Why cardio training will raise you knees

Many men avoid cardio exercises, which are otherwise called aerobic. «These exercises are for spineless suckers!» – I think they continue to lie on the sofa in the company of a bowl of chips drenched in mayonnaise. Something to hide? Thought so and because the exercises for a man need to be much more difficult to play, in fact, muscle. What aerobics can really do this?

However, our confidence was shaken, when last weekend at the bar, we met our old friend, who earns a living by creating training programs for people in rocking chairs, fitness centers and the like. The benefit should be learned from each experience, so he soon talked about the fact that now health problems really are at all, and those who go to the gym, and sometimes do not even realize that they need. But he’s definitely sure that cardio exercise is needed by all.

In General, after hearing a lot of advice, and happily forgetting them, we still understand that it is not necessary to burden yourself with complicated exercises which you pouring sweat in the three streams, to feel healthy. Aerobic and cardio workouts give much more benefit than it seems from the outside.


To its main body (the heart) should be taken much more seriously than you are now. Your heart works every day, working as a miner, only 24 hours a day and works for many decades. But he can be trouble. Bad food, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle and other shit you kill and undermine the normal functioning of the heart.

Regular cardio exercises can help to strengthen the heart, allowing it to work efficiently and correctly and hence will help you to live longer. Their meaning is that they reduce blood pressure, which logically reduces the load on the cardiovascular system. In General, if you don’t think about such things now, then it will be too late.


Trouble sleeping at night there are many people. Yes, and many of us seem too. And it’s not even that you might not be able to sleep. But in fact, that after I woke up, not feeling rested, if not slept at all. This thing called unhealthy sleep, because your body needs to recuperate fully for those 6-8 hours of your life that you give sleep.

We found no scientific evidence that cardio workout is capable of 100% to solve this problem, but many people say that it is much easier and sleep better if they were doing the day before.

General condition

After strength training we feel, as a rule, terribly tired. With aerobic training up a few other. You finish exercises a much more energetic person than you were before. Besides, clarifies thought.

Of course, it is necessary to make cardio exercise a part of your life. If you do them regularly, you will be able to feel good not only physically, but in terms of morale, concentration.

In many Asian countries practicing similar on a national scale. Take the same China or Japan. You can see how adults each morning doing a dozen exercises, which, undoubtedly, can be called aerobic. Now look at the number of people who crossed the 100-year threshold in the same country of the rising sun. Their number has exceeded 60 thousand. So should learn.

Chronic diseases

Their risk is significantly reduced. Systematic training in this key will allow you to minimize the symptoms of depression, which is a prerequisite of many diseases. Our friend and coach General claims that such exercise can prevent diabetes, stomach ulcers, some types of cancers and invasion of aliens.


People are not meant to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Physical inactivity for a long time is one of the major causes of mortality in the urban environment of Russia. Cardio exercises are good because they are fairly easy to perform, and also the fact that they are not only in the short term, but in the long term, increasing the potential for a long and healthy life. Not always wise to make yourself a mountain of muscle, especially if your goal is to be healthy. Excessive physical load on the body can greatly hurt you. Well, cardio exercises can always keep you out of trouble in your life connected with health. That you are now strong as an ox, but in 30-40 all this can turn into memories. So think about it now.

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