Why do you need a 3D printer


The era of 3D printers — so you can characterize this decade. Recently, the idea that you can print out a human body would have a reason to put you in a psychiatric hospital, and bind you hands so you didn’t poison society with his madness. About it might think only fiction, which, in addition, tell us the fable that the Apocalypse is near, a meteorite flies into the earth, and everything we have become robots that believe themselves to be. Who takes seriously? But, hell, one incredible thing after all became a reality. Today we can easily make out the weapons on the drawings, the loose on the Internet or, at least, the miniature Batman.

Still we perceive 3D printers as magic mug, designs that have come out of it, even if they are simple and primitive, but very soon these devices will become commonplace, if today did not. Buy them everyone can with a bit of digging, and as a result you will get not only a lot of fun, but also a good opportunity allowances to the basic salary.

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2016_EgtOwhLOvN2gBPRISM Mini is compact, sturdy, with a wide choice of settings and high-speed printing (200 mm/s). That is necessary if you want to get a quality 3D printer, which will not take up much space and easy to handle. A very pleasant price and high detail printing. Such a device is perfect for home use and for additional income. Uses a minimum of additional materials and time to create a piece generated by your imagination. That it can print? Well, what do you want? If you’re a fan of the glasses, decorative items, various gifts Mini PRISM would be the way. But this printer is suitable for creating models of houses.In General, before to advise you of a 3D printer will tell what is in them such cool.

Modern 3D-printer is a different perspective on production

We stand at the beginning of the next technical revolution which may undermine large financial conglomerates, factories, and various kinds of industrial magnates. 3D printers are able to reproduce the entire production process at home. Plants will go to rest when this world comes a better 3D printer. And that day is not far off, because even today there are a number of models that is capable of printing themselves. Think about it, a friend of ours, already exists the printer, which creates like — called the RepRap, but he’s not one of a kind. Someone once said that after a nuclear war survivors will be only cockroaches, rats and an infinite number of printers that will reproduce themselves.


iROBO 3D — quality domestic product on the market for 3D printers at an affordable price. In fact, is a versatile machine, which can easily compete with European counterparts. If we talk about specific benefits, then here they are: the typing accuracy, reliability, possibility of using different materials, price, and compactness.

The developers managed to achieve a good options in the printable area, despite the compact size of the device.

With iROBO 3D you don’t need to wait for warming up the table platform itself begins to heat as soon as you turn on the device. This device is perfect clamping design, there are fixed clamps, tough enough and wide springs on the bolts, they do calibrate the printing table is more accurate. And this printer can work even in the dark — lighting plot allows it.But we see not the apocalyptic picture of the future, and daylight, in which every single person on the planet will have the opportunity to live in full self. So, this is still far away, perhaps hundreds of years, but the beginning of the movement relates. Imagine that every detail of your house printed on a printer, each lamp, each Cutlery and a wardrobe. Crashed the circle in a period of violence and fun? To hell with it! Will print new!

Today, the overwhelming number of printers working with plastic (there are those who print organic). And plastic, as you know, the material itself is quite economical, unpretentious — except that he’s not lying on the road (although, of course, lying). It is logical to assume that every year the range of materials will only expand. For example, today there are printers that are created solely for gastronomic purposes — they print food, snacks, pizza. You can name several models: BeeHex, Nufood and Foodini. Progress does not stand still, why are we, of course, welcome.

Science, space and medicine

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2016_wrQRey296gYEHULTIMAKER 2 + — ideal for creating prototypes and models, if you want to get quality at the highest level. He 3D printer is originally from the Netherlands. Its main advantages are: accuracy, layer thickness 20 microns (thinnest layer among all MFI printer in the world, which gives incredibly accurate detail and smooth surface), print any materials and, of course, quality. It is advisable to remember «Block of Olson», which allows you to swap nozzles in a matter of minutes, varying the optimal thickness of the layer from 600 mm down to 20 microns. If you take this kit, you get four automatic nozzle is 0.25, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 mm. you can Also select an updated system for feeding plastic material, which simplifies the process of replacing the filament and provides optimal pressure on the filament during printing. Of course, there are other positive features of this printer, listing them for a long time, why limit ourselves to the most obvious: a simple and intuitive software, small weight and size, stylish, and modern design. And what can you say bad about the printer when it is even sold in Apple Store? However, only in some European countries, but still.A 3D printer is not only a new vision of production, but also a great help for medical and scientific spheres. These directions define humanity as such for the next thousand years. We need good medicine, because every day we face new and dangerous challenges of our nature, unknown viruses and even their own people. We need strong science to eliminate human problems such as overpopulation, hunger and HIV. A 3D printer may not a key element in the struggle for a bright future, but he already is helping us build it. How? Tell.

