Why be erudite and know a lot of words

Stupidity allows himself to do every. You can see it by myself that we live in a society rather awkward and hasty decisions. Really smart people with a broad Outlook and wealth of knowledge is getting smaller. If they can find Scrabble, then you’ll probably think that the guy on duty needs to know so that he is torn by this knowledge, which has a lot of free time, because «the working man a lot to know.» But this is all nonsense. To be a well-read scholar is only to your benefit. The more you know, the more you can explain the greater your vocabulary, the more chances that you will break beyond my meager capabilities and be a person who makes even the most insane dream into reality.

This will help to find common language with any person

One of the main problems of communication with unfamiliar people — is the lack of common topics. If you’re a mechanic and only know a car mechanic, you say boring to all who are in this mechanics fumbles. But if you’re a person of wide horizons, to communicate with you much easier. You can easily find a common language with any, even the most hidebound man when well versed in cinema, literature, cars, sex, space, science, and cigar brands. Erudition comes to emotional conversations, which are devoid of voltage. She defines the «interestingness» of a person. However, just knowing is not enough. You should still be able to apply this knowledge so that the interlocutor was interesting.

For this you need the most natural to use complex words and understand their meaning. Test your knowledge today just enough to pass test on Russian vocabulary. If the result is you have shaky, grab the dictionary book and read it, study it, analyze.

It will establish business relationships and will not fail

There is no difference in who you work for. You can be a simple public servant can work in the office and can have your own business. In any job that involves communication with customers, partners or employer, knowledge will not be superfluous — it would be help for further procession on the career Olympus. Then, of course, that smart man who knows the meaning and the power of his words is that employee, which is appreciated, and one trusted partner. You will not find an investor who will invest in the dumb-dumb who cannot connect two words, even if his idea would be brilliant. The investor will not see the genius with the way a foolish man.

Expertise leads to confidence

Extensive knowledge in different areas that you must constantly accumulate, never become your life dead weight. If you learn apply them correctly, you will get one of the most important resources of our time — a resource of trust. How is it connected? The fact that the image of an intelligent person who speaks well and knows a lot is the image of a successful person you can trust not only their money but also their lives. Among the scholars as much villains as among ordinary people, but if some of them are rascals, these scoundrels successful in the business — trust them.

Girls like smart guys

If nature deprived you of growth and muscle, then you still have one trump card of becoming a smart and well-read. Today it attracts girls no less impressive biceps. Special attention should be paid to its vocabulary, which is the Foundation for beautiful speech. However, it is not just knowing words, it is also necessary to skillfully apply them — you can’t throw left and right scientific and technical terms. Such things are relevant only in a professional environment. In ordinary conversation, it is better to use a literary language, and it is appropriate to use the maximum. Rich and beautiful speech complements your image, which will be pleasant for any friend.

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