Why are you stuck on a dead-end job

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2014_DflHiSISA6BouA few years ago you got your first job and, probably, in that time managed to change a few companies or even professions. It is normal for the average worker.

Many guys like you are still stuck at his dead-end job and somehow is not looking for her replacement. Maybe they are afraid not to find another job or that they will never have anything better than what they have now.

There are many reasons that you are hesitant to change jobs. Fear, uncertainty, failing. If you’re used to be content with what you have, then dude, you’re not allowed to be in an attractive place called «Success».

The problem is that you’re lying to yourself and wasting precious time that could be spent on more significant and interesting work. We offer you to stock up on beer and to see a list of false pretexts, in which you’re trying to convince yourself daily:

1.I’ll stay only for one year

Where one year, there are 5 and 10 years, don’t put off the inevitable. If you initially think that this work is futile, you deserve more that you are uncomfortable, you should not delay the moment of farewell. Dude, this is disgusting, Wake up every weekday with a feeling of hate and disgust for his work.

2.I was at uni for this

Just because you got your diploma in this specialty doesn’t mean you have to suffer during prodvizheniya for a boring career. No need to regret that you spent several years in the teaching profession, which you eventually need. It was just an awesome student, but they don’t necessarily have to be connected with your future career. The fact that more than 70% of people not working in their specialty.

3.I don’t find another job

It’s just ridiculous. Thus, the level of unemployment in Russia is almost 6%, but every day we come across ads of the type «Required by the employee suitable.» If you can’t find a job, then you’re just shitty looking. In good company is always a place for skilled professionals. If you really believe that you’re a valuable asset to another company, the work will be found.

4.The pay is too good to leave

Faith is a very dangerous trap. Once you get used to a certain level of income, will be difficult for you to imagine yourself in the place where it will not high-paying job. Remember, in this situation, money is just paper. Then you’re going to regret that have not spent their best years for a more interesting profession, but it will be too late. Time not to back.

5.I don’t know how to start all over again

Perhaps you, like many others, so immersed in fear of not finding another, I prefer to do nothing. Stalled in his career will slowly suck energy and enthusiasm out of you. The beginning of a new career, regardless of your age, you may be exactly what you need.

6.My company needs me

Even if you’re the only employee, you can replace. No matter how professionally you do the work, you still can find a replacement. No need to feel guilty for wanting to leave this career and start with a clean slate. This is an appropriate desire. And in this office can do without you.

7.I’m not so poor

This lie is the dream-killer. Millions of people tell themselves that «everyone hates their jobs» or «there’s a job worse.» Don’t let yourself become a victim of this lie! Man, we spend over 90,000 hours at my job, and it should bring us pleasure.

Just remember that you will spend from 40 to 45 years of his life to work. Don’t let the sham to deprive you of precious time. Instead, try to adequately assess the comfort level at your current work and if you need to change jobs, do not delay. Do it today. Not tomorrow!

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