Why be old-fashioned — the best

manygoodtips.com_23.09.2016_bQ0W1pbL8mDxSOld-fashioned, oldschoolness and obscurantism — three different words which in our days somehow considered synonyms. Although retrograde — man, which is alien to all progressive, defends it backward views, and old — fashioned, does not deny the progress and prefer to adhere to outdated habits and beliefs, there are some differences. But okay reactionaries, but old-fashioned people considered as some radicals. Like, if you’re old fashioned at all, must go with Nokia 3310, white sneakers, wide jeans, Baykova shirt, to deny all the music written up to about the 97th, to read only paper books, to write papers and not to use the microwave, because they are harmful. It is better to warm up in the fire, and in the open, because you deny progress. Of course, this is all nonsense, old-fashioned is a state of mind, is when you feel comfortable to follow the principles that may seem outdated. In the end, sooner or later we all become radicals, especially when creeping maturity.

Why such concepts are considered as retardation, although if you take the old-fashioned people, they will often perfectly aware of what breathes today. Just parallel they are better than many are aware of how it looked yesterday, they are so comfortable, you know. They do not deny it, enjoy the benefits of civilization, but often not as stupid and inept as subject to fashion and the crowd, and often much more reasonable. They just don’t need a toy for a 90 000 for one year, though, and can afford it. Progress after all does not stand still, and try all its fruit will. As mentioned Omar Khayyam: «Who knew life — he is in no hurry».

And someone above these people laughing, and someone wisely silent, knowing that these people are happier incompetent herd.

The uniqueness in the era of cyclical Sluts fashion

Let me tell you a parable.

There once was a craftsman who created fine furniture antique. The furniture was so beautiful, unique and luxurious that many rich people felt obliged to buy him these samples. One day he was visited by a young man who heard a lot about the talent and quality of the furniture in the wizard to order a table. Looking at the samples and sketches, he disappointedly shook his head, and with sympathetic contempt looking at the calloused hands of the master spoke:

— Your samples are very outdated, is now in Vogue is quite another.

The master has not lost customers, lost reputation, but one guy that swagger made him think. Then he switched to the new models, began to use more modern materials, but old customers they seemed too new, and new — on the contrary, very old. Then he started making samples in the style of hi-tech, with the vivid presence of minimalism and ergonomics, but he said it went out of fashion just six months ago, and now the fashion designer furniture. Swearing and cursing all the worth, he began to make designer furniture, but as long as he did it in Vogue again entered the antique furniture.

— People not always please everyone — complained the old master another frustrated customer.

— But it was not necessary to adjust the crowd’s opinion. And so you old have forgotten how to work and fashion can’t keep up.

Frustrated then the master jumped on the included fret, and unfortunately, died.In the example of this wonderful parable, written by fuck knows who, we can consider two reasons to be old-fashioned well.

First — fashion is cyclical and volatile. Over the last 5 years has changed so much fashion trends, but rather did not happen events for the first 50 years of the 15th century. Well, who would have thought that a primitive by the standards of current technology «Dandy» will become popular again? And vinyl? Not so long ago everyone laughed at the rage in the 90s, and now clothing from Gosha Rybchinskogo is considered trendy. In General, it’s very funny to laugh at reactionaries in the era of technical progress attracted to cameras and other relics of the past. Although it is easy to explain — the magic of nostalgia.

So what’s the point to follow fashion, if it is cyclical, and one day your character and your interests will become relevant again. It’s not great, but a reason to be old-fashioned lies in the second reason, namely, to be individual, to be yourself, to be different from the monotonous, equally shorn the crowd. By the way, these hairstyles have repeatedly come back in fashion. Let you look like a hippie after a bath, but damn, you got style, you got taste. Of course, if all this is laughable, it is better to take some measures, but if the image looks organically, there is no need to change.

The best part is that these people think differently. They are not obsessed with fashion and slang. No need to think that old-fashioned people old-fashioned. Damn: he knows everything, just has a different direction. Because of the knowledge of him much more and they had much more diverse than I bow before the genius of fashion and hype remnants of waipara, writes 2K16, and believes that wearing the same «Converse» and «Air Max» these days, at least ashamed.

So, do not hurry to shave hair, to throw a paper book, remove the pointy shoes and tuck jeans. Don’t hide his admiration for the Soviet cinema, stamp collecting and love for classic American maskaram. Even touchtone phone don’t throw it away, you’ll see, he’ll be a popular and iconic relic. And for God’s sake, never be like everyone else, save personality.

Old-fashioned knows what the quality is

manygoodtips.com_23.09.2016_MzNxNapsrC3c4A wise man looking at my gilette Fusion 170-th blade, which begins to violently vibrate with the press of a button (supposedly to reduce the irritation, although in reality it seems that it only provokes it), sarcastically laughed and said that he stopped to scrape the skin such nonsense 10 years ago. Instead, he cuts the bristles to the classic T-shaped machine. And indeed widely used and massively publicized cluster of blades quickly become dull compared to one, but how sharp and talented with a blade.

