Why do people have to walk to the theater

We are very saddened by the fact that some representatives of a strong half of mankind ignore the theatre, Opera, ballet, operetta, considering the entertainment is boring and not brutal. Though actually brutal enough to afford such statements. This is primarily an art, not obscure the text of Opera arias, sticks out of Jersey… male sexual bondage and faces of actors who have decided to earn more and on the stage. In the theater, it’s perfect! We will now explain why.

The sacredness of the moment

The most popular, and according to Vladimir Ilyich, and still the most important art for us is cinema. Well, how can we argue, how can you compare the degree of influence of the cinema and the theater of the human soul? The theatre has not been everyone, but everyone watched in my life at least a dozen films. All because of the cinematography (it is the «Cinématographe») there is one huge, gigantic size advantage is convenience and accessibility. Movie download and watch lying on the couch, and to the ballet or Opera need to get up, get dressed and go exactly to the day, at a time when the designated. Of course, you can see a theatrical production of records, but who will do it? Except that avid theater-goers.

«So why go to this theatre?» – you ask, whiling away the time for this article, waiting for download «Survived».

Because the theatre is a celebration, a ritual, starting with research posters, read reviews, and ending with a number from the wardrobe. Theatre requires sacrifice, such as time and competent approach to the look. Would like to find a reason to dress up in a jacket.

Going to the movies was like a normal trip to the Mall. Most often, these two are certainly important places naveeda in one day. Smelling of popcorn cinema, motley a motley crowd of students, noise, DIN, bustle… And the theater is quite another. The visitors, feeling the magic and importance of the moment, for the time transformed from trashy rednecks to educated and intelligent people. So dress up, how to dress only for the wedding, and even behave more cautiously. Its atmosphere, its nature, the smell of the scenes, and the pageantry of the stage and the auditorium. Even in lousy Philharmonic godforsaken town in the auditorium hanging purchased under Stalin chandelier.

Beautiful Bohemian hangout, attempts at smart talk about directing and the acting profession, a glass of champagne at the buffet, viewing of the gallery of portraits in the foyer – all this entertainment that brings the average person the world of beauty. Every such minutes can feel like a real connoisseur of art. The man escaped from life, work and obligations, tries on a new role and feels different, opens up new facets of his character, gets pleasure from the fact that elementary broadens the mind.

The theatre must be treated as tasting a good wine, that is not just tilting a glass and look at the color, aroma, feel the delicate notes and then swallow. And while you’re savoring this strange ritual, you will feel that looking at art and at life differently.

Once the theatre was available to few, only the elite. The question here is not the cost of the ticket, and that badly dressed audience there simply were not allowed.

It is believed that the theatre now remained elitist, although in reality he just lost a viewer and no longer play the role that was earlier. In the days of the great country ballet, Opera, operetta and theatrical productions were shown on national television, and every farmer, was elected on a business trip to the big city, thought it his duty to see the beauty that the matter show on TV. Artists classical genres and knew the names of, and the skill of the dancers admired no less than a modern dance show. It’s No wonder Vizbor sneered: «And in the field of ballet we ahead of a planet of all!» But even in that time around it felt intense the flavour of elitism. The theater arts were regarded with great awe.

Maybe people just stopped counting the performances spectacular? Action not enough? Apparently, gone are the days when because of the wrong setting could break out a war.

Live game

However, the main emotions give no entourage, and the actors. This begs another comparison with the film. Do not think that we are trying to convince you that the theatre, Opera or ballet best movie. No, it’s a little different. Movie – art synthetic. There is nothing offensive, it means that it is connected to various types of artistic expression: theatre, music, etc. But to compare them is like compare a live performance of good musicians with their Studio recording. Completely different emotions. Good musicians on stage, more relaxed, and every time supply of the same material looks different. Boring song recorded to score the album, due to shamanic dance singer, taken from the astral channel of the lead guitarist and torn emotions voices may seem real masterpiece. Loves to play like the good old gang from the USA Fleetwood Mac.

And in the theater all the same. The actor no room for error, ballerinas and singers, too. They have no right to take, they have no right to forget the text, to give less emotion. The movie has a few takes, and after shooting of an episode of the artist locked in his trailer. Here 2 hours do you mean, literally naked before the audience. Burning a mixture of talent and nerves tearing the inside like a bomb and the actor gives all the emotions that they are required. Playing live is you don’t write articles. Live game requires maximum impact and professionalism, and to look at the professional actor’s workshop is the best reward for those tired of public rudeness of the soul. Therefore, in our country, in Europe, the real actors, famous actors, actors aktirovki that life is put in the nerves and health on the acquisition of this incredibly complex and bassiliades craft, not leaving the theater, being able to live comfortably on the royalties from the movies, because the actor needs to develop and improve a real theater, the stage is always a challenge. A movie given such a possibility is not always. But certainly not because of the poverty wages they spend time in the theater.

