands of more than a year. The measure of a good phone was the camera (even 4 megapixels) and MP3. From everywhere you can stumble upon a group of schoolchildren, who patiently kept the phones close each other, and pushing one song through the IR port. Most often, it was porn in a bad quality, but had no choice.

Life with a minimum of Internet

The Internet is gaining momentum in this country. For pictures on «Udaff.com» jokes on «Bash. org» free music «rabbits.no» clever thoughts on «LJ» sign only a few. At that time, and the computer was not in every family. Normal proletarian family would have a couple of TVs, haven’t called the «idiot box» looked «KVN» and «Comedy club», was happy and nobody could convince her that it’s not funny, especially people from the Internet who somehow funny jokes like «look, Morskie jivotnye!». Speaking of «albanska» language has begun to speak in 2010-2011’s, when it fell out of use. As always, all the time.


At this time began broadcasting 2X2 in the form in which we know it, but, of course, there are those who say that if he was better. First day of broadcast, when the viewer cable TV had the opportunity to watch «the Simpsons» and «family Guy» unlimited possibilities, not as before — a half-hour Ren-TV was marked by massive absences. There twisted such masterpieces as «the mighty Bush», on adjacent channel was Gameland and «A-OPE», old «A-operators» with good programs, which is very lacking. However, «Ren-TV»

was good, and you know why.


At that time there was neither WhatsApp nor Viber, only «ICQ» with the legendary Woosnam sound alert. «Vkontakte» together with «Classmates» appeared only a year ago and was not popular as actually Facebook. Was «ICQ», forums (Yes, in those days they were still sitting) and all wrote a gag on «Albany language». manygoodtips.com also was not only «learn» that could prepare the reader for the coming of perfection.

It was a horrible time, people looking for ads in Newspapers like «hand in hand», «Avito» was not thinking. High-speed Internet appeared in large cities somewhere in 2004, but to connect and to buy large quantities of computers are somewhere in the beginning of 2008-2009. The Internet was by cable, Wi-Fi routers, then very few people put home. Largely because the laptops were very expensive, and have all stood the system unit, whose Holy mission was to pull a third «Gothic». But if he will not burn while playing Crysis, then you can consider yourself the first kid in town with the object of jealous stares.

On the Internet, and indeed in the computer world was much less cattle and crayfish. It was much cleaner, and people most often communicate face-to-face than over the network. No censorship on the Internet, it still was not interesting to state, so you could call to catch pokemon in the temple indefinitely, the benefit of that at the time for such a call you looked like a moron.

Advanced users went with the pound the hard discs is very valuable and expensive. 3000 500 gigs was a lot in those days. More readily understood ultralarge stick. But at that time, such filth in our time, the minuscule 4 gig costs about 1600 rubles, so the flash drive could even give the date of birth. Although secretly everyone wanted the soap dish in 7 megapixels, some Samsung, Canon then rarely where you can meet. Was SLR, but people prefer to save for a car, than to give all his savings on a great camera. The townsfolk believed that the tiny digital soapbox is a step into the future, without thinking, in General, the quality of the pictures.

Can refund?

The era of markets, stacked in a pile 5-ruble coins and burned in «blazer» of September. The era when Putin was already 7 years old, but its no hurry to drop, loved him, and the idea that he will go bother the hearts of the people. All believed in their President, rather wanting to disappear the opposition than the ruling Cabinet. We never fought, about the Second Chechen forgotten. Ukraine shook the nerves of his prick carloanasap Yushchenko and Tymoshenko, but no one thought did not think about the war. Ukrainians still were brothers, but Verka Serduchka is not a folk singer. Then for us all around enemies, there pendosov geyropeytsev and all that now actively promoting our TV. It was quiet, wasn’t afraid to say or ReportNet something wrong, was some faith in the future. Can be work back 2007? Can get your keypad Nokia 6220, to include «Origami» and tense waiting for the old stable?

Well, there is no way.

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