The space industry

C 2010 work on the application of 3D printing in microgravity and low gravity. Why do astronauts need? Well, think about it. Cargo volume is too valuable to use it for tools that you may need or may not need. But if the astronauts will be able to create these tools as needed, it solved quite a big problem space transportation.

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2016_MXBRryS1uwT6g Cheap 3D printer produced a huge field of printing 300h300h300 mm. Thus, Cheap3d V300 allows you to print anything big at the start, when with other printers, you would have had to suffer over the manufacture of each part. The unit itself has nice roots that are directly relevant to space. First Cheap3d V300 is designed for testing satellite units «lighthouse». Needed a quality machine which could work 100-200 hours on end, printing large and complex parts. Of course, such a «workhorse» could not be found, so I had to design such a printer yourself. Why this device, despite its price, really has a high reliability? The case in the original English print head, which is not clogged or broken. Also important is the kinematics, which works on the machine profile OpenBuilds V-slot — no need to grease or service, and it works quietly.If we talk about larger things, then NASA has in 2013 successfully tested the missile parts that were manufactured using additive technologies. And these tests were successful. It was no different from those that were made in the traditional way, except that the cost is much cheaper. NASA is also preparing to launch a 3D printer into space to the astronauts was the ability to create spare parts directly in orbit, instead of transporting them from Earth.


Sensation of 3D printing taking place not only in the West but in our country. For example, Russian scientists at the international Congress «Lasers and Photonics» presented a bio-printer that can print living organs of the human body (a simple tissue, cartilage and the like) the device allows to obtain large and stable areas of tissue that do not fall apart. The device uses the process of layer-by-layer printing of cells, thus it supports the structure alive and developing. As a consumable material, the printer may use any cells. For example, muscle stem or cartilage.

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2016_C9XMPWH1Mfug2Mcor ARKe is a serious tool in the creation of 3D models, especially if you are focused on the commercial aspect of this business and complete professionalism. What is the advantage of this device? The most important thing — it prints the model in color and in HD quality. That is, you get what you wanted when choosing the print model. Products that you get at ARKe, does not require any post-processing, with a realistic look and good durability. You can print without fear of toxic fumes and resins — the manufacturer took care of the environmental component of their offspring. So, you can print even in kindergartens, even in schools. From a technical point of view, ARKe does everything that you thought more on the project itself, and not on tuning up your 3D printer to control the printer very simple.Scientists themselves have proved the expediency of its creation. They are printed on 3D-printer ear cartilage children’s size, parts of the jaw, cranial bones, strips of muscle. Soon the ear was implanted under the skin of laboratory mice. Cartilage is retained, and it began to develop circulatory system.


manygoodtips.com_7.07.2016_Jm8uXnpuS5pylFORM 2 is a printer company Formlabs, uses no overlay layer of molten plastic, and the laser stereolithography object is formed by very thin layers of resin, photopolymerizable by the action of laser that provides extremely high print accuracy to 25 microns. As a result, the projects turn out very smooth and almost do not need further processing. This technology is perfect in cases when you need to create a small model with fine detail. Now FORM 2 is widely used in design industry, jewelry industry, dental and even plastic surgery. Opportunities for business development is huge. The printing process can be controlled from your smartphone, thanks to a special Wi-Fi module.Today is full of people who use 3D printing as a source of additional income. For example, my friend earns a great production «environment models», which are in great demand among fans of these table games like Warhammer for example. The primary audience gigantia, but he’s not complaining. There are, of course, and the more serious guys who devote their professional life with 3D printing. In fact, such people every year more, because the technology develops rapidly, not a week goes by, but already there is a novelty. For example, recently, the French company Rollen presented a new printer called Rollen Pam. How is it different from other 3D printers? The fact that he can simultaneously use up to four materials (thermoplastic, silicone, composite materials, metal). The printer is targeted at commercial use, allows you to heat the materials to a temperature of 350 degrees Celsius, which gives the opportunity to create a variety of models with different shapes and characteristics.

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