Why Dating a girl not your type

manygoodtips.com_21.01.2014_EVqy7cBH36PWWSome people seem to constantly meet with one and the same person. Always choose friends that are similar to one another. You know, I had a type. Such krupenka little girl with a MOP of well-groomed hair, dresses, are all of a light and pale young filologici with some small and magical tattoos. There you are, my type.

When I was a sophomore, I met one such. Saw her and thought, «That’s IT!» I was 19, so I’m not shy. So, just like in the written: a small, fragile, heavy bun on top, in the hands of «Sentimental journey», a fan of Radiohead, moreover, convinced vegetarian – tattoo-Sparrow on the wrist. Jackpot! But nothing happened, she went to Peter, and I’m here, Hello.

Now I am older and smarter. Until I finally realized how much you limit the choices that determine one type and constantly looking everywhere for him, not paying attention to anyone else. You’re Dating the same girl again and again. It’s like racist, but… typism.

Digital culture vparivayut us that everyone has a so-called «type». Complexion, figure, hair, education is the key to all fit into our criteria. What about other people who are «not our type»?

Meet girls of my type is a beaten path. Here everything is simple and familiar, just like in the song about the town. Is Dating a girl not your type, because for you they are all like people from another world. They rotate in a different social environment, they have very different interests. Even if you have no idea about the girl, one her appearance is already a lot one can say about it — so it seems at a first glance, connoisseurs, picky, looking for a hangout friend in the fashion sneakers. Relationship with someone not your type – it is an opportunity to explore a whole new social code, hobby and find a completely different approach to life.

Always been interested in wealthy virgins and ignored female athletes? And you try to close the gap. Recognize that sports is not always dulls, and sometimes even teaches us to overcome difficulties, achieve goals, and stoically accept hardship, to be strong and not recorded because you see, a diploma — well wow what a rarity!

Always loved athletic women and despised donuts? And you try! Recognize that food is not just stick yourself in a hastily washed tomato, and a whole culture! You know that eating can be aesthetic and beautiful, making Granny is not a nightly torture, but the whole world. Recognize that simple pleasures can cure you from a fleeting boredom and to lighten the mood. Know that body proportions are sometimes more important figures that show the scale.

Date a girl not your type because it is guaranteed to surprise you. The best thing in relationships is the ability to know someone else. Not just memorize what she eats or doesn’t eat, and explore its social background and culture. To meet someone from another region or even country is doubly interesting: you will discover new dishes that otherwise would not know until the end of his days, see new places, which did not happen neither one of your friends. Thanks to such relations, you will get experience, which could not even dream of.

You should try it: and suddenly it’s all will change your view of the world? It’s when you’re whole life not eating broccoli, because what for it generally there, and then the guests were ashamed to refuse. You tried it and freaked out and you all my life I loved broccoli!

Dating a girl not your format, is simply because have a certain type of girl is like that to judge a book by its cover. You see any girl and boldly walk past her because «She’s not my type, she’s got leggings, EW.» It doesn’t matter. Perhaps with her you’d have the world’s best sex. So, nobody is forcing you to marry a girl not your type. But not need to renounce!

My friend is not my type, but this is the best thing that ever happened to me in my entire life. It is not small. Not fragile, legs and quite sturdy – other man will envy! She listens to difficult to understand electronic music and nigger rap, reads a lot and hates to discuss it, she had a short haircut and no tattoos – not as looked all the ladies «my type». And they all go to hell. Before, I had no idea what I need.

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