Why bachelor to quit Smoking?


Remember when you raced home to his friend from the bar? She greeted you with the words: «Smoking Again?» and you felt ashamed. And nothing could be deceiving: Yes, and I think where do you keep the smell from hair and clothes and yellow teeth? And nowhere. And you, ashamed, began to quit Smoking.

But now, your relationship in the past, and nothing held back. You smoke when you want, enjoying the freedom. And if you think so, women pay attention to the bad habits of men, and smokers are the dudes with them less likely. Maybe that’s why you’re still single. Here’s a few reasons why the bachelor is much more profitable to be a non-smoker.


You may be surprised, dude, but in recent years, Smoking is on the decline. If you still don’t believe in the dangers of Smoking seem to be a brutal macho with a cigarette, I advise you to think again about the meaning of the words «lung cancer», «heart attack» and of course «death.» The fact that this is trumpeted on every corner, but nobody did not seem to hear.

According to experts, approximately half a million people die each year from diseases caused by Smoking. This is complete idiocy! So many people kill themselves with their own hands!

And now think, whether he wants the woman to start a relationship with someone who seems to be not planning to live that long? Girlfriend, let and subconsciously choose the best father for their future children, and smokes dude — not the best candidate for this role.

Passive Smoking

About it all, too, have heard a hundred times, but let’s talk about secondhand smoke again. Have you ever noticed that when you smoke, you don’t really want to talk about? Throw a couple of sentences and move away, because — he thought — who is pleased when his face exhale the smoke?

Again, statistics: in the passive smoker’s risk of getting heart disease is increased by thirty percent simply because he is in the same room with a smoker! Each year from heart attacks caused by passive Smoking, die 40 000 people.

And now look at you from the perspective of lady she wants to mess with you your health? Unlikely.

Lonely and smelly

Even if you just from time to time I smoke with friends — remember you nice to come back from the bar and smell like a tobacco factory? For comparison: in the late nineties in the US have banned Smoking in public places, and since in this country the number of smokers has decreased by exactly one-third!

Think about how you’re appealing to friends when you stink from a mile away. Just imagine the situation in reverse: you are looking to meet a girl, you can smell the cigarettes as you? You have in mind only one thought: «I can do better.»

Bad breath difficult to understand

Naive to not know why you smell so bad after you smoked? Surprise! In the manufacture of cigarettes used urea, arsenic and hydrogen cyanide. What do you say the word «urea»? It is contained in urine, all right. And arsenic is what Hitler killed his dog. So, your breath smells like Hitler, who peed in his pants. Cool? Who then will pay attention to you?

Waste of money

How much is a pack of cigarettes? Somewhere around fifty roubles. By simple calculations we can calculate that if you smoke a pack a day (standard smoker), then in a year you squander on the dubious pleasure of about 18 000. How are you? It would be possible to find more expensive Hobbies — Yes there is a gym membership for a year will probably cost you around this amount. No harm, but so good! Yes, just to walk you half an hour a day.

In the end, it is a question of freedom. Everyone can quit, and you than worse? By the way, to quit Smoking is never too late. The doctors found that the lungs recover after about 5 years of non-Smoking lifestyle. Here’s a few reasons why you’d better not smoke — I wonder if you will find arguments for.

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