Why do you have to wear a hat

«Even if you walk down the street without pants, you have nothing to be ashamed of your ass if you were wearing a hat».The above quote is from the stunning film of Emir Kusturica «Arizona Dream» could not be better characterize this hat. Even with all the attempts to make the hat more affordable, it remains a solid headdress. But now the hat has gone underground and is less popular than Andrey Gubin. Fashion became much more democratic in comparison with 50-mi. We believe this is extremely unfair and tried to give some arguments why it should be worn, for example, the famous «hatters».

Is Mikhail Boyarsky, and the curtain for porous hair

A hat is not just a fashion accessory, but in addition, your loyal friend, partner and comrade. You know, ecology against humanity, thick hair as the stars of disco 70s, for many people the ultimate dream, increasingly head into concetrate. And the older we get, the more skin and less hair. What to do? Shave bald, as bald from Brazzers? Not everyone is fit. To wear a wig? Wigs worn by lawyers are gay from Louisiana. Hat. Only the hat. And Mikhail Gorbachev confirms this. After the role of a brave Gascon to perceive it without an elegant headdress has become difficult. However, in the world Mikhail Gorbachev prefers wide-brimmed hat.

Hat without Boyarsky, as Perpetum without Mobile, without Wi Fi, like a sober Ozzy Osbourne, as «high security Vacation» with Oscar – it can’t be. Mikhail Gorbachev, according to his confession, wears a hat as long as they do not rot. Although legends like the hat grows from the top of d’artagnan, and when ripe, it just falls off. Otherwise, explain the passion for this headgear difficult. Although the explanation is. Mikhail Gorbachev in the space under the bonnet has a sleek bald head. He especially does not hide, but not show, because without a hat, the top resembles a born Chicks. So remember, hat gracefully drape your the embarrassed place.

It’s solid

Who was like the legendary Belgian Hercule, Puerro, brilliantly played by David Suchet in the famous TV series, without his famous bowler hat and with such an elegant mustache? He was like an entertainer seedy cabaret. Or Otto von Bismarck. And in the headdress, even though it’s bowler hat, he looks very serious and important. Again, the quote from «Dreams of Arizona».

Or recall the famous cowboys. Not even Clint’s «Punishing squint» Eastwood, and two glorious cowboys of «Brokeback mountain». Who they are without the hats? The usual buggers. And with the hat in their appearance something severe.

It’s rude

Mick «Crocodile» Dundee warrants it. If you have the famous tamer of wild Australian cattle were not his tough as rhinoceros skin, hats, the image was devoid of any charm. And hat (of course, need a proper hat, a bowler hat, this will not work) becomes not only an echo in his dangerous profession. In fact, as in the case with Indiana Jones. Without his iconic hat, he was more like a historian than a desperate adventurer. And whip them with a leather jacket would hardly have saved him. This was particularly evident in the last film, where the aged hero Ford was more like a normal PE teacher, especially in the moments with uncovered head.

It is elegant

The world is not and may never be a man more than Frank Sinatra. As discussed in the life-affirming movie «Black cat, white cat»: «Elegant as a vampire». This man knew how even in a tuxedo feel amazingly free and natural. And complement his refined, exemplary and incredibly charismatic image of the famous Trilby. At that time, everybody wore hats, but not all were able to do it as Frank. By the way, he preferred not to be photographed without a hat and generally tried not to appear in public without his beloved headgear. Roles in films and concerts are different, in those days there were kind of forgotten now, the concept of respect for the audience and etiquette. It was considered inappropriate to shake hands with the person sitting and not Wake up. Well, God bless him, we’re talking about Sinatra, which is a suit and, of course, expensive hat, which was to face the musician, has made a fashion icon of those times.

From dirty head

Really, why wash your hair when you can hide skativshiesya pieces hair headdress. But we recommend to wash, otherwise it will turn into a zoo. Returning to the subject of hats, indeed, moments when for some reason, had not (anything can happen) wash the head, the hat can be saved. Anyway, Lemmy from «Motorhead» and kid Rock because of his lifestyle, most likely, just the same cover up dirty hair.

From the weather

For those who don’t like umbrella, but wants to keep the hairstyle intact, hat is the best option. Well, not only from rain, hot sun, too much use is no different. So the great Fellini almost always appeared on the set in the headdress.

Hides flaws

For a hat to care, to cherish as a personal monkey. Only then it will work for you, not against. Then you’ll look in it, not as a swindler and a drunkard from the stories of Mark TWAIN, and as the gangster of the prohibition era. By the way, half of these gangsters were uneducated, stupid cattle, and on the faces instead of smiles were to be found numerous ugly scars and thin lips. But hats, they looked more solid, and all these drawbacks have disappeared. Hat imposes a layer of solidity that is unimportant, you’re fat, skinny, crippled or even legless, able to speak or not. Very full and very brutal al Capone seemed to be in the hat more attractive. But this only applies to classic hats.

It’s mysterious

Hat leaves behind some kind of mystery about the man. The carrier feels more secure, more comfortable. It is like a barrier from unwanted people. And it is not about Zorro in his huge, as the wheel of BelAZ, a sombrero, and even the Raiden from Mortal Combat, with them everything is clear, them in his image hat need. We are about ordinary people in elegant hats. No wonder since ancient times, headgear was an element of carnival costume.

It is stylish

The headwear Association («Association hat») in 2011, recognized johnny Depp Hat person of the year. By the way, his character said a quote here that is listed under the title. A lover of hats of different styles: felt wide-brimmed, light straw, simple, classic or mischievous and bright – which just were not stylish johnny! But it is really stylish.

And surprisingly, in the movie, Depp played a lot of hat characters: John Dellinger from the film «johnny D» in a classic black hat and the Mad Hatter from «Alice in Wonderland». He, of course, to the boyar far, but the potential is there.

In life favorite Depp is without a doubt wide-brimmed hat. In it the actor often appears in public.

Hat highlights

Hat makes you recognizable. Look at our heroes: Boyarsky, Indiana Jones, Poirot. Remember Charlie Chaplin in a ridiculous bowler hat. Hat sharply distinguishes you from the crowd. So, if all the polls will again begin to wear this hat, it will become noticeable harder. But while you wear a hat or retired, or hipsters. So go for it.

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