Why do you need to live at least a month in the country

manygoodtips.com_23.08.2016_rQZd6Ptc5jhZIDay after day goes by, and the author misses the village. Tiny houses with badly sagging Foundation and that ill-fitting fence adjacent to the palaces of expensive Italian brick. Clean air and breaks through the allotted 50 years ago, asphalt, grass on the sidewalks. Bath of rain water that stands in every yard, and all domestic animals like chickens, geese, goats running directly on the roadway. And all the neighbors know each other, the store sells vodka in debt, and cows graze right on the road.

The smell of freshly cut grass, fresh air and burned yard waste, mixed with pungent and heady scent of street toilets. And all of this rustic romance, hidden and conserved in the above form.

Such landscapes are typical for the villages, villages, hamlets, just suburbs and even small towns, which was last seen prosperity on the Day of harvest in 1977 year.

Of course, each such village, its appearance, its features, its level of prosperity: someone lost lustre; someone is gaining. Someone is lucky to be based at sea, and to the status of a city, and someone fully justifies insulting nickname X*Evo-Kukuyev. It all depends on the location and power. But in all these settlements is the same colour and space that is rarely seen in the city. This is a different Russia, and it should stay. And now we’ll prove to you why you should at least for a month to live in such conditions.

The best way to pump physically

Pay attention to the rural «Kuzmichi». All the puffing cheap cigarettes (because the range in the village shop is not large, «the white sea», «prima», «Optima», «Donskoy Tabak», «Peter the great» and yet all sorts of dangerous trash), all drink, but have considerable strength and endurance. Even drunk, picking in the Kostroma region, the blueberries, and submits it for yogurt «Danone», tougher than it sounds, what to speak of those who have a head on his shoulders. Come on, try waving a hatchet, to chop the wood, or worse, saw pogodovati. How long can you last? It seems that Pauline scatter from the slightest contact with his axe, but before they scattered, need to work hard. And to mow weeds? No, not electric scythe, and simple that I still need to sharpen. After 10 minutes of such operation of the hand-off, and nerves, because to mowing the grass normally does not always work.


The countryside is a kind of huge machine that is powered by physical force. Everything from digging the garden, and finishing the repair work is done manually, and usually with their hands. Of course, there is the tillers, and other units, much easier life. But, for greater effect it is better to do the old fashioned way, so to say «a La naturel» to get a taste of real life. You will not have to get it right first time, you will be annoyed, freaking out, convincing myself that tomorrow will go home, but when you start to work, you will experience a real rush, and will learn what is lacking in many — patience. And patience is the basis of discipline. At the same time, learn to respect labor.After a week in this mode you begin to understand why in the bath at 110 degrees, local please turn up the couples and vaunted athletes to fly, unable to stand and 5 minutes. Yes there is, they cut firewood already blown away, because this rocking chair is not taught.

Enjoy clean environment

manygoodtips.com_23.08.2016_Z80wcqbMzt6XiOf course, breathing the fumes of the manure, which is abundantly put on rustic beds not very useful, but this fragrance is not as persistent and ubiquitous as the stuff from car exhausts. Open the Windows and…silence and grace, and the air delicious. No crazy motorcyclists travelling on the road at 3am, motor roaring so that the walls are shaking.

And in the evening, you can see the stars, which is practically impossible in large cities. After waking up in the morning you can go directly to the vegetable garden where everything is fresh and clean. Use quantity per square meter pleasant. This is not some flavored pesticides and lubricated with paraffin wax apples, it is environmental friendly, worm-eaten and delicious (if you’re lucky) heavenly fruits.

And then, you can look in pet animals, pet a pig, Pat bull, and immediately their score to enjoy, not broken endless frosts and stimulating the growth of vaccinated meat.

Become strong and responsible economic Manager

In rural life there is a principle of «want — not want,» everything is based on the word «need». You need to plant cucumbers, which in a week will be too late. Need to chop and stack firewood, because the stove will be just nothing. Need to paint the bench and the door now, because then there will be no time. Need to go collect cherries until there is no heat to feed the cattle, otherwise peredohnet. And then, to repair the porch, simply because need, simply because you are already logged in, this rhythm, has become the economic and responsible. A normal household and a responsible person will not be long procrastinating.