First, T the lady more economical, it blunts the blade is not as fast as just 5 «Djeletovci» or «Sikowski» blades, which after the 5th shave reminiscent of scraping the face with a pumice stone, not «Smooth shave for sensitive skin». Moreover, they are much cheaper. And yet the only blade of the T-shaped razor scrapes the skin not on the third or fifth time, as does the cassette machine, so the skin is less damaged. Also it is very easy to get and to disinfect the blade, why not do it with a regular machine.

In General, the advantages will not be gathered: and skin happy, and it shaves cleaner but someone will say, everyone starts to think you old grandfather. One may argue, but not all modern things are better. The same vinyl with the same warm tube sound for a reason so popular. This sound really magic, which is not in high quality but refined and deed scary analog sound. But what about the pristine tube amplifiers, give the magic of the electro sound? Transistor and digital has not yet been able to compare with them.

It is clear that sometimes love of the past becomes a scary, exaggerated shapes, for example, when people begin to argue that diluted beer and long queues for carpets and vehicles is the ultimate dream. Although truth: the life and quality of almost all products compared to last sharply decreased. They are produced with the expectation of a short life, what a very well told in the movie «Conspiracy bulb».

But the product is really better, so is the music. Few people remember the hit 3 years ago, and even such a talented uncle like Gotye with his «Somebody that I used to know», remember not all. But everyone knows at least 3 songs, AC\DC, and most likely those that were recorded before the 91st year. So to understand the fans of old movies and old music is quite simple — they’re just more natural. Such people would be happy to love the present, and fails. Again, remember that in fashion now? Retroview, retrofuturism, and so retro. Others use the achievements of previous years. By and large, all the music was already written, all the possible stories have been filmed, so no wonder the lack of something new. Therefore, old-fashioned people and do not be surprised, they prefer to enjoy the leaks, not the secondary.

A deep connection with the roots and a reminder of the past

In fact, such people make paint retrofuturism in our gray everyday life and remind us of the roots. Not those of the ancient Slavic or any other (here already, so to speak, on your origin) roots, and those roots, of which we’re left. We are the children of the late 80’s-early/mid 90s and will probably be someone from the early 2000s. these are our roots, our origins, the atmosphere we brought. No Vedas, grandfathers, medieval victory. Us and culture was brought up by another, there was very little Russian and Patriotic, because it was hard to love a drunk President, and the country is bent like an old nag in a long journey. But in this time happened a lot of good, especially if you suffered from childhood.

manygoodtips.com_23.09.2016_nKapfKJaSowwdThe essence of man is such that he crook seeks to forget the past of their country and their. What seems outdated insanity, actually had a life, and maybe reactionaries and old-fashioned people are so good, that remind us of the past, forced to look at it and learn from those mistakes. Passion for old music, movies and movies makes modern creators take ideas and create their own. Thanks to the people who desperately wants to return to communism, we remember this era, look at it and understand why this can not be done.

Take the same accident reactionaries (sample crazy German Sterligov), foaming at the mouth saying that all scientists — sorcerers and charlatans, the whole of scientific progress — demonic thing, and all the literature together with the education system must be destroyed. Look at them, how happy and nice they live only on subsistence farming, without electricity and other benefits of progress, listen to their insane language and understand that progress must be. So I must say thanks to them for that.

Does not deny the virtue of a noble man

I would like to sit down as a genius Gorin and ask the wise man explained, who is this old-fashioned man. If I see, in our day, decency, honor and sincerity have become old-fashioned. Old-fashioned was to be young, the youth of today tries already 15 years old. Old-fashioned was spending time with his family and loved ones. Old fashioned began to love the classics — sure there are the ignorant who will call Haydn, Pink Floydi Bunin old dudes. Even joy and pleasure become old-fashioned arrogant and pretentious HLS to the detriment of themselves, consisting of guns the illusion of a healthy lifestyle (vaping etc), tried to oust partying with alcohol and drugs, but thank God, failed.

In the end, it has become fashionable to love your city, whatever it was, and to seek leave to Moscow, Peter (especially Peter) or abroad. Old fashioned began to marvel at old architecture, changeable monotonous multi-storey monsters. Old fashioned began to reminisce and catch a nostalgic buzz.

The old fashioned was, at last, to enjoy life, one day, a specific moment. Now the norm is unleash the excessive pathos and tell everyone like you die every day and rise again. As you earn few billions, and then die of depression, all abandoned and deeply hurt, and not understanding the beauty of mutual and violent love, as to draw energy and positivity from simple things, and why in only one September evening the air smelling cool and appearing from nowhere in the middle of the city burning, makes more sense than catering apartments in Paphos this generation. May be old-fashioned — a person real. It’s just a man… the best man.

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