Why do you have to be in good shape to have success with women

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Over the past six months one of my bro got rid of ten kilos, because it has set itself such a goal. He had before that did not have any problems with women, what happened now?

Ten pounds — this figure. Serious. Until it is clearly visible tummy, this mediocre beer Zhivotovsky. And now he’s got killer abs and it is generally in great shape. We have said that for women it is important that you be in shape, and you care about what is important to them — of course, for your own selfish reasons. So, what happens if you suddenly lose weight? How will this affect your relationship with women?

1. Your confidence will soar to the heavens

When you look good, you also mentally feel better. We, men, are so arranged. If you look good and cool feeling, you radiate it from the inside. Your confidence will skyrocket and women around you will feel it.

2. You will be much more likely to pay attention

Women love to stare at hot guys, just the same as we love to stare at your hot friends. If you look good, women pay attention to you. They start looking at you in the hope that you will see and come to her to talk. In addition, when you looking a lot of women, you have to choose from.

3. Women themselves will approach you

It’s not so often when you approach. To her friends constantly need to approach, why it is so accepted. However, the magic: when you look good women, from time to time decide to approach you. Just last week this story took place with the same bro since the beginning of the text. We sat at the bar and we were approached by a friend. More precisely, it came: I was with her.

4. You’re going to have sex with would beabouta large number of women

This is obvious: when you’re good, you’re in great demand. If you’re attracted to girlfriend physically, this means that very close physical contact, you can not avoid. You will have much less try to get what they want. You will be allowed to make any more mistakes, the more you say stupid things, but it will continue to be interested in you because you look good.

5. Your business will go uphill

When you look good, you have all chances to become what is called a real ladies ‘ man. You will be forced to literally pump all your skills. You will always see — and you’ll have something to do with it. You’ll be more likely to socialize with girls and learn to do it much better.

*So, all these benefits are good only for the first time. If you look good, open your mouth and begin to fence some nonsense, you have nothing to save. A little nonsense is allowed. A lot of nonsense — sorry.

How to get in shape

I must say that I am not a personal trainer. It is trial and error, that’s how it seems from where I sit.

Press forged in the kitchen

I read about this on the Internet many times, we also have this text, but it’s hard to believe. Thousands of crunches will not give effect, checked on me. Will not bring certainly, if you don’t eat right.

Always hungry

What you eat and how you eat is of great importance. To make it easier to give up sugar (juices from packages, ice cream, sweets etc) and junk food (burgers, fries, chips, etc.). If you managed to give it up, you’re already half achieved the goal.

He spends all day in a state of mild hunger. It sounds extreme, but it’s much easier than counting calories and eat six times a day. I mean, who eats six times a day? Instead, just make sure there is a lot less. Do not starve, let it be three meals a day, but not fill. Then you’ll get used to it, the stomach will pull together, and you will become easier.

A simple tip to succeed: do not keep in the fridge of crap. If you’ve got smoked sausage, you’ll be with her sandwiches. If smoked sausage no, you’re not going to eat bread by itself. No such things, no spread and more hell knows what. So you stop snacking.

Do every day

This is logical, but here’s an inconvenient truth. Your goal is at least half an hour of training a day. To make it easier, do 150 push UPS and 150 squats — at least for now. You can do several approaches. Or at least before Breakfast. Such exercises will not take more than an hour, and it will be enough.

If you feel capable, you can train before dinner

If you really have power, why not. Remember that exercise alone without dieting (at least that which was discussed just above) is practically useless. Little food, no sugar and exercise. When you combine one with the other, you lose weight much faster. You can’t even imagine. About 20% exercise and 80% diet.

Exercise your brain

It is difficult to keep the motivation, I know, friend. Force yourself to want it, Wake up, and while wash, think about exercise, about what you do and how cool you’ll look after that. Exercise stimulates the production of endorphin (just like sex and food) so that I could get used to them.

Well, that’s all. Here’s five reasons and simple tips. Go ahead and try.

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