Why do men not want to marry

manygoodtips.com_3.09.2014_7GCoOvplfGgzHMarriage. Our pledge from the majority all men that we are tired of this word! We are tired of the fact that we impose. While we are trying to make a career, make new friends and establish a good side in a new city, we are burdened by this looming inevitability. It’s inevitable, isn’t it? We’re going sooner or later to marry. Really?

Every woman refuses to admit that thoughts about the wedding, constantly on her mind. Though she sits on your shoulder like a damn parrot and you hear this constant beeping in my ears: «Wedding! Wedding! Wedding. She constantly reminds you about it.

It is scientifically proven that men not ready for marriage even at the age of 43 and women ready to run down the aisle before 32 years. The difference between us is 11 years old, so the problem is not the guys, it’s not our fault that all that happened. Just women Mature faster and it for anybody not a secret. 48 percent of women marry at the age from 18 to 32 years. Maybe that’s why young girls attracted to old men?

Overall statistics the number of marriages shows that older people played weddings more often than we do, and all because they trusted their partners. Only 19 percent of couples today trust each other. At the same time, more than 40 percent of older people trust their wives. It turns out the problem is that over time we just lost trust in each other?

There are other reasons through which we are in no hurry to marry. Don’t worry, you will have a list of reasonable excuses for your friend. In fact, the reason is not you, you’re just a victim of circumstances.

1. Money

So, a friend will require you a big wedding with all sorts of newfangled creation and sound. but where to take money? You’ll plow more than one year and the romantic who once hid inside you, no longer make themselves felt. You’ll be very busy working, before you tried to friend you wanted to give her the wedding of her dreams.

Now you ate a life, you save on everything to put an extra penny on the occasion. You’ve lost what feels good, now my head is only money. If she wants this fucking stamp on my passport and a ring on her finger, she’ll agree to pretty modest without looking and pointless fireworks and dress for a hundred Grand.

2. Housing

You still live with your parents and therefore it, too. How would you each other did not like, never (!) don’t start life together with their parents. Better remove the apartment away from the city center, but be together.

36 percent of children still live with their parents. And it’s not our fault, as we have said, the recession has touched everyone. We have nowhere to bring his girlfriend, of course because of this, the wedding has been postponed, as not everyone has parents who can give his son an apartment or a house.

3. Fear

We’re often compared to children and for good reason. Children, mortgages, divorce. Really, who wouldn’t? We heard enough horror stories about it since childhood and now waiting for the danger that lurks around the corner. The problem is that we grew up in a generation that was surrounded by divorce adults. We are afraid to start a family, and then go away, as once our parents or parents friends.

Girls are somehow more gullible in this regard. They believe that their family will not fall apart and they with her husband and children will always be happy. We’re thinking ahead. Not the fact that it is right in this case, maybe sometimes I should give myself a weakness?

All the facts and statistics indicate that the problem is not that we’re his price or ever want to tie the knot with the girl good to us and with which we together for a long time. Just as we live the fear that laid in childhood, we don’t want to be wrong and we don’t have to rush. It remains only to clearly explain it to a friend.

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