Why do you want her to change

manygoodtips.com_13.02.2014_cxLwCG3dyMOB5Infidelity is easy to explain from a biological point of view, the reproduction — of the same instinct as hunger and the need for security. The male seeks to impregnate as many females are guaranteed to breed. As many offspring. Instincts are much more tenacious than morality, because they lie in our nature and not taught to us by society. Although… depending on how you look.

Sometimes the thought of treason is visiting you because of psychological, not biological reasons. It provokes not the animal nature, and the problems in the relationship with your friend — and here already you need to enable the analysis. Why do you actually want to change?

Even if you’re comfortable with your friend, you still can’t keep her faithful. What’s the problem? Is the other woman too good to to resist her? Or your friend has changed? Or are you just bored? Let’s think together.

Friend has ceased to be the priority

It pays no attention to you, does not stop you to cut or just says not ready to commit. Against this background, the girl in the office starts to seem very attractive to you.

Solution: you Have a feeling that she’s neglecting you? So tell me. Depending on her reaction (or lack thereof) to reconsider its desire to change or even her marital status.

You want to prove something about life in the old dog

Like you deeply for forty. For some reason, you are not good enough of a friend: you have to prove that other women like you, too. Want to test your strength and prove yourself, what else is listed on the market relations.

The solution: Role-playing, dude. You will not be surprised if your lovely girlfriend will find treason and rightfully throw you.

On the other side of the street the grass is greener

Many people think: «I Have a good friend, but I deserve the best, because I am the king!» The best is the enemy of the good, namely the search for the best make you looking for hot blondes in mini skirts.

Solution: If you want to be alone, be alone. If you want a relationship — in relationships. If you met a woman you’ll be happier you go. Just do not fool anyone else.

Other women pay attention to you

Many men do not understand that confidence in the current relationship makes them more attractive in the eyes of other women: confidence is liked by everyone. Maybe your family situation does not allow you to fall into despair and cheers.

The solution: Enjoy your attention, appreciate it, but don’t try to grow a big ego. In the end, look at you, just because you’re in a relationship. Tell your friend that you are eyeing up other and play together on it.

You become part of an insidious plan

Women’s competition is a terrible thing. If another woman sees you with a friend, which he considers less attractive than she is, she won’t wipe her nose. In most cases the game ends when a belligerent female is the goal. If you would even lead the eye in her direction, she feels she’s won.

Solution: If you’re happy with your girlfriend, don’t let a stranger manipulate you. Don’t pay attention to it, and you’ll be glad you ditched the beauty!

You think you’re not worth her

Sometimes you think you don’t deserve such happiness. This is the first sign has already taken place of infidelity and guilt. Or is it too fast has brought you to myself.

Solution: If you think she’s too good for you companies, the reason for such thoughts. You feel sorry for her? Discuss. Think she’s smarter or prettier than you? What’s the point to compare? Just be proud that you have it so good.

She doesn’t appreciate you

Girlfriend started to take you for granted all your efforts and gifts is now the default option. She often criticizes you, and less of praise, but the other woman says, you’re so sweet, you catch yourself on the fact that to you it is pleasant.

Solution: Tell her everything. Say she constantly complains about little things and does not notice your virtues. Tell me you’re not going to tolerate this behavior, and if she doesn’t change, you leave. If she will continue to misbehave, don’t go back on his words.

She blossomed

Your friend is not as attractive as before, and you start to look around. If you have gained weight and have podrosshaya, you have no right to complain. However, if you are in good shape, and on its background even whales look anorexic, most likely, you start to like other women.

Solution: you Have three options. You can walk away from it, to change or to tell her that it is time to begin to monitor themselves and to go to training.

You’re afraid of commitment

Sometimes a man can’t carry one thought about marriage and kids, but because he throws himself into the arms of another woman.

Solution: If it’s just about you, go to your friend and tell me you’re not ready for marriage and children. If it does not fit, probably won’t work.

Sometimes the problem is not even the girlfriend. Be honest with yourself and with her.