Why do guys have to move

sportThe thirst for activity — is the first sign men, one might even say, instinct. Primitive men have used their bodies throughout the day: they built, hunted, danced, fought, was hunting and gathering.

For modern men, these classes have gone, all this diversity was replaced by one thing, namely sitting on the chair. Many of us spend almost twelve hours a day. We sit at the table for Breakfast, then sit in the car on the way to work, then the whole day I sit at work, sit on the way home, and in the evening sit in front of the TV or computer at home. The next morning the cycle repeats.

Seat is the epitome of modern passive lifestyle. It slowly kills your body harms the cardiovascular system, prevents burn calories, reduces the efficiency of insulin, increases the risk of developing diabetes. When you sit, your muscles are slowly dying.

Excessive sitting is an activity which threatens a fatal outcome. This is not a joke. The risk of early death among men who for six hours of their free time sitting, increases by 20% in comparison with those who sit at least three hours of free time. When you sit a lot, you’re reducing your life for a few years (and indeed, you lose a few years, because I just sit on my ass). Men who sit more than 23 hours per week, 64% will increase your chances to die from heart disease.

When you sit, you kill not only your body, but also the man himself.

Born to run

Our bodies are ideal for movement. We have muscle. We have bones. If our body was not designed to move, we’d look like something else. For example, like balloons, like jelly, or like plants with roots.

Moreover, our bodies are designed to move quickly and for a long time.

What scientists think that? It’s easy to read our anatomy. If we were just supposed to go, we wouldn’t be having Achilles tendon and developed gluteal muscles necessary for rapid movement. What’s the evolutionary advantage of our ability for a long time, but not very fast to run?

Long and hard hunting. Primitive tribes, hunting, running after animals until, until it fell down, literally dying from exhaustion. A man could spend hours to run and didn’t overheat — that’s the evolutionary advantage of our physique.

Women, too, participated in such a hunt, though more often, the greater was the distance: women are by nature more resilient. However, the nature has disposed so that all the hard work and hunting, however, rests on the shoulders of men. Perhaps the fact that women are worse than sweat, so their body heat below. Women had often to sit in the shade, while men are not overheated and continued to chase prey.

So, man was born to run. When you start to run, he was convinced of this. Our hands were made to grab, pull and push, lift and carry.

How a sedentary lifestyle is killing you man

Since we were born for movement, the sedentary life can not go unnoticed, not only for our body but also our spirit. Let’s look at some of the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.


When a person is immersed in depression, he feels anger, apathy and lack of motivation. We often think that depression is to blame our brains, however, it should first blame our body.

It is designed for motion, while passive seat to the day, as we have said, is equivalent to holding in reserve of a trained fighter. Natural consequences for this behavior — depression, anxiety.

Everyone who often engages in physical activity, familiar with the phenomenon of runner’s euphoria. Wikipedia defines it as «as much lift, similar to a slight intoxication that are observed in athletes in endurance sports during long-term physical activity, which increases resistance to pain and fatigue».

Nice, I guess. You can feel truly alive, not getting a regular dose of this euphoria? It is not surprising that sport equates to antidepressants.


I’ve seen men who are afraid to go forward in life, because we suffer from stress and anxiety. When they were overtaken by failure, they simply curl up on the couch in the fetal position. Often these people are trying to deal with my anxiety, but to no avail. They share one thing: their lives with little physical activity. It’s not a coincidence. Even rats that are regularly engaged in physical exercises, exhibit bofgreat stress.

Physical exercises are better than any sedative. Studies have shown that sports increases the level of endocannabinoids that are responsible for pleasure and decrease pain — that their synthesis is stimulated by marijuana use. It turns out, the sport even better than marijuana because it has no side effects.


Men who have physical activity are more confident, because they are happier, more relaxed and calmer. Besides, they are much more comfortable feel in your body, because it is in good shape. Probably the main reason for confidence sports dudes is that they deliberately aimed to cause yourself physical discomfort and learning to deal with it.

Behavior slimming people always transformirovalsya according to the General scheme. First, the fat kid hates exercise and coaches who always wants to eat, gets mad, throws, because it is not able to handle the load. Then, if you’re lucky, begins to try again. When a person starts a new way to eat and exercise, it is unusual, it’s unbearable, it is a shock to the system. So we go out of our comfort zone, where we’ve never been hurt, where we were surrounded only comfort.

For men it is important to know your physical abilities and boundaries and understand that he is able to endure. Running has tested our limits, learn to tolerate and instead gives us a great shape. Confidence increases when you know that you can overcome obstacles.


And finally, here it is, the whole point of the question. Very important for men thing testosterone. It is in both men and women, but in men it is many times more. Thanks to him we have chest and facial hair, low voice and large muscles — in short, man makes us testosterone. He is responsible not only for our appearance but for our male character. The lack of testosterone may cause depression and anxiety, to deprive us of the inherent male drive.

Average testosterone levels per capita of the male population has been steadily declining over the past twenty years. This process is due to several factors: toxins in the environment to diet. We need to look to the future, not to lose the crumbs that we have left. Strength exercises increase testosterone levels, and a sedentary lifestyle, on the contrary, decreases. The more we sit on the ass, the less we have the motivation to go to exercise — a vicious circle.

Start training before it’s too late.

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