Why do you have to be able to speak the truth

You are cheating people every day. How do we know this? Judged on its own, because cheating is something that deals with people every hour. And clearly, most of the lie has a selfish soil. People cheat on each other with the best of intentions, and often does unconsciously. It’s funny, but people are fooling themselves.


Remember how many times you told yourself: «I’ll Do it tomorrow, today I have no time for this!». But tomorrow, you’re not gonna do anything, and you have a lot, you’d just waste it on forcing social networks. If you take human as a species, it is a hell deceitful creature. Biologists call this as an evolutionary advantage, but today the lie is detrimental to live than it helps. It must be kept at a distance and here’s why.

The remnants of conscience

It seems funny but one of the reasons to stop lying to yourself and your family — your own conscience or what was left of it. Somehow your body and mind hit the mood of the rusty chain when you start to lie. The more you lie, the less feel it, but about a complete loss of this prick of conscience you can not imagine — this only happens in psychopaths, whose emotional sensations frozen by the desire to cause others pain.

Layers of lies

We think that the conscience didn’t stop you, you lied, but what’s next? If the lie is minor and insignificant, nothing. Most likely, you can forget about it. But what if the lie about something important? In this case, the influence of lies spread far beyond the limits of your competence, it will begin to live your life and change the fate of others.

And to preserve her life, you’ll have even more to lie to pump its resources to support this lie. At some point it will become so big that begins to dictate its own terms. You will remember the time when you were able to fix something, and now too late to retreat, you will have to become a slave of its deception, to the house of cards continued to stand on. But in the end all will be revealed.

Inability to lie

But there are more mundane reason not to lie. It is very primitive, but if you understand our view, you’ll look stupid when you lie. The reason is that you can’t lie. Most people are not trained in this art. Today to spot a lie very easily. We have long been aware of how people cheat policy (see video), because they are masters of their craft — the real actors who train for years to achieve his position.

Where are we up to them? Especially when it comes to a personal relationship with a man who every night sleeps next to me. We so well know each other, see what lies afar. Here’s the friend begins to speak, and we understand that now it is something fishy. A friend understands you. With friends of the same. With strangers is smaller, but they are able to recognize a lie, or rather, to feel it. When you are caught in a lie, you lose face, reputation and respect. Then why be substituted?

Loss of confidence

Continuing the logical chain. So you lied. Makes no difference what the topic is, but you get one — the loss of trust. What it means to trust in the modern world? Many are convinced that nothing, after all, «all about money». But any money starts with trust and nothing else. Reputation is important in the work of every man, and even the business and say nothing. If you look at the biographies of successful businessmen, they are only those people who have huge capital of trust from customers and partners, and from competitors. Any cheating may cause your downfall in a professional environment. This is especially important for those who work in the freelance. If a freelancer cheated customers once and got only one negative review, then this review would cost him very, very much.

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