Why do you have to start to learn English right now

manygoodtips.com_10.02.2015_ED6ccf35kD3a6No one person in the world haven’t prevented the additional skill. And if once the man was enough to be able to kindle a fire, to do and to escape from predators, in our days, such skills are not in demand (although will not be superfluous). Now, to survive and live in dignity, we need a few other skills, one of which is the knowledge of the English language.

Do not rush to think that you have this all right. Even if the school was a strict teacher (with a ruthless Russian pronunciation), and in the University he set off for someone else downloaded the abstract, this does not mean that you know English. Don’t limit your vocabulary with the phrase: «London is the capital of Great Britain,» because knowledge of English will be useful to you in many areas of life.

1. Career

Even if you get a job where English skills need not, by itself, the item «knowledge of a foreign language» on your resume increases the chances of getting a coveted post, and if you manage to prove yourself and show that knowledge – even better.

The employer often makes a choice in favor of the employee, which can easily lead international negotiations, business trips abroad and to understand foreign documents. All this assumes your development as a professional and provides career growth.

You can provide yourself an extra income by doing freelancing in their free time. Some thus manage to earn a good income and subsequently even quitting my day job.

Knowing many languages – means to have a lot of keys to one lock.


2. Culture

Here in the first place, we mean pop culture: books, movies and TV shows in the original. Sometimes even the most well-known translators change and distort the original meaning of the work. Word play, jokes and tone of the original much more. Well, abuse: at least remember how toothless we convey the meaning of the ambiguous phrase «fuck you». Some translations are really want to lie down and die. Whether it is the original. For example, the book by Chuck Palahniuk «Snuff» synonyms of the word «wanker» is untranslatable.

Knowing English, you can watch the new series of favorite TV series, without waiting, when will the voice with a nasal voice. Actually, sometimes even professional and high-quality translation spoils the film.

Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.

Rita Mae Brown

3. Travel

In countries where a lot of tourists, the staff is fluent in English is a rule. But what the hell they’re saying, and you’re not? Hence the terrible language barrier that does not allow you to understand what it is trying to offer or what the waiter says about the cultural traditions guide. So, in some countries, and understand in Russian, but you’re not going all the time to have a rest in Turkey and Egypt? Moreover, the set of well-known phrases like «how much is it?» and «where is the toilet» will not allow you to get acquainted with the indigenous people and native speakers. But such Dating is very useful: people can make for you a unique tour of the hot spots, see the sights, which are not included in the standard program, or just to suggest where to eat and properly organize your holiday.

Even better, if you manage to get a foreign friend to flirt native language is difficult, maybe English will be able to find the right words.

A different language is a different vision of life.

Federico Fellini

4. Social life

Of course, a passion for learning English will affect your everyday life. Read the manual for a new gadget, to write captions for publication in the next Instagram will be able to do without thinking. Moreover, a huge number of popular resource delivers us the content in English, the major economic forecasts or entertaining videos.

And if at first you will spend on the translation of articles for a few hours, then over time the text of any complexity will seem available and children’s. Borrowed words are no longer something wild, but rather, you’re going to use them often enough. You can forever distinguish between British and American English, selecting the one that is closest. You’ll know exactly what is written on your shirt and what is sung in your favorite foreign songs. In General, it will be more interesting, more sociable and more confident.

In the eyes of the soul is reflected. The language reflects society.

Jules Renard

How to teach English

And that you didn’t think that we have once again released a motivational article, go to practice. In fact, the article appeared due to the fact that some of the guys from our editorial staff have much to be ashamed that I know English at the level of the school curriculum. And so began the search for suitable ways of learning English.

I must say, the Internet is too many, we have reviewed several services and chose to italki.com. The first thing we like is the possibility free lessons and free choice of teachers. Want, take lessons from the severe bearded man, and want a cute English girl. Can learn the language on their own, and can find partners. In a word, learning English can be very interesting and exciting experience, not just a necessity. So do not hesitate and start to learn English right now.

If we spoke a different language, we would perceive the world a little differently.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

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