There is an interesting observation, when I come from the countryside to urban cell, in the early days, by the will of habits, looking for what can be fixed and what to do. Start fussing to restore order in their Affairs and relate to your own tasks responsibly. Because you caught this worker-peasant drive, and try to somehow compensate for the lack of garden. Soon it goes, but teaches us to be more responsible and most importantly — the value of your time.

And yet, such a person is quite difficult to surprise or confuse. He’s practically ready for any unexpected case happens.

Get pleasure from the simple things

manygoodtips.com_23.08.2016_oHqbV8fU3ZFUmRural life brings a lot of pleasure. Sauna, fishing at dawn, hunting, good food just from the garden. Of course, city dweller these benefits are available, but in the village to treat this differently, and sensations, that is to say, a little different. Everything is much easier, it is not necessary to hurry, to plan anything out. Picked up and left. And bath no need to continue, if only wood enough.

And someone and peasant life can bring incomparable pleasure. Few of us, descendants of commoners, suddenly genes will have an effect, and want a quiet life, with its advantages and disadvantages.

Besides, the village is not so corrupting, it teaches to be content with the simple things and enjoy all sorts of pleasant things. Craving for material things, sharply weakened, because you know that there are other equally important things.

Learn reciprocity and feel the charm of neighborly communication

Unfortunately, people are becoming more and more callous to each other. The beauty of human companionship and mutual help — a thing almost forgotten. In the larger towns, the villages too, you can see that people are cold to each other. But it does not go to any comparison with the city. In small towns everyone knows each other and are ready to come to the rescue. Some woman Zina will be treated to apples. Just she freak Nemer, nowhere to go. So, most likely, she will ask you to harvest, but not for free.


And some uncle Grisha, puffing smelly cigarette, will help to repair the burnt wiring. Just so neighborly. Remained on the ground, this forgotten tradition to help neighbors. Well, where else in our day to learn reciprocity and good relations with people for nothing?

Learn to do everything with your hands

In this life all have to do with your hands. To build, to dig, to break, to beat. Can be in a remote taiga village to call a specialist, but why. The life, the atmosphere as if to push in order to do everything yourself. Over time you realize that it’s much safer and more convenient.

And, of course, all the skills sooner or later in life. A man who knows how to do something will never disappear, even if we are talking about collecting cucumbers. Rural life teaches you to be a diversified handyman, for people who are not able to distinguish the pliers from the pliers is a must.

Draw inspiration

Work.com.ua_23.08.2016_FvXwuaDjEPpX6The famous master of the description of rural life Vasily Shukshin would never have written his wonderful stories, not if he knew the material inside. The characters of «Sandro from Chegem» Fazil Iskander would not come out so colorful, do not know the writer of the ordinary inhabitants of mountain villages. Turgenev would not have written «notes of a hunter» if he were not a hunter and Pushkin in St. Michael were born good poetry. So if you chose the path of the Creator, then go into the wilderness, try to do it. In these places a different way of life, people’s different thoughts, surrounding you life sharply different from the urban, and most importantly — no one bothers. Not for nothing that writers and artists are still going to be inspired by the beauty of nature in small settlements. Works written in these conditions, which differ sharply from works written in the stuffy cities. Picturesque scenery is everywhere, where there are no large cities, even in those places where at first glance nothing good. Will live a week among the reed-beds of estuaries, and learn to see beauty even in muddy water and red West over an overgrown water.

Begin to understand the value of simple things


Potatoes, for example. It grows in the ground. In order for her to plant, you need to buy tubers plow the ground, and the like. To get it, you need to dig up the soil, allow to dry, and only then to cook. And so with all the fruits and vegetables. And even with livestock. Her need to feed, contain, and create conditions in which it was able to wait out the heat and fierce winter.

Simply put, rural life teaches us to understand the price of everything, from food to labour. You begin to understand what is behind a particular action that slate on the roof just behind, and life is not an endless parade of pleasure. Unfortunately not everyone understands this, but in vain, a knowledge of fine teaches of rudeness, ignorance and cheap Ponte.

To better understand the country in which you live

Finally, after talking with other, more simple and sincere people, looking at how and in what conditions there lives a huge part of the country, you begin to understand her better. All of these strange people, their thinking, behavior. Even begin to understand that this is absolutely normal hardworking people in the big city the bad people much more.

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