Why date a tattooed girl

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2014_CCPNMtHONR0yjSoon to find a girl without tattoos will be harder than a girl with a tattoo. Body art has become so widespread phenomenon, that one day we even came up with a classification of tattooed girls to systematize our knowledge. Tattooed — truly tattooed girls, which was not limited to the whorl on the back — has its merits.

She is a passionate

If you haven’t seen it, she’ll show you. She’ll get the passion to create something really bad: I got the same boldness and courage to transfer a drawing from paper to your own skin — and this, incidentally, is serious business. If she had the patience to endure until her skin will cover pattern, through the pain and not losing enthusiasm, of course, she’ll have the patience for a serious relationship, over which, too, need to sit fairly.

She knows how to cope with your mistakes

She reconciled with his old ugly tattoo, or has reduced, or blocked. Tattoos are often made spontaneously and in a completely unpredictable places on the arm, on the back and then is a living proof of its errors. She learned to accept yourself with all your failures, flaws and phobias — and, moreover, to appreciate, and come to terms with their imperfections, and that looks beautiful not in all places. In other words, she’s a realist who stands with both feet on the ground, though much stronger than it might seem at first glance. She accepts people for who they are, despite their mistakes, smooths the corners, because it understands that imperfection is part of human nature. Just like her tattoos, which are now part of her skin, despite the fact that previously they were not, and they forever changed it.

She is wise enough to appreciate my youth

She usedona larger pleasure will keep the memory of their youth that will allow it to disappear. At the moment when the needle of the tattoo machine is part of her skin, she understands: she’ll never be younger than now, and now she’s older than she ever was. She catches the moment, feels the pain and tries to remember how it felt when you were tattooed. She feels and seeks to perpetuate, not paying attention to compassionate hysterics on all sides codehouse: «It’s for life!» Well, Yes. In life in General from time to time decisions are made for life — for example, children. They then is not going anywhere, and the responsibility for them is much higher than the pattern on the skin — even permanently. However, a pregnant woman for some reason nobody hastens to tell us that it changes anything in my entire life. Our heroine understands this and enjoys and no one has the right to condemn.

She knows how to take responsibility

This lady took responsibility for these tattoos and takes it every time, answering a question: «And you thought, how it will look when you’re old?» She thought. She made up her mind. Caring for the tattoo in the first days can be quite a challenge — it’s almost like take care of a pet: cleaned with chlorhexidine, lubricating healing ointment, gently wash, not scratching, so as not to contaminate it. She knew it was risky, and still went for it. She knew that she will fuss, but still went for it. Similarly, it will apply to the relations: its not scare of difficulty, and it will be for you to answer.

She is not afraid of other people’s opinions

«What will Princess Maria Alekseevna» is not about her. She assumed she will be the glance of the guardians of morality in the face of the worthy matrons and forty years of grumbling men with their witty remarks from the category «you put on a stamp» and «this can be considered a special sign.» Friend like her and the rest is of little interest. Such independence in the views can be considered an advantage, although the time will come and you also SIP from her grief. However, to stand up for their beliefs is rare, and therefore especially valuable in our time hell. She still laughs in the face of rebuffs and rudeness! Congrats man. An excellent instance.

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