Why crossfit is the best thing you can do in the gym?

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You’re bored at the gym? You can’t achieve impressive results? Sounds like the beginning of some advertising, but it nifiga not advertising. If you answered Yes to all these questions, congratulations! I guess it’s time for you to join the fads of the last time — crossfit.

Endurance training coupled with training with a weight equal to your own, aerobics — all this combines crossfit. At the moment it is the best thing you can do in the gym, because crossfit evenly tighten all your pros and eliminate the cons.

So why crossfit is good? Don’t believe? But in vain!

The intensity

If you are the type of person who wanders around the gym, lazily doing the bench press, talking with everyone, doing light cardio, crossfit can be a serious alternative to your ridiculous existence in a rocking chair. If a morning Cup of coffee energizes you for the day, crossfit — five hours at least! It’s a quick intense workout that can take less than 15 minutes a day, because this time will be completely filled with clean loads without interruption. It can only be three or four routines, Jogging and squats, but their meaning is that you keep doing it again and again after the allotted time. It’s a concentrated shot of exercise!


Everyone wants results, but not everyone is making an effort. Crossfit will make you make reasonable efforts at the expense of regular circular repetitions. In a conventional gym is easy to deceive yourself with the technique or the number of repetitions of an exercise, crossfit requires you to maximum effort in all areas. Take your balls into a fist and do, do and do… If you think you could withstand.

Short workout of the day (WODs)

If you don’t have time to run on the track, looking at the wall, then you are in the crossfit workout of the day (Workouts of the Day or WODs). This workout, which is a repetition of a specific sequence of exercises, one such exercise can be completed in 15-20 minutes and calories burned will be equal to the number of calories spent on a workout in the gym. These exercises not only fast but also efficient.


The gym is basically the result of people loitering with purpose or without a purpose in area, Laden with equipment. These people rarely communicate, but each has its own exercises and interests. Section of crossfit can not be called a gym, it’s more like a community of interest. All these people came here to fight… himself. And not with others. Remember how in school you saw a circle of people who could do what can’t you do? It inspired you, forcing each time to do more and better. In crossfit all the people around do the same exercises that you do, but more importantly, they have the same goal.


Availability of certified trainers who cares about you and who don’t need to occasionally conduct personal training for a fee, already distinguishes crossfit from everything else. These people not only show you how, but strongly motivate you to move forward if you’re not going to break.


When you’re at the gym, you are your own boss, you have a rest, there is a fuzzy sequence of exercises, and you can always unleash your laziness, just staggering up and down the gym. Also, do not forget that regular exercise you will not cover. Will potages weight, run on the track, shook the press. The unevenness kind of work!

Crossfit includes gymnastics, powerlifting, gymnastics, sprinting, plyometrics and many more. Your body can’t get used to the standard repeat and will always be surprised by new challenges. This means that it will not loosen and will always be in tension, so the result of your work will be closer.

You can’t hide a weakness

It’s hard to hide weakness, when all in the mind. If you are an experienced lifter, the coach will identify your strengths: endurance, strength. But the weak quality in view of the slowness and other costs of the profession will be in sight. If you’re a marathon runner, your endurance, flexibility and speed are obvious factors, but deficiencies in the power of both static and dynamic will also be obvious. The essence of crossfit is to not be finishing spray, ultralock or superfast, its essence is to be evenly developed. A sort of Jack-of-all-trades.

Girls also love crossfit

Crossfit is a real field for equality. In some countries (and in Russia too) the ratio of men and women in some sections or 60 to 40 percent, or 70 to 30. If you compare it with martial arts, powerlifting and even a simple trip to the gym, this is a huge number. And I didn’t tell you that the bodies of girls improved by crossfit, are just awesome?

The great thing about girls crossfitter — they share your interests. Weaklings and those that came to see quickly eliminated by natural means. Remain the most strong, tough and tenacious. And here’s a crossfit girl.

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