Why do girls want a wedding?

Zaradi.com.ua_23.04.2014_VEU5bSbYu9wPzAs we have already mentioned here in this article, all the girls want to get married, only to different degrees. Another thing is marriage. There are ladies who really don’t like weddings, as a phenomenon. I agree that traditional weddings are not for every person is a great joy, especially if this person is male. Most often it is the tradition and the parents, most of which are pretty conservative and can seriously upset if «kids not allowed to walk at the wedding».

For a huge number of girls, especially for the heroines on this list, the wedding is the main event in life. And she doesn’t care that you can part with at least the following day. Why is this happening, most dudes can not understand. Why waste huge amounts of money, white dress, limo ride and eating unreal amounts of food for a few days — the ultimate dream of such an obscene number of girls? Why is it they can talk endlessly, going through the options of styles of dress, veils, and colours of the face? It is the fault of big conspiracy, it is a necessary condition for the prosperity of the state and traders of white dresses? Nobody knows the answer — Except us. To better understand women, we decided to properly delve into their heads and answer the question of why even the most decent and appropriate of them still dream to wear white gauze on the head and throw a bouquet of roses to girlfriends side. «Women love weddings because they are silly women,» as a response is not received.

1. Within a few days it will be a special, Royal treatment

One of the main reasons for most ladies who wish to walk down the aisle. And they don’t care what kind of money one could fly into any third world country and become a full-fledged Queen. The bride at the wedding — figure number one, it is a special relationship. Not only is it almost two weeks preparing for this event and can convince everyone to buy anything for a very decent money. Moreover, she feels all the joy of the aesthetic execution, such as: sugar wrap, manicure-pedicure, waxing not radiation, beauty shots and anything else that girl will never be able to afford it if she earns is decent and doesn’t sleep with a powerful man.

In the wedding, the girl appreciates precisely this point: they are treated as goddess and make her look beautiful. For the sake of the hundreds of images, retouched by local photographers where it actually looks better than usual, you can tolerate anything.

2. She is convinced that one of the necessary conditions for a long and happy life

So with the weddings associated thousands of different prejudices. The girl doesn’t care that a wedding is not a guarantee of a happy life, and its illusion. People lived a long time without marriage, and with elegant, according to the canons, married divorced in a year. Normal is superstition, which is covered by a «desire to believe».

3. She will be prettier than usual

The disclosed subject described above. Given the amount of attention, time, training and operations to improve the appearance, even the latest plain Jane can look great at the wedding at least cute. Cosmetic, manicure-pedicure, well-chosen dress — all this, if not the girl is actually cute, at least, makes her think that way. And for the vast majority of girls always come first.

4. She is afraid that it will never happen

Education gave the girls a strong belief that unless her name is married, then she pass option for the young man. Or woman second-class citizens. This confidence is enhanced when all the bridesmaids girls, classmates and Sorority sisters begin to marry. Believe me, even those girls whom language does not turn called the model, with age and increase around married couples start to think that they are complete losers. This sense of inferiority causes them to nag their young people or pop out to marry the most worthless option.

5. She will be the party of the year

Weddings, even the most boring of them remembered at least for the simple reason that it was a wedding. There will be lots of food, beautiful beads, lots of drinking, and at least it will make her successful. You will dance, participate in ridiculous competitions, there are many and sweet to drink. And there will be a giant cake and the opportunity to go after the wedding in the almost obligatory journey. If it is not really fun, it is unlikely that even a year would be something with a similar scale and with a girl the center of attention. Normally, this is enough.

6. You can have a party with friends

A bachelorette party is one of the most important indicators that a lady towers over the other girls. Her social status changed and she has money to treat their girlfriends different Goodies to assess the full extent of her unreal coolness. Do not care what it may mean nothing, but walking will have in debt. If a girl is adequate — it’s just a good opportunity to spend time with loved ones and girls to afford something never allowed before. For example, a vulgar and dumb a thing as male Striptease.

In addition, this girls night out is always a sign that things will never be like before, even if it was just an illusion.

7. The symbol of the transition to another stage of life

First, marriage has always meant a transition from one stage of life to another. Here it is a girl, but she is a woman got a new level and a special scarf for the hair. She has new responsibilities, new status and new opportunities. It seems that the society we are now secular, for married people, the same attitude that unmarried. But the situation in the minds of not changing.

The fact that many people, especially the old school, believe that marriage is a whole new level. After this event, people just reborn anew. Everything has to change dramatically from tomorrow, it will be impossible to produce something stupid and to be careless is the new status requires. Unfortunately, the coveted stamp in the passport changes nothing neither in relations nor in the character of the people. It’s all fiction. Some are beginning to more actively scrub the floors and to cook more, in order to convince myself in the changes, but it’s garbage — so fast, nothing changes. Of course, some out of inertia continue to treat married the girl as something special, but it’s gradually receding into the past. Girl wants to new special status to finish some stage of life, but do it a little differently: changes in the head and not in the passport.

8. Marriage is a symbol of great trust and love from her husband

So think pretty decent number of girls. But the calculation is not only money. So, love is also married. But if a girl proposed to marry, doesn’t mean that you love her. Perhaps she seems… comfortable. So, often it is on these and they get married. Home well-fed children, the soup and the wife who can endure, what else is necessary for happiness?

9. Approval

Now she finally gets the approval of her mother, who is probably twenty years after it began to hint to her that she «needs to find a good boy.» Other relatives also breathe easy — our married. The society strongly endorses the conclusion of the marriage. People without children and formal relations disapproving look, sure they destroy any protected ancient foundations. The idea is that everything is still, but to pry into someone else’s life is such a pleasure.

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