Why do you have to score on someone else’s opinion

manygoodtips.com_17.09.2014_X48dLod0CpUaGWe have a couple of times casually touched on this topic, but now decided to thoroughly develop. As the tendency to impose their personal opinion to others does not cease to grow. Even if not to take into account the mass propaganda type of fashion, you are surrounded by a lot of worms trying to chew into your space to inspire you a new idea. By the way, we are not those people whom you asked for advice: «we told you about the benefits of advice, do not forget that.

The world is headed manygoodtips.com does not tolerate Intrusive people, that is why we urge you to get rid of the annoying parasites. You don’t see any sense in this? So we will open your eyes, and you’ll understand why someone else’s opinion in any case should not bother you.

1. It’s not their life

But if it’s not their life, then it does not concern them. People have the right to think about anything, so let him think. No matter what you do, they will be unhappy with you.

If your friend is throwing tantrums and yelling at you as if you weren’t trying to change, it will still be dissatisfied with something. So tell her to spend all this energy on my life, not yours. You’re not going all the time to kowtow to someone? At least we hope so.

2. They don’t know

Only you know what you need to do to make you feel good. And the people who impose really don’t know what’s best for you. It is better to learn from their mistakes, stumble, and walk without a hat in the winter, but that’s your choice.

If you make a mistake, it will be only your fault and you continue to live with this. Even if you go the Parliament and still get burned, live with it again- you. And advisers will have spit in his life.

3. Their opinion is not objective

The problem is that these people trumpeting from their point of view. They first think: «I would have done so… and he should do the same.» This is the main problem. After all, what’s good for one person to another can be a fatal mistake.

He will tell you that it is garbage and not have to climb, and in fact, all may turn to you wonderful perspective. He doesn’t know what you need. Although it may know just intentionally leads you from this. Thus, envy is often found in humans.

4. This hinders you

If you always rely on the opinions of others, you greatly hinder my reunion with dream. Unnecessary thoughts and doubts can force you to abandon the point.

If you want to be unique, you have to do what can be acceptable to all. What now? To stop and ask every passer-by looked askance?

5. You’re going to sort

Actually, you clean up and take the consequences. Well, he is guilty. There was no need to listen to smart people who Express their opinion about the problem, but don’t know how to be with your life. They do not risk their lives, they substitute for reckoning your goals and dreams.

6. You have one life

You seem to know about this. Just isn’t it better to live this short life without worrying about someone else’s opinion. You have no idea what it means that kind of freedom. Maybe I should try? If anything, you can always resort to us in tears, we will comfort you and help advice.

7. Conclusion

The harsh truth: you can’t please everyone. We would even say we should not try to please everyone. There are native and favorite people, for which you should try, and, of course, you have you. For the sake of yourself first you live and what you do. Not for neighbors and friends. Not for the sake of the employees at work and other strangers. All this only for you. So you have the right without further prompts to build your life.

If you again run up religious fanatici that will offer to join their sect and impose their foundations, then walked them in the neck. Better yet, he start to push his message. Bay of scoundrels of the same weapon!

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