Why bearded to be better?

I have a friend cool dude. The soul of the company, a great guy. Bearded. Once his then-girlfriend Flirty wrinkled his nose and said, «Honey, can you shave the beard? I like clean-shaven guys!» The man thought for a moment and then said, «we Have nothing». And he was right. Beards make dudes more manly, strong and carry a lot of nice features. About all the advantages of a beard will tell.

1. Shave — it sucks!

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Damn, well, you understand! First, it is a long time, and second, a person then very sensitive and it is full of micropores, which though not visible to the naked eye, but felt fine to the touch. But it’s not so bad. Girls, how sincerely they say that they like shaved smooth after shaving and say something. So, and touch like a baby’s ass. Who loves this? And, Yes: it’s boring! According to the estimates of some random dude who really had nothing to do, you guys spend 139 days of his life to shave. What an insane waste of time, it’s more than summer!

2. Men with beard are better than men without beards

The reasons are many, dude. And they are significant.

1. Men with well-groomed beard is much more attractive than a shaved face

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This research data known University, do not argue, all for science! Look at the picture of Clooney and feel the difference. And girls like to pull his beard!

2. They look much more masculine or, as feminists say, masculine

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Just remember ZZ Top and other gorgeous dudes. Many women believe that the ability to grow a beard indicates a high level of testosterone

3. They look much more healthy

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Heh, well, the beard also grows, so, health, all the rules (I already feel as outraged those who can’t grow a normal beard).

4. Kids love bearded

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Santa Claus, all garbage, pleasant associations, in short.

3. Beard greatly changes the appearance of dudes

Unless, of course, it’s not brad pitt, he was more fun without the beard, IMHO. It not only changes their looks but also makes them much more Mature, serious and fun. If the guy is ugly the bottom part of the face, the chin too narrow or too thin lips, that beard is the best change in appearance, which he can afford. And why? Because the beard makes you more manly.

Who's the dude on the left? The point is clear that LincolnWho’s the dude on the left? The point is clear that Lincoln

4. Beard helps you to keep health

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Moreover, the beard, the very picture of health, so it also helps to save him, seriously. What a useful thing, man! And most importantly, comes for free!!

1. A beard protects the skin from sun rays and overheating

Seriously, dude, really, the top part will still burn.

2. It blocks allergens

Such as pollen, animal dander, different fluff and dust. Serious data from a single Foundation which deals with the problems of asthma.

3. Covers your neck from the cold

Prevents the ingress of cold air in winter and reduces chance of catching cold.

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