Why do women like assholes


Dude, you anyway it happens: you probably ever in your life wondered what reason stunning beauty meets with a complete jerk from the category of primitive people, for which the most suitable pastime is to dance around the fire, causing rain. And so you looked at this picture and thought, «well, What she see in him?» Let’s think about this together.

Cute guys are always hard to understand why girlfriends prefer folks like them are outright assholes. Good dudes think that they are cute, that’s all: any girl will make a choice in their favor, unless she has a special weakness for monsters. But the problem is not in how you’re sweet, but how do you use.

A lot of guys are a cute behavior as a cover for their own insecurities. In fact, these dudes are ruining not their good manners, and a lack of confidence and even swagger. Often men rush into extremes: they are either raging idiots, or sugary-sweet. But then there is the middle, the very middle, which women like.

What is the problem

In the XXI century, and outside men and women look very civilized. Humanity behind thousands of years of evolution separating it from the ancient times of hunting and gathering. Nevertheless, we are still choosing partners, guided, even unconsciously, our original nature. Men searching for a full-chested women with wide hips not because they are so important figure, but because subconsciously they are choosing the future mother of his offspring. Women, in turn, choose a strong and confident men, because on an intuitive level looking for protection, namely a strong man could provide protection in a primitive society.

And what would you do skinny guys? To die alone? To turn into a pile of muscles? Fortunately for them, no. In our days the physical strength ceased to be women in the first place, but it is very important for them the moral character of men. So you don’t have to be Tarzan to win a woman — just be confident dude. Fortunately, this is achievable. So, what can you do turds and often not able to do normal bro?

To make decisions. So, in modern society, in a pair of equal partners. And, of course, a man should respect a woman’s point of view, and the couple needs to decide together. But many men see this as a equality of a loophole in order to stay away from decision-making. The guy often doesn’t want to seem sexist and flows into the extreme, shifting all the problems on the shoulders of his girlfriend. No matter how your girlfriend is emancipated, she does not want to be the man. Trust me, she doesn’t want to be responsible for everything. She wants you too make decisions. One of the reasons why girls often choose freaks, that’s what these guys are able to make decisions.

To be ambitious. In primitive times women tried to get the alpha male, because such men could better provide for his family. You don’t need to prove to my girlfriend that you can do it, but you have to show her that you at least have a goal and work to achieve it. Many men think women are interested in their career because they want more money. But it’s not about how many shoes your wife will be able to buy with that money, and how secure she will feel. Every woman wants to be cared for.

To be able something. Women like it when you are interested in something, is something we can. It’s not about how to collect figures of the characters of «Star wars» with the «kinder surprise». But to understand the music and burn him CDs with the fact that she really will like it — it is. Or, for example, to get involved in carpentry and to ply her with a couple of chairs.

You can play sports, cook, be a volunteer or an excellent photographer and it will make you attractive in the eyes of your second half. Not only will she consider you unique, but will boast your achievements to your friends: «Oh, you’re sitting on a chair that made my boyfriend» «You have not tried yet as he prepares burgers». Remember, it’s important for her to respect you men admired you and women.

Be confident in the relationship. A woman likes to feel that you could have chosen anyone but he chose her. So it won’t even allow the thought that you yourself don’t understand why you’re with her. Never act stunned when she agrees to a second date or something like that. No need to constantly repeat that you were afraid of failure that you didn’t dare approach her, you think she won’t pay attention to you. No need to repeat endlessly that you’re afraid to lose her.

But don’t think that do not need to Express their feelings. For example, you can say how you’re glad that your paths crossed that you’re happy she came into your life. But, please, don’t say anything stupid like «how happy I am that you pay attention to me». Feel the difference? Always act like you were sure that she would tell you «Yes» from the very beginning. Like you ever doubted it. Be self-confident.

Be at peace with yourself. This could substitute you almost all of the above. You don’t have to be an alpha male, but women like due to the fact that you’re comfortable to be yourself. If you’re a homebody, don’t be shy. If you are the adventurous type, you act like it makes you the coolest dude in the room. Just be confident and harmonious. You’re you, and you have a choice: enjoy yourself.

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