Why are you still just friends

Why are you still just friends

why are we just friendsRecently, one commentator has complained that for more than a year interested in the girl who could not care less. We got to thinking and became sad: there must be objective reasons, it can not be the woman dynamite guy just like that! If you are familiar with this problem, surely you too will be wondering where are her roots. The answer, as always, is simple, as all ingenious in this world in your own head. Then straining it, you can change things under the guidance of dudes with manygoodtips.com!

1. She thinks you don’t care about her

When you start to chat with a girl and not flirting from the first moment, she takes it as a sign: she is a woman you are not interested. Hmm. Perhaps you yourself have identified your relationship as non-romantic – and it will be difficult to change. Even if now you have feelings for her, she does not notice and continues to feel rejected. The girl immediately puts you into the category of friends, even if she likes you, because he feels that you don’t return our affection. When friendship has been formed, to bring her on a romantic rails becomes extremely difficult. Women are stubborn and insecure: one intuitive sense and figure them then talk sense! So you could put a pig.

2. You waited too long

Maybe the most romantic relationships start with friendship. Maybe this is a stupid cliche. For most women, the time interval between «a friend with whom you can potentially meet» and «friend forever» is small. When she writes you back, usually not. It is easy to understand: the social role of a friend have you seen her with any circumstances, tear-stained, drunk, sweaty after sport without makeup etc. Now she does not think of you than to surprise or entice.

When you’re not going fast enough and the friendship becomes deeper, most women did not want to risk a good friend, turning him into a known lover. If it is interesting for you, take the bull by the horns before she sent you in the friend zone forever.

3. You’re indecisive

And women are attracted to strong guys, especially if these guys want them. Much less they are attracted by the prospect to be friends with a guy who suddenly realizes he wants more. Where was he originally? Why didn’t you see? Women want their highly valued from the beginning and told them about it.

4. You are afraid to be rejected

Again, you can look at your situation from the other side. What are you doing now? Trying to take with her stable and secure position to be a friend. So much easier than to take a chance and if failed to be rejected. Are you afraid to confess your feelings right now first I want to be alone, so she got used to you. Shitty strategy. She’ll get used to it, but beyond that it will not go.

5. She feels that you want her

Of course, women should be respected, they aren’t material objects, and the same people, but this does not exclude the possibility to give a woman feel she is attracted to you, you want her. If you’re afraid that «this too», you’re probably holding back signals which could tell a woman about your feelings. If a woman does not understand that you want her, she doesn’t see you as a man.

6. You’re not invite

If you’re friends with a girl and do not call her, it’s like as if you were a waiter in a café where comes your favorite Director. You every morning, bring him coffee, chatting with him about the weather and about the movie, and then bring the bill and take the money. All! Meanwhile you passionately dream to star in his film, but afraid to say it. And he thought this is not: to him, you’re a waiter, which does its job well. If you dared to tell him, perhaps he would call you for the audition. But you stay silent and he continues, nothing to suspect about your most cherished dream.

Same here. The girl has no idea what you want, if you do not talk about it. So you can ten years to spend. Better to ask her out.

7. She hasn’t seen your muscles

Greasy, but it’s true. Sometimes a girlfriend is not physically attracted to some dude because she can’t appreciate it. One day they go together to the pool or the beach – and then up she comes, he’s in much better shape than she thought before. It is a moment that changes everything. Now she will start to notice you a lot. Try it. If there is no muscle swing.

8. She doesn’t know what you’re capable of

Said a hundred times: confidence is attractive. When we feel confident? When do what you do best. Therefore, the girl needs to see you in your natural habitat. Show her how you play guitar, cook or drive tracks. At the same time find a girlfriend with similar interests.

9. You are not sexually attracted to

The most obvious reason. This does not mean that you’re unattractive, just this kind of preference is a very subjective thing. Even if you supermasculine, and she doesn’t notice, maybe she likes scrawny guys. But for a relationship physical attraction is necessary. In short, even an attractive man can not attract a certain girl sexually.

10. You yet do not involve it

Very often this can change. Maybe she even saw you in an attractive light for her: at work, while interacting with the family when you do sport or play music. Such things are almost imperceptible and very fluid. There is hope!

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