Why do people eat chips?


We are also interested in this issue, though to answer it can anyone for fun. Why do people eat for pleasure — that’s the real question!

American Chemical Society (American society of chemistry) at the meeting, which was held on April 11, tried to sort out this problem.

To study the problem, scientists chose the chips, after all, it is the food that consume just for fun. Feast on the chips is unreal!

Scientists took rats smarter and divided them into two groups. The first group was allowed to eat only chips and the second chips, and other different food, and this food was unlimited. I chose the rat? Right, chips. During absorption chips the rat brain was scanned using MRI. It turned out that the absorption of the chips stimulates the pleasure center of the game, different food and physical activity. Now scientists are actively searching for the substance that in excess is contained in the chips except for the usual fats and carbohydrates. Perhaps they will develop the antidote of eating for pleasure. Personally, we already know, is called «will power».

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