Live playing is live playing. No matter you went to the show of the master of the stage, decided to take a listen to the Vienna Opera, or look at the independent theatre, where young actors playing his own written performance. Important and griseldas like a tick under the skin, the emotion that unites the artist and the viewer. You’re worried everything’s the same anxious and exciting as many years ago, you were worried, looking at the death of another owner, «Commissioner Rex».


Disgusting, but this fact out of context is impossible. The theater has a snack bar, and a dried up sandwich, hastily thrown in the intermission, it seems surprisingly tasty, as the memorial soup. Maybe you even have a soup will draw in the temple of art?

Romance Dating

To take your girlfriend to the pizza place, eat from the belly, take her to a movie, and then in their ramshackle housing is romantic. It’s sad, it’s disgusting, it’s corny. In your way stands at the entrance of a young man with a single rose romance more than if you had relied on borrowed «Priora» and loudly whistled his «Queen». In the theatre everything is beautiful, romantic and lovely. Even if the stage show another dreadful modern staging of old classics. A ticket to the ballet, according to Igor Korneluk, makes more of an impression than going random.

Tell you a secret that the crowd of young women are not averse to look at the living Khabensky, to find out why so much noise around the «Aida» and «Swan lake.» In the end, enlighten. Any normal girl should know that «Spartacus» is not only a football club, but also the Bolshoi ballet under the great music of Khachaturian. And that melody she had heard in advertising, written by the great Prokofiev. If you do not know, it does not give birth, do not. And so have people.

When the shrill Aria of Judas from «Jesus Christ Superstar» or vortex weightless movements under dank melody hits her head, she begins to look at you differently, think: «How good that you like this».

Oh yeah, your lady would be a nice excuse to finally wear that dress, and those nice shoes. Sometimes it is very amusing to watch old ladies, who, leaning on his silver-haired gentlemen, change winter boots on high heels. And the young ladies want to show off no less.


All modern music left to us from folklore and the classics. In the words of Ritchie Blackmore, «the Renaissance is much closer to folk rock than any other music.» So do not shun to go to the Philharmonic and musical theatres, listen to the big bands, range of bands (from those who play classical music, experimental). Call to plagiarism – extreme meanness, but, as they say, all creative ideas are in the air, just enough to lend them your hand.

We already wrote that the live game is totally different. Some moments look and sound quite different and is able to push on inspiration. Musicians and dancers just need to observe the acts of classical art for self-improvement, for digging and ideas. It’s not plagiarism, but inspiration’s sake.

You’re creative people, you just need a fresh bare emotions to create his own. Notice that people from different genres of art very often overlap and inspired by the craft of each other.


Theatre is not just entertainment, it’s kind of a school. A school that introduces a simple layman with high art, teaches, educates. At best, and purifies the soul. Indeed, a sincere emotion if forced inside to be reborn, and the tragedy that is happening on the stage – to look at life a little differently, in a different way, especially when the Director looks at the well-known story from a completely unexpected angle. Sometimes it turns into a farce, but even he is interesting and has the right to life.

The person who really enjoys visiting the theater, looking wider. He knows the classics and the modern world, which means he knows almost everything. For that matter, the classical formulation saves time reading the book. This is extra knowledge that will help you to stand out.

We, in spite of his brilliant mind, used to live like emotions and instincts. Strong emotions contribute to the degeneration and transformation of the views. Though one person once told me that you don’t go to the theater, because for a long time communicates with the actor, who told him about the inner workings of theatrical focus. The scandals, intrigues, envy, as these people can watch? But here it is that the scene reproduces the internal atmosphere of the team, and the Director’s intention. In the end, do your staff peace and quiet?

I have many friends from the theatre environment. And looking at the stage, I don’t recognize them, they change, show that does not compare with their real life. They taught me a lot: not only because, as you can snack on cheap vodka «Choco-pie» and melted cheese, but the fact that the human gut is extremely unpredictable – it is always necessary to expect the unexpected, and that each person has a talent that is seemingly hard to see. You look at the artists, the stage Director, see that the symbiosis of artistic vision and the subtle psychology is ready to produce terrible and simultaneously a beautiful edifice, and we are tempted to study it thoroughly.

Those who say that the theatre is expensive, I want to offer to save on the beer and pay attention to the local temples of the arts.» Maybe they don’t have worldwide recognition but this does not mean that they have no talent. So many young and talented actors mired in provincial theatres, look at them, they need your attention!

If you despise the local company and only go on tour visiting stars, do not be stingy once a month to spend 2,000 rubles. Book in advance to beat the choicest tickets on the adequate place. Art now expensive, but not enough to ignore it. So the full price is a silly excuse